HTC One roadshow

Over the past year, HTC has taken to the road to promote its products across Europe. And for its latest series of smartphones, it's taking things to the next level, launching a worldwide tour to allow fans to go hands-on with its new HTC One line-up.

In a post on its official blog, the manufacturer reveals that it plans to visit "dozens of cities" across the globe, including the major cities you see in the image above. If last year's roadshows are any indication, this year's tour should be a great opportunity for regular people (as opposed to snooty press types like ourselves) to get an early look at the One X, One S and maybe even the One V. No specific dates are mentioned, but according to today's blog post, the tour is planned for "the next several weeks."

HTC's also asking fans to suggest more destinations to add to its line-up, so if you're not anywhere near the nine cities that've already been announced, there's still time make yourself heard.

Source: HTC Blog


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HTC One roadshow coming to 'dozens of cities' around the world


Does anyone know if Fido (Canadian Carrier) has confirmed if they will/will not be carrying the One series? (Rogers, their parent company, has confirmed. Fido doesn't always carry the same phones Rogers does). Anyone know?

Having a MT4G, why am I just finding out HTC had a Blog? Anyhow, I hope they come to the DMV. And no, that does not stand for Department of Motor Vehicles in this area any more. It's been renamed Motor Vehicle Administration. DMV - District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia.

HTC just visited Singapore last friday as part of their One Roadshow. Will be attending their launch event in Singapore on 31 March. I have been told availability will be 2nd April onwards. Seems like even before the Europe launch dates!