HTC One Mini

The same features and look of the HTC One in a slightly more diminutive package

The HTC One Mini is headed to AT&T this week. The more compact version of the HTC One line will be available August 23 for $100 with a new two-year contract, or just $21 monthly with AT&T Next.

Smaller and lighter than it's bigger brother, the One Mini should appeal to folks who want or need something a little smaller, and while the specs and internals have also been cut back (1GB of RAM, Snapdragon 400 and a 4.3-inch 720p display) during normal use we found the performance to be just fine — have a look at our review for details.

Of course, the UltraPixel camera and all the camera software features from the larger version are present, along with HTC Boomsound and BlinkFeed. If you've been eyeing the Mini, now's your chance. See the link below for the full press release, and there's a short video after the break.

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HTC One Mini coming to AT&T on Aug. 23


Is there any indication of this going to T-Mobile? My girlfriend desperately wants a phone that doesn't suck with a 4.3" or below screen.

ATT is really going HARD with exclusives...I thought OEMS were moving away from that?? Like was mentioned by Andrew on the podcast, I'm not sure what amount of money would cause you to restrict your product to one carrier, thus hurting your brand in the long run

1GB of RAM just isn't enough for an HTC phone, sorry. Unless you like every app resetting/refreshing when you come back to it, HTC needs to put in at least 1.5GB. Plus the storage is weak and for $100 more I'd rather get the much better Moto X. The screen is even bigger despite being the same size. I assume you've gotten a chance to play with one? No? Ok. Well I have, and the 1GB of RAM is plenty fast running Sense 5. No lag, no apps resetting. But I guess you're the expert.

1GB of ram is plenty. Sense 5 is very smooth and all of the reviews say the ONE mini handles it flawlessly. I wouldn't say the Moto X is a huge upgrade from the ONE mini although it does have more ram.

Damn AT&T you get every, damn, phone!

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Why did the HTC One Mini come to the U.S., but the S3 & S4 Mini's never came to the U.S.????? I'm a moderate person, and I want a moderate size smartphone!!!

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The S3 mini is a turd. You'd be better off with a Galaxy SII. And the 4 is still anemic compared to anything released in the last 2 years. Samsung wouldn't dare take away from its "real" phones.

The S4 mini is going to be on Verizon at some point. But it really doesn't live up to the S4 name. Really only looks like the S4, but looses nearly all of the S4's "features".

It's not a "slightly more diminutive package," which suggests that the original One is diminutive. A better sub-head would be simply "smaller package."

If AT&T offered competitive prices (more inline with Sprint or T-Mobile), I'd consider switching. Clearly they get the scoop on phones and it's at times, frustrating to be with Sprint.

Do you walk into the Audi dealer and wonder why the cars are more expensive than the Kia dealer?

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