HTC One MaxComplete with frontal carrier logo

We already know the HTC One Max is headed to Sprint and Verizon — and on the latter, you'll naturally be dealing with some additional carrier signage. But the same might also be true of an eventual AT&T HTC One Max, as evidenced by a new image from Twitter leaker @evleaks. Sure enough, the image reveals AT&T's globe (or Death Star, if you prefer) sitting between the "home" and "back" keys, where before there was an HTC logo. That's in addition to a AT&T text in the notification bar — standard practice for the carrier's Android phones.

There's still been no official confirmation that the Max is headed to AT&T, but this latest render leak makes it look more likely than ever.

Besides the obvious differences, AT&T's HTC One Max is presumably the same handset we've been getting to know in recent weeks — a 5.9-inch version of the HTC One Mini's design, sporting the original HTC One's internals and a fingerprint sensor of questionable value. For more on the One Max check out our full review, linked below.

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HTC One Max pictured for AT&T


It's rather disappointing to see that the HTC ONE MAX phone only has a S600 and 4 ultra pixel camera. Why couldn't HTC just hop in the same S800 and 13mp camera boat as everyone else?

Not that it won't have speed for the time being, but this is another reason why HTC is failing; they just can't make sensible decisions.

advice for HTC drop the ultra pixel Camera/Technology to the garbage forever and use the best and latest specs on your phones or htc will never be number 1 again like it used to be it will keep going down hill

once again the HTC exclusives show HTC doesn't learn from there mistakes in the past no T-mobile tell now

And if it had better specs than the One, everyone would be complaining that HTC is releasing too many flagship phones unlike what they announced earlier in the year... Can't win with you people!

Im 110% sure that the One Max will have a higher price to differentiate it self from the One and One Mini. As the Mini and One have S400 vs S600. So the Max should have the S800 at least. Not even mentioning how they drop the ball on any stylus/phablet features. Along with shit 16gb memory. It needs an upgraded version of the "UltraPixel" at least 8mp. If this p.o.s. is priced anywhere near the Note 3 this thing is D.O.A.

What's the difference between the snapdragon 600 and 800?

The ultrapixels are awesome. Great low light camera. But yes they need to upgrade the mega pixel count to at least 8 anything over 8 is just hype.

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Lol i had to laugh at the deathstar bit about the AT&T logo. I kinda agree with the processor bit. I'll have to look at both the Samsung Note 3 and the One Max to determine if I'll buy. I just hate samsung with a passion. Time will tell which phone will win me over.

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Note 3 will allow you higher SD card read/write speed, S800 enables UHS-1 speed(70/20 mb/s) for SD cards whereas S600 only allows Class 10 speeds(40/12mb/s)

Who cares about uhs-1 cards. Just give me a cheap 32gb card and it works just as well as a 100 dollar one.

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Sorry this is unrelated to the post, My note 3 opens up the settings upon recieving a call and during, is this a known issue? And is there a solution? Any help and advice would be appriciated.

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Try asking in the relevant Android Central forum as it's more likely that owners of that phone, who will be able to help you, will be checking and posting there (not in a different manufacturer's article).

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Yeh just realised that the app has forums and again appologise for any annoyance caused.

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Don't worry, you know now just remember for next time (although hopefully you don't have any more problems)!

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I saw the max at my local Walmart... didn't think much of it... Shld of snapped a quick pic

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This phone is such a joke. HTC dropped the ball hard on this one.

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I would've been in the floor lol if it had dropped with 4.1.2.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

I just don't get the point why they released this garbage, why make a larger Htc one with no s-pen function to take advantage of the larger screen and same specs as it's little brother? c'mon Htc!!!!

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Why did bush pick sarah palin as a running mate?
Because they thought just having a Woman on the ticket would make all Women switch from Dem to Rep just because she was Female..

HTC had the same DUMB IDEA with the Max being "Big".. Just because it's big does not make it a Given that this is a Note 3 alternative..