It was only a matter of time, but we thought it would be a little more time than this. Expansys is following in Clove's footsteps today and has just put up the HTC One for pre-order at the cool price of £519. Both silver and black varieties are available, but only in 32GB capacity (as expected). The pricing looks about the same to what Clove is offering the One for SIM free in the U.K. also.

Expansys also has pre-order placeholders ready to sell to U.S. customers, with both colors and capacities available, but there isn't any pricing information just quite yet. Three of the four major carriers in the U.S. have announced availability as well, so it looks like folks stateside will have several options when it comes to buying this device.

Source: Expansys

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icebike says:

Wow, nearly $800 bucks.
Clearly they don't intend on selling many of these off contract. It would appear the carrier locked contract phone will be with us for the foreseeable future.

Ron Patel says:

Cherese19 says:

I wanted one of these, unfortunately the price just isn't within my budget i guess i'll have to settle for an S3...

Looks so weird without the beats logo on the back. Don't know how many folks realized some devices yesterday didn't have the logo

icebike says:

It still has beats, just not the silly logo.

(Logos are the last thing I look for in a phone. The fewer the better).

My Point is that some have it some don't... I know these are pre-production... just something I noticed.

greatgoogly says:

At a list price of aprox. $799 this doesn't bode well for sales for T-Mobile who is removing all phone subsidies next month. A buyer is looking at $325 down and an extra $20 a month in installment payments. What's bigger BS than the subsidized phone model in the U.S.? Removing the subsidies but then trying to sell the devices at an inflated MSRP. What other items actually sell at their so call "list price"?

beck_is_back says:

After pre-ordering ONE X last year and than being fu**ed by HTC with release of ONE X+, I don't think I will ever pre-order anything else from them.

clubbtraxx says:

Thanks for letting us know...

There will always be follow up products and in the mobile space they come quickly.
Get over it, not HTC's fault it's the pace of the industry.

Sean473 says:

It is HTC's fault! The One X+ was what the One X should have been! Just like the iPad 4 being what the iPad 3 should have been! ( iPad 3 having daul core processor while 4 having a quad core)...