No details on price or availability, naturally.

We've seen it in grey, black and red. We've even seen it in 24-carat gold. But how do you feel about an HTC One coated in a cool blue finish? If press images leaked out by @evleaks are to be believed, a blue variant of the HTC One will be hitting store shelves some time this year.

As you can see above the phone looks no different than your standard HTC One, but all of its aluminum is now a fine matte blue color with black plastic accents and a silver "Beats Audio" branding on the bottom. We personally think it looks quite stylish, but who knows where or when it will be made available.

Source: @evleaks


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HTC One in beautiful blue casing shows up in press images


As a hardcore Jacksonville Jaguars fan, I would totally sell my silver One for that blue one. It looks almost teal colored in that render, which with black accents like that would look sick with my jersey at football games this year. :) make it happen HTC! Lol

HTC One on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Rare kind to find in the wild! Lol I'm with you on the QB thing, I have faith though. I'll be at all the home games either way go Jags!

HTC One on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I think it looks ugly. Maybe its the black trim but the color is hideous.
The red one was beautiful with the black since red and black compliment each other and evokes the feeling of a Ferrari. Blue and black just looks cheap, like a beat up General Motors Saturn Ion or something. GROSS! If it was in Blue and White, and I mean WHITE face too, not a black one, it might look better.

I say like this release all these phones at same time. Droid, G2, X, One let the consumer decide. Stop with horse shit oh were afraid the One will take sells Droids vice versa.

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Pretty... If this had an SD slot or more memory I would be all over it; if its ever released.

-Another Verizon (sucker) Customer

Verizon customer tired of waiting on the HTC One and went with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Came from a HTC Rezound and couldn't be happier!

Supposedly, Verizon has this sku in their system already. But what would be really nice, (and more appropriate for Verizon) would be the red one. Why is that only in Europe? Should have released a red and blue along with the silver for July 4th. It would have been perfect. Another missed opportunity.

Its already been stated the Red HTC One is going to Sprint.

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I know this is great news for those who are looking for a different colour of the phone. However, what will most likely happen is once the blue colour coating is gone, specially on the sharp edges, it will look bad.

For me, any phone without a removable battery is a no go, so I will stay away from HTC One regardless.

I'm guessing Verizon will get it first. They get all the cool stuff first. And then they have good prices for their data packages so its a win-win

The crips will love this!... As will the smurfs!!

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That is a great hue of blue for a phone. But I would really prefer white trim instead of black. Love my HTC One, I wish the colors were released as pre-order options with the basic black silver as the mass options after release.

Perfect color scheme would be black with red polycarbonate and camera surround.

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Seriously, at this point I couldn't care less about the color, just release the phone already. I'm a Verizon customer anxious to replace my troublesome HTC Thunderbolt.

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I feel like all colors should be available at first launch. And all carriers should be forced to launch the same phone within the same 30 day time period or miss out completely. I'm not loyal to any carrier, I go with the best deal at the time and I'm just about done with VZW.

I loved my htc Rezound but VZW killed the DNA and now the ONE. I couldnt wait any longer and changed to a S4.

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