Verizon Merge

What have we here?  Why it's more pictures of Verizon's upcoming Merge/Lexikon, which apparently are being shopped around to several Android blogs. (Hi, other blogs!)  Nothing too new here, as it's all stuff we've already seen in our exclusive hands-on with the Merge, photo gallery, benchmark tests and comparison with the Droid 2. But new pics are always nice, so check 'em out after the break, along with a video of the boot up sequence. (Submitted via the Android Central App)


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HTC Merge

HTC Merge

Under the hood

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bmcclure937 says:

Awesome! Great to see more images surfacing :)

EggoEspada says:

So will this have the new Sense. I'm dying for a new HTC device like this with all the awesome features of the new Sense.

No, it doesn't have the new Sense.

Whatttttttt? We just had a full preview of the thing on this siite? Why is this story even up?

hksscom says:

Boot animation shows that it's not currently part of the "DROID" family, but then again, HTC Incredible didn't have a DROID boot animation until the Froyo update:

mozes316 says:

Fxck Bing...

Just saying...


stact13 says:

Yay! The DINC gets some love in the first pic!

Anyways, this phone just looks sexy to me. I LOVE that red earpiece.

jelly roll says:

no dinc/evo red theme? not even blue come on htc

bduschel says:

Only complaint I have about HTC in general is the lack of good HTC branded accessories!! I want a great car dock that is HTC branded like what Motorola does for the Droid X/ D2