Verizon Merge

What have we here?  Why it's more pictures of Verizon's upcoming Merge/Lexikon, which apparently are being shopped around to several Android blogs. (Hi, other blogs!)  Nothing too new here, as it's all stuff we've already seen in our exclusive hands-on with the Merge, photo gallery, benchmark tests and comparison with the Droid 2. But new pics are always nice, so check 'em out after the break, along with a video of the boot up sequence. (Submitted via the Android Central App)


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HTC Merge

HTC Merge

Under the hood


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More leaked shots of the Verizon Merge/Lexikon [video]


So will this have the new Sense. I'm dying for a new HTC device like this with all the awesome features of the new Sense.

Yay! The DINC gets some love in the first pic!

Anyways, this phone just looks sexy to me. I LOVE that red earpiece.

Only complaint I have about HTC in general is the lack of good HTC branded accessories!! I want a great car dock that is HTC branded like what Motorola does for the Droid X/ D2