In an interesting move, Vodafone UK has discontinued sales of the HTC Magic. According to a Vodafone rep:

Unfortunately the HTC Magic is now end of life, and we don't have stock of that phone.

Vodafone UK's decision to stop selling the HTC Magic contrasts with T-Mobile and Rogers' stance with the HTC Magic. T-Mobile still heavily advertises the myTouch 3G and has recently introduced a myTouch 3G 1.2. Likewise, Rogers has offered free Magics to Dream users and will even add Android 2.1 to the Magic. Funny how one carrier sees the phone as end of life while others keep on pushing, right?

In any case, Vodafone probably needed to clear way for the Desire anyway. Discontinuing the Magic is a step in that direction. Though it does leave Vodafone UK's Android offerings pretty bare right now..

[vodafone forums]


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HTC Magic no longer available on Vodafone UK


the magic is a pretty old handset now and vodafone was the only one selling it, most if not all people wanting an android handset would almost certainly plump for the Hero now and everyone will be going for the desire and legend in a few weeks time so there is little point keeping this handset on

and it isn't even a proper magic it has less ram and no 3.5mm headset port that other magics have

They will be selling the Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Sony Ericsson X10 (maybe the minis too) and maybe the Motorola Milestone soon.

Time for this to go and the Hero will be up next for eviction.