HTC Knight

We're not really sure what to make of this one, but word is that the HTC Knight is destined for Sprint, and something on it slides.  Apparently the source behind the rumor has access to the device (or at least the ROM itself) and the words "do not slide screen in/out during operation" are hidden away in a menu.  That could mean that this has a sliding keyboard, or something else, but that's really anyone's guess at this point.  I've even heard stirrings of a T-Mobile G2-style device headed for Sprint, but for now even I'm not going there.

Now that the word is out, expect rumors and leaks if this one turns out to be as close to release as was reported, which is within two weeks.  We've got our ears on.  [XDA-Developers via Pocketnow]


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HTC Knight headed to Sprint?


Who is this mini boombox targeted towards? =\ I suppose sprint will take whatever it can get =( - My sister from att is looking to switch over to my sprint account, samsung epic for her then no good htc device in the near future for sprint.

The problem is HTC has a known history of just announcing a device. They, as far as I know, never ship on announcing it. So you are realistically looking at a ship date anywhere from Feb-April. That gives you a time frame of 4-6 month from now. For those on a working device *shurgs* Not that big of a deal. However I _AM_ ready to drop kick my G1 out of a 19th story window at this point.

Yeah... listen to I_Am_Incedible. He definitely said that one right. Don't buy anything until CES. Those are all the biggest and baddest phones annd will set the tone for the upcoming year

I sorry but I just don't understand that mentality of always waiting to see what's out next. Those phones that will be announced at ces won't be released for a minimum of 4 to 5 months from now anyways. With technology whatever you buy is always outdone very soon after so why worry about it? Just pick something you like and be happy about it. If you need something there are very good options out now.

The ONLY reason to wait, IMHO, is that there are a number of devices coming out now that spank the crap out of the Dragonfly that is in the EVO. Yet there is no EVO replacement on the horizon. From a "future proof" standpoint (Yah yah I know there is no such thing.) Anything coming out now might stand a better chance of officially getting Ice Cream down the road. EVO, while I have no doubt will be hacked up to the creamy goodness...its old enough now that it might not.
That is why people are clambering for what's next. EVO is what? 6 month old. Hardly ancient, but definitely starting to get long in the tooth.

All that EVO should be arriving Monday. My G1 vs. waiting for something to replace the EVO....ummm no. I don't need the absolute latest and getting the EVO for $99. I'll keep the EVO for about 8 month, sell it off and buy the next EVO out of pocket next year.

true, but what about the epic? my pre gave out about 3 weeks ago and i picked one up. what a fantastic device. my girlfriend just got an evo and the epic blows it away. way better screen, camera, and is far smoother even running 2.1.. when that gets upgraded to 2.2, what a beast it'll be.

First of all, the epic is not better than the evo actually. I have the evo and my girl has the epic. The only thing that's better is the screen. Have u even played with both??

Well obviously we have different opinions about which is better. To answer your question, yes I have played with both. Extensively. I clearly stated my reasons as to why I prefer the epic, yet you failed to provide any to back your statement. Do you really think the camera on the evo can hold a candle to the epic? Or the processor? In my original post I forgot to mention the fact that swype is pre-installed is also an advantage along wth it's fantastic slide out qwerty. They both are unquestionably great devices and I would be happy with either, but I think the epic is definitely better.

Yah I've played with it side by side with the EVO. The screen and the CPU are better then the EVO. the EVO has a bigger screen and more onboard memory. The Epic's battery life is better, but the EVO's GPS is better. Its pretty much a toss up, but there are several key features that the Epic does easily beat the EVO at. Even graphics wise the Epic is smoother and faster.
BTW I purchased an EVO. I went with EVO for two reason. Bigger screen and a huge development community, doesn't mean I can't give cred where cred is due.

This thing looks disproportionate compared to that of average screen sizes and very awkward at that. And please, stop with the circle buttons. I just need something good to upgrade my hero. Galaxy S2? C'monnn.

If this is like the G2 complete with the z hinge, 4g and scorpion. I am trading my evo for it. Hell ill take it without 4g that I can't use yet anyways.

Ok sure wait till CES and see the newsiest badest phone and then wait another 8 months to buy said phone. Or just get a phone when you can your choice.

The EVO is the best phone on the market now, so why does everyone act like it's shit. And yes, I do have one. It's amazing. Just be happy sprint is giving it's customers different options now.

Look. My EVO arrives monday. However I disagree. From a pure speed standpoint there are other, better phones out there right now. The Snapdragon in the EVO is at least one if not two generations old at this point.
The G2, the Epic series, etc all run rings around the EVO when it comes to performance. Now from a screen standpoint the size still makes it the system to beat.

It's not several generations behind, it just has a weaker GPU... Whether that matters to someone or not will depend mostly on whether they game on their phones, although frankly I haven't played any games that taxed my EVO, but I've only payed a couple casual games a la Angry Birds. The EVO still has a flash camera + front facing camera + HDMI out, a lot of phones have one or two of those but few have all three... Not to mention the screen size, kickstand, etc.

Those Samsung SAMOLED screens sure are gorgeous tho, and I'm sure there are games that tasker advantage if the extra performance.

Personally I'm not upgrading (my EVO, if you haven't guessed) until I can buy something that's not only faster but slightly thinner while still being on par feature-wise. Frankly I don't know why people focus so much on raw performance and benchmarks, there's a lot of simple things that would be deal breakers for me on other phones and people just gloss over them (e.g. lack of notification light on Captivate/Vibrant, yuck).

I got my EVO for $125 thru StudentRate, switched over from AT&T... Quite happy with Sprint, love the fact that in six months I can upgrade/renew... Kinda nervous about the fact that they haven't announced their plans regarding bandwith caps, it seems almost inevitable.

The EVO is very fast. None of the phones you listed run circles around the EVO. I have used all of the Galaxy S phones. They are not quite as snappy as my EVO. This Snapdragpn bashing is bs. Period.

Since everyone is acting like the evo is old now, please tell me a little about ur phone and how is it better than the evo. I'm not being a fanboy of the evo. I'm just saying that I've been around alot of phones and can't find one that blows out the evo. Just a question

You know what, your right. Look at the epic 4g, better screen, better GPU, But the Evo is still out selling the epic. The same people who dogged the Evo for epic, more then half of them took the epic back for the Evo. There might be better phones then the Evo, but the Evo is the Only phone who has won a few awards this year.

I happen to like the circle buttons... But there seems to be a lot of extra/wasted space below them (compared to the EVO). It'd be weird if that was rendered to scale, specially for a 3.7" phone that seemingly lacks a touchpad (most other models at that size still include it, i.e. G2, etc.).