The Carphone Warehouse has announced that it's obtained exclusive rights to sell the new HTC Incredible S in the UK, while its North American partner Best Buy will ship the device in the US. The phone is set to launch in both countries sometime next month.

In Europe, the Incredible S will replace the Desire HD as HTC's flagship phone. In the US, it'll ship alongside the very similar Thunderbolt 4G and Inspire 4G. According to HTC, the Incredible S will run Android 2.2 out of the box, but will receive an update to version 2.4 shortly after launch.

Last year Best Buy and Carphone agreed a similar deal with Google for the Nexus S, which gave them exclusive rights to sell the device after its launch last December.

Yesterday we got the chance to play with the Incredible S at MWC in Barcelona. Check out our hands-on feature to find out what we thought. [Carphone Warehouse]


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HTC Incredible S will be exclusive to Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse


Wait, so is the US version of the Incredible S a world phone? If so, that's a huge reason for me to go with the Incredible over and against the Thunderbolt. A bit hard to tell from the spec sheet.

Well, I was sold on the idea of a worldphone last summer when my BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 accompanied my to the United Kingdom for a few weeks. This was when VzW's overseas roaming for data was ~$60/mo and they pro-rated. But they have since changed their pricing model to something ridiculously expensive, so worldphone is no longer first on my list. But with 4G not coming to where I live until the rest of y'all are teleporting, and the nasty rumors about the price of the Thunderbolt, I'm really liking this phone.

I guess this as well will go to Verizon only...sigh. Would luv it on old blue(ATT). Need more Droid phones...

There getting the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, the facebook phones LOL, there also rumored to get the Desire S, since they have the Desire HD (Inspire 4g) with nothing changed on it from the Euro version. Verizon doesn't carry over the Euro designs usually but this will be a first for even a Droid phone.

That isn't necessarily true. PC Magazine seems to think they are solid, decent low-end devices. HTC thinks they can make money by selling cheaper smartphones to the segment of the market that can't afford the fancy high end ones that you and I buy. Frankly, I think HTC is right. Look at all the BlackBerry Curves that are out there.

Yeah and how well did that strategy work out for good old RIM? More models doesn't equal better profit margins. Make a great device, with popular appeal and people will find a way to afford it regardless of the price tag.

The Incredible S has the same Snapdragon as the ThunderBolt, think of the Incredible S like the ThunderBolt as far as specs goes without the LTE and a .3" smaller screen. The Verizon version of this phone shouldn't be any different when it launches.

Haha! Just out of curiosity, why do some people count the kickstand a "feature". It seems more of a silly gimmick to me & in no way would it be a dealbreaker to not buy a great phone on any carrier because it doesn't have a kickstand.

Guy 1: "I have a Droid X"
Guy 2: "I have an EVO which is faster because it is 4G"
Guy 1: "Um, if you say so, but we don't even have 4G in this area."
Guy 2: "Well...I have a kickstand."

You try holding your phone in your cupped hands while trying to watch the entire 1st season of Farscape..... HAND CRAMP.... Kick stand = More lazy... Boo Yah...

I'm sure their "shortly after launch" update is a lot faster than the Epic's "shortly after launch" update was. Hopefully the wait is almost over.

It would seem most likely that the Incredible S would go to Verizon since they got the original Incredible, but does anybody know for sure what US carriers are getting it? Have Verizon and passed on the original Incredible when I upgraded to a D2 because it came with 2.2 out the book. Would like to change to an HTC phone and now I'm not sure if I should get the Thunderbolt or Incredible S.

The HTC Incredible S already supports T-Mobile's 3G/4G network (it supports HSPA+14.4 on the AWS frequency band out of the box). Probably Best Buy will sell it and offer a subsidy for T-Mobile USA customers, though it probably can be purchased out of contract and used with AT&T as well.

Don't count on it. We get the Thunderbolt and then the Bionic as our dual core. If you can hold out for the galaxy s2 (verizon version) that'll be the phone to get IMO.

And yet another phone that Sprint won't be getting. Looks like the EVO Shift and that "Nintendo DS Phone" are the best we can hope for until my upgrade... SIGH...

1. I wish the words world phone were needed in my vocabulary.

2. Why would any new phone on Verizon not be LTE compatible?

Because Big Red won't have LTE rolled out to the entire country until sometime after 2012. I personally don't want to pay extra for LTE just because I want the latest and greatest phone.

Exactly, however keep in mind the new upgrade policy facing us Verizon customers. LTE will be rolled out nation wide (according to plans) before your even close to upgrade eligibility on the Incredible S.

Honestly, between Best Buys buy back policy, and VzW's new upgrade policy, I'm seriously considering just buying off contract. That way, I can even jump carriers at will. (although, I doubt that I would, I'm one of the few people that is actually happy with Big Red...)

Hmm... wait for Pyramid or get Incredible S...

I wish they would have spilled some beans about the Pyramid at MWC.. :(

Agreed I love HTC and android till the end of the earth but HTC was a little bit disapointing for me at least this year at MWC... I was looking for the pyramid.