It's official, folks - the HTC Hero is hitting Sprint on October 11th.  It's going to be $179.99 (take that, Pre) after instant and mail-in rebates.

Crazily enough, the image on HTC's homepage looks very similar to the chin-less Hero we saw earlier this week. Despite the different looks, all your Hero features are here, most importantly a 3.5mm headset jack and the HTC Sense UI.

If you're interested, you can 'pre register' for the phone at Sprint, though all you're really signing up for here is an email version of what we just told ya.

Guys - Android is about to be on multiple carriers in the US.  This is a big deal for the platform.

Anybody out there switching to Sprint for this little puppy

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HTC Hero Official Hits Sprint October 11th, $179, Pre-Register Now!


I bought a palm pre a week after launch because it was just about the best phone I could find on the choice of carriers. T Mobile has horrid service in my area and 0 3G coverage so an android device was out of the question.

I seriously think I will be selling my pre and purchasing a Hero, even if it is at full price. That is how much I believe in android lol.

I figured there might be some people saying that - so I asked the question over at precentral. :)

YES! I was planning to switch to Spring from AT&T for the Hero, and this just seals the deal for me. I'll definitely be making the move as soon as I'm out of this AT&T contract in a few months. Can't wait.

And the new Hero pictured looks like it's taken the best parts of the MyTouch 3G, European Hero, and the leaked Chinese photos from earlier in the week. Absolutely can't wait to own this one.

It doesn't. It just depends on your preferences.

- better battery
- more apps
- touchflo widgets
- 5mp camera with autofocus

- faster hardware
- LED flash
- hardware keyboard
- better multitasking and PIM
- you can buy it right now

I had a Pre but returned it as I couldn't get used to the keyboard -- My Treo's keyboard is much better, and I was saddened that it took Palm to convince me maybe a virtual keyboard was better than a crappy keyboard.

Anyway, can someone explain they the Pre has better multitasking?

BTW, did you notice in the Press Release, that the Hero will have Visual Voice Mail.

So there is another plus for the hero. As it'll be the first Non-Instinct on sprint with VVM

I curious why you say the Pre has better PIM apps. My opinion is that the PIM on the Pre sucks. It's years behind what exists on the Treo. Can the PIM on the Hero really be worse?

I've got a Helio contract that just expired last week, I went and checked out T-mobile's offerings, but I'm going to hold out till I can get my hands on a Hero.

Well, I guess this leaves us to never forget that life is short
and we must prepare for the life hereafter.
Do we know where we will go after that???
(I know...but I'm just asking u)

I never seen the Android interface. I would be very interested in learning more. Seeing as I am with Sprint and mt contract is almost up.

Believe me, the hero is going to be much better than the pre, I have a pre now and I'm going to be switching to the hero on october 11th.

I've just recently become aware of android. This phone is supposed to have what Sprint is calling "Sense" instead of android.

From what I read, it's possibly android but their own customized version...? If this is the case, what does that mean as far as it being non-restrictive. The whole reason I became interested was the idea that an android phone was supposedly not locked down like an iphone for example, and a user didn't have to worry about a carrier gimping the phone. But another site says that is only assured with the "The Google Experience". So what's the deal with this phone? What should I look for as a consumer that tells me it's not gimped?


My friend, if you've been keeping up, "HTC Sense" is a custom user interface (UI) that HTC has built on TOP of Android. It's still the same wonderful Android we've come to know and love, open source and everything, just with a shiny, slick, beautiful, iPhone-level'd interface to help put it on the scene in the smartphone race.

My friend has the mytouch and i thought was a great phone if it wasn't for the proprietary headphones and for the lack of hard drive. Hope they could get around and give this android phones a hard drive, that will start to move the clouds in Copernicus.
ccna ccent

I am selling my blackberry tour and will be paying full price for this this phone. I slipped and went to att for the iphone. loved the iphone but att is terrible.

They’ve got the official press release up now - no chin, $179 after rebate…although it’s NOT the same no-chin phone that leaked yesterday.

I want to check out this phone out. I have returned two Sprint Tours in the past month because the track wheel continued to get stuck. I have been using my Curve since this time. My son told me about this phone and how great it will be. When I looked at the pictures the phone was not impressive looking. Has that changed? I also like the Pre based on the look and features. I use the phone for the web, appointments, calling, photos somtimes,etc. Which phone is best....Pre or new phone.

PS Will it look better than phone I saw pictures of a month ago?


I switched to Sprint about a month ago in order to get the Pre. I'm extremely happy with it, especially because of all of the homebrew. The Linux based OS and the java/html programs makes it easy to do whatever you want with a little programming skills. There are already a bunch of homebrew apps that make it awesome, including a few Google Voice apps (which we use to call my in-laws in Canada). I have no intentions of switching to the android, but anything is better than the iphone. Eventually, the pre will have the same kind of features as any other smartphone, even if someone writes a homebrew app to do it with.

Im on tmobile with the Mytouch3g (tmobile has great coverage here, 3g everywhere in seattle) and i wont be switching. BUT im glad to see the android love, and another android phone. Looks wise i feel i prefer my mytouch3g. BUT 5mp camera and Sense UI are cool, and 179.99 for it is pretty awesome. Good luck sprint'sters.

Long live android.
(Burn in h3ll apple)

How can I tell if tethering will be a payable option on this phone? I ask because I've read in other places that for the Pre people have workarounds posted on how to get around the gimped functionality but this seems risky since there are also tales of Sprint and other carriers "detecting" tethering and canceling phones...

Absolutely jumping ship from Verizon to get this puppy. Don't even care about the $90 ET fee I'll have to pay to do it ;) This phone is a geek's wet dream (unless you count the yet-to-see-the-light-of-day n900)

Anybody heard anything about SERO plans with the Hero?

That pretty much determines whether I'll be getting one.

I would have to go with the Pre only because it's a more polished as of right now than the Hero. But the Hero has alot of features that the Pre must envy.