Minor update brings stability improvements and HD voice by default

While it's not the big Android 4.3 update many are wanting, the HTC EVO 4G LTE also has an update pushing out today. The 3.17.651.4 update is a maintenance release, and the listed change log says HD voice will be enabled by default to go along with the requisite bug fixes and stability improvements to Sense.

This is yet another staged release, and not all users will see the update today. To see if you've got a seat on the OTA carousel, pop into the settings and check for a software update.

Source: Sprint. Thanks, @sanders_llc!


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HTC EVO 4G LTE also getting minor update today


Yay! A sign that HTC has not forgotten us! Any word on whether the HTC One X and similar devices (e.g. the EVO LTE) will get a Sense 5 update?

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I remember awhile back from an article. Htc did announce the Evo LTE is not getting 4.3 or sense 5. I might be wrong....

4.3 No, but I believe there was mention that we were getting 4.2.2 at least and whichever Sense comes with it.

There's a chance that the Jewel will get a 4.2.2 Sense 5 update since the Evita got 4.2.2 Sense 5 in Australia and in Germany. AT&T probably won't release that update for the HTC One X until this year December or January of next year.

Oh AT&T... *big sigh*

Got my update this morning. I'm in Augusta GA. We have some LTE activity as well. I'm glad to see Sprint is doing something that constitutes moving foward.

Got the update today. Have a really funky lock screen today that looks like a combo between stock android lock screen and blinkfeed??? Anyone else get this?

htc insider llabtofar (or whatever his name is) said that he thinks a larger update was planned and then scrapped.

At this point, all I am hoping for is new radios (LTE if I can only pick one) and for HD voice to actually work. I wonder if it is still only for evo lte to evo lte phone calls when both are on LTE as that was my understanding when the first PC happened.

The good news is that some of us are eligible for new phones in as soon as 3 months (01-01-14 for me).

let's first see if it is coming to sprint. also, i'm not liking all these android phones having ginormous screens

I was in the Sprint store EVO in pocket looking at the S4. Went to Android Central on the S4 and this is the article I read lol.
(no update for me yet though, Bummer.)

Nothing in SJ, CA. Has anyone actually gotten this update? This phone is on its last limb with me.

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Yet "mobile data" setting still disconnected when "network mode" selected as LTE/CDMA. Still must switch to CDMA Only for mobile data to connect. This puzzles me.

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So HTC isn't really planning to do Sense 5 and 4.2 on this thing? Why would anyone ever trust or get an HTC phone going forward?

At LEAST do the damn kernel and let others do the job for you.

Exactly! HTC not doing any updates, never giving ANY information, ignoring their customers requests for a microSD and removable battery! They don't deserve my business!

Does anyone know if this update kills the ability to ROOT and S-OFF, which is also a task with HTC!


MMS is fixed on this version finally. Since the phone came out, MMS messages were reduced to being unviewable, yet 3rd party apps worked fine. Well this update appears to have resolved that issue.

Still need to check out the camera and compare it with samples I took earlier to see if they still come out slightly fuzzy or nice and crisp in normal light levels.

I might have a silly question. I just got the notification for the update. I down loaded it and it asks if I want to install now and I say yes. It then boots into recovery , but doesn't install. Is there another step I need to do? My phone is rooted with s-on. Thank for any help.

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I am in Los Angeles County, California and downloaded the new update for my HTC EVO 4G LTE. What a P.O.S. update! My reception has decreased and my Bluetooth, which is only 6 months old, pairs but no longer connects. I am very frustrated with this update. No one seems to be able to assist me in a rollback or getting these issues resolved. Sprint blames HTC...HTC blames Sprint. All I want is for my phone to work correctly.