EVO 3D release date

The question on the tip of many a tongue of late is "When will the HTC EVO 3D be released?" We might now have an answer. Tucked deep inside some forums is the screen shot you see above, which shows "Rough launch date is June 4th." We can't vouch for the source, and we all know how release dates are subject to change, but this is one of the first times we've seen even a rough date put to paper, so there's that.

Will it pan out?  Will we soon have an announcement for the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint? News at 11.

Update: And we're already being told it's not going to be June 4, as it's not in Radio Shack's ads for that period. Hey, it's a "rough" date, right?

Source: XDA Developers; via Android Central Forums


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HTC EVO 3D 'rough launch date' June 4?


I'm holdin out for the Galaxy S II. I just hope to god Sprint doesnt make it less epic by including a slideout keyboard.

Was just going to say that. Plus, that's my birthday, so Sprint really otta give me the full discount instead of this $75 off nonsense.

Not true...last year the EVO came out on a Friday...I was there 7th in line to get it...as I will be this year...whenever the official launch date is...

I'd say later on in June, gives the early adopters a chance to get past the one year mark for upgrade. Not everyone got an Evo on the 4th

If you got the phone on ANY day in June, your upgrade is available on June 1st (no different on any other month).

The only problem I have with this is the Sprint site says "coming this summer" and June 4 ain't summer quite yet...

If it's true then it'll be within my 30 day exchange at BB. Guess I should head over there to drop some deposit loot just in case.

meh summer enough! I'd even go so far as to say Sprint just wants to get this out ASAP. Im with em tho! Come on 3D!

I thought it would be around this date long before they even announced the Evo 3D...it just make sense to me. The Pre launched early June, Evo 4g launched in early June, why would the 3D be different? There will be toooons of people that want use their 1-year S|P upgrade in June.

I've heard that Sprint employees aren't allowed to take off the first two weeks in June, so this makes sense.

That's about 2 weeks..... I'll say I'm pretty #@$%$^ happy!!! I wasn't this excited about the first evo and that turned out to be great. Let's not disappoint me 3d.

I don't think it will be before June 8th. They have made it a important highlight of the HTC Sensation that it will be the first Android to launch with HTC Sense 3.0. I don't think they would have done that just to launch another phone with it days before it.

This e-mail is obviously fabricated. Let me explain:

On May 17th, RadioShack started taking “silent” pre-orders; meaning they would not actively promote the sale, but would oblige a customer’s request if asked. An excerpt from the official memo from Sprint to RadioShack said this:

“…the HTC EVO 3D pre-order can ONLY currently be taken if the guest inquires about it. Because this handset’s official details cannot be made public, this pre-order should NOT be advertised or proactively offered to any customer at this time.”

However, in this supposedly “leaked” e-mail, the author urges the employees to actively promote the Evo 3D. At one point the e-mail suggests RadioShack associates should “talk it up with every customer.” Later in the message the author claims a “smart team” will contact every contracted wireless customer to “talk about this pre-order.” The instruction given in this mysterious e-mail is exactly opposite the instruction given in the previously mentioned pre-order memo - http://www.androidcentral.com/radio-shacks-silent-evo-3d-preorders-start...

Some may say, “Maybe the pre-order is no longer silent and now RadioShack is openly promoting the sale.” Wrong. Try this: Walk into any RadioShack retail location – browse their selection of phones and see if any of the associates approach you concerning the Evo 3D. When they don’t (because they won’t), ask about it directly. Question them concerning a possible release date; see what they tell you.

Secondly, the leaked e-mail says, “Pre orders can be taken today!!!!” This suggests the “e-mail” was sent on May 17th – the first day RadioShack started with silent pre-orders. So either (a) this RadioShack official put his job on the line by contradicting the instructions from his own company, or (b) this e-mail is fake.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s impossible the Evo 3D will be released on June 4th. It very well could - I just don’t know. All I’m saying is this e-mail is not authentic, and you shouldn’t buy into the release day hype. My suggestion? Sign up for updates on the Sprint website, sit back, and relax. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take my own advice.

Cannot possibly be June 4 or near it. Think about it. The phone comes preloaded with Green Lantern movie as a premium. But the movie itself doesn't release in theaters until June 17. Doubt Sprint and HTC can release ahead of theatrical release.

I do believe the ad was for "Green Hornet" That's been out forever
Now I'll have to go hunt down the ad to verify...

Yep Green Hornet..