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Verizon's Droid DNA is one of the hottest Android phones around right now, so developers are surely waiting to get stuck into the device's hardware. To that end -- and because the open-source gods demand it -- HTC has released the kernel source code and other open-source bits for the Droid DNA.

The code, based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is available on the manufacturer's HTCDev site, and should help custom ROM developers get a better handle on the DNA's beastly hardware, which includes a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and a 1080p display.

There's no need to download this if you're not a developer, and it'll likely be a while before regular users see any benefit from the release of this code. Nevertheless, it's always good to see OEMs meeting their open-source obligations without any delay.

Source: HTCDev


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HTC Droid DNA source code now available


I'm torn. I am so smitten with the LG Intuition's huge, 4:3 screen because my eyes just can't see the iPhone, even with reading glasses! But the DNA's high-res screen is so tempting. Love the thought of high-res image onscreen. Great for viewing it on the table when I'm cutting hair at my salon. AT&T just put 4G LTE here in Austin a couple months ago and whatever phone I get has to work on that, but the "phablets" are few and far between. Maybe in another six months...