Peter Chou

The best is getting better next month

Mobile World Congress

HTC just threw a little shindig here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while we didn't hear about the supposed M8, we kind of did. The event launched the new Desire 816 mid-range smartphone but excitement was directed elsewhere.

Both HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang and CEO Peter Chou are super excited for March 25 in NYC and London. After referring to the current HTC One as still the world's best smartphone, Wang told us that on that date the best will be getting better.

So if we had any doubts left over what to expect, doubt no longer. We'll be live from both events in just a months time to see what the excitement is about.


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HTC didn't say a new HTC One is coming on March 25, except they kind of did


Why all the negative comments here below? The next best smartphone is coming out in March, and bits being made by HTC.

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To bad the overall sales of this BEST product didn't add up to much.

That seems to be the story of all things Htc nothing adds up any more.

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When compared to Samsung, sure. But when compared to the rest of the manufacturers, it's up there. Try getting your head out of Samsung's ass every once in a while.

Seems HTC just can't get anything right...not a good way to show up at this event.

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Wow, not announcing it today?! That's uh...hmm.

I'm pretty certain that I'm ditching my S4 for the next One either way, though.

They never pretended they would be announcing it at MWC. They said earlier this month that they would have their event on 3/25. They announced some mid-range stuff and some programs today and that's that. Besides, the juggernaut that is Samsung is presenting their goods @ MWC. Any HTC-flagship announcement today would be drowned out by what Sammy is announcing tomorrow.

The Htc M8 will be just as bad as the Htc One nothing special that's for sure.

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Ridiculous. I saw the Galaxy S2 edge out the others in it's day, but the Note 3 is clearly unrivalled.

Unecessary as much as Google books, movies, picasa, etc on vanilla. I'll take the productive bloat. Never gets old this debate.

Here's a rival for the ridiculously expensive Note 3.

For only $300, one can get an "unlocked" ZTE Grand Memo II LTE with a 6-inch IPS HD display, 13MP and 5MP cameras, 2GB of RAM and 3200mAh battery.

Sure. But it's not designed to be used on all carriers. If it were, your point would be more valid.

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HTC, oh HTC... you still don't get it, do you? HTC One (two?) may still be a great product, maybe even the best if you will, but with the lack of 'oomph', it'll stay where it is: falling further and further into BlackBerryland

And what "oomph" might you be talking about? Especially since the phone hasn't even been announced yet...

Exactly... MARKETING. iStuff and Galaxy Whatnots have leaks, renders, teasers, booths, babes, cars, tanks, spaceships, aliens... And here you have HTC, on the spotlight, and not even teasing the new device. The leaked render has no flare and rumours are not greater-than-life. Lie, inflate it, whatever! But get people talking about it!

Unfortunately (since the One is such a great phone) I have to agree with SpookDroid. I don't understand how they can continue to watch Samsung and Apple use marketing to outsell them with products that aren't any better (if even as good) and then just keep on keeping on with the same losing marketing team. It blows my mind that they continue to pay these executives exorbitant salaries to be less than mediocre.

Thanks, and yeah, that's exactly my point. They have EXCELLENT products lately, but unless they get the word out properly, no matter how much praise they get from reviewers and die-hard fans, they won't move enough product to be relevant against the 'giants'. It's not a pretty picture, but it is what it is: Marketing sells. And while I do like Samsung products (currently own a Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014), I'd have gone with a One if I didn't prefer the bigger screen. I did recommend it over the S4 to a few friends and you know what? They couldn't get it because HTC launched the phone TOO LATE in our country (and several others). And when they finally did, they did so without fanfare. Not the way to do business in the mobile business.

Wow, a very enlightening comment. While I love my HTC One, I happened to stumble upon it by accident, not by the marketing flare that it deserves.

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the only downside to this is having to wait a few more weeks to get my hands on the new model of the best android phone on the market. IMO it will be worth that wait.

I think it's a great marketing ploy to *NOT* release the new HTC ONE at WMC. if nothing else, HTC is creating a delay in the purchasing decision process (mentally, since the phones aren't on the shelves yet) as users have to wait and see what HTC will come out. A month from now, the hype and excitement of the SGS5 will be forgotten, and users will then get hyped up over the new HTC ONE.

Well Played HTC!


Doubt it. Hype for the SG5 will mean half of those would have spent their money on Samsung, will not wait for HTC to deliver. Plus, it's no secret HTC has been downgraded from the Supply Chain and if it comes to that, they won't get components first, but last.

Because Samsung will announce today and start selling next week, right? Then everyone will have already spent their money on the GS5 before the One is even announced? Yeah, when a flagship launch goes down like that be sure to prepare for the simultaneous apocalypse.

Well since there's no marketing except for a few leaks, and terrible ones at that, I'm not going to sit and wait just to be disappointed. So I guess the apocalypse has begun.....

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HTC had supply chain issues prior to the HTC One being released. Your statement, however, is no longer accurate.

You sound like you work for the marketing team at HTC that keeps losing to Samsung. They will lose buyers if the buyer doesn't know what to expect and the GS5 is available. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is something most companies understand but HTC doesn't seem to comprehend.

The HTC One is arguably the best smartphone out on the market. The biggest problem is that most people don't know that. This is because HTC does not adequately advertise and market their products. HTC needs to be everywhere, all the time, like the Samsung Galaxy line. That is, on TV commercials, billboards, magazines, etc. That's where Samsung is, and I guarantee you more people have heard of the Galaxy line of phones than the HTC One line of phones. You can do it, HTC!!!

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well, if the desire 816's any indication, i'm officially bummed that they left that "HTC" bar at the bottom by the speaker, feel like that could be all screen and just do on-screen buttons... *sigh*

I know, that's HTC's idea of good marketing, putting their logo large on the front and using up space that could be screen to do it.

Man I seriously can't wait! This is gonna be awesome. Please just tell me they upped the ultra pixel count and I will gladly pay $800 for this phone. The camera software on the 2013 one was amazing. The 4 ultrapixels is what held it back a little. Still great in low light and awesome image stabilization software. More ultrapixels so I can view the pics at a larger resolution. I'll buy it anyway, but I really hope they upped it.

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"HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang" sounds like she's in an alternative lifestyle open relationship to me.

The gentleman pictured needs a brazere. HTC would enjoy more fortune manufacturing those that the devices they are putting out. He's even at an aptly named event: MWC (Men With Cupsizes). Sorry guys, its a slow hour here at zombie central. If HTC had of announced something I would have stayed on topic lol. Adeus