Chalk up another victory for Paul O'Brien.  Seems like he has the HTC Desire cracked, with su and the superuser app written into the system partition.  This is huge considering that the
Desire shipped with new and in Paul's words "rather sneaky" protection methods to prevent
data being written to the system partition.

As you can see from his latest tweet above, he should have something ready for the general
public tomorrow.  And have a look HERE to see just how good the superuser application looks in the Desire's app drawer.  Nothing has been said officially, but I'll bet a MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Desire will soon come down the pike as well, and the Legend's a real possibility, too.  We love your work Paul!

Come on, manufacturers, there's no need to lock these phones up so tightly.  It's evident that
Android users and developers will do what is necessary to open the software, so just give us
the choice (as was done with the Nexus One already) and be done with it!


Reader comments

HTC Desire root method coming tomorrow


So if the desire is rooted, does this mean the Incredible is rooted as well? They're basically the same phone.

I am really not surprised that the manufacturers (most likely at the behest of the carriers) are locking down their phones. It only makes sense, the carriers want their users to do what they (the carriers) want with the phone, not the other way around.

Honestly, this is one of a few reason why the N1 is so different, it is almost like Google wanted to allow prosumers to modify their phones however they saw fit.


Sweet. Hopefully doing this allows the Desire ROM for Nexus One to finally leave the alpha stage, now that we should have more full access to the "actual" Desire ROM.

I just want to get a fully stable and bug free version of the Sense UI to use on my N1 when I feel like it. The current version is too much of a pain to use every day, although I do like how it works and looks.