HTC ChaCha

According to unnamed sources, the HTC ChaCha may land on AT&T as the "Status." You know, like your Facebook status, seeing as how this is a "Facebook phone." Here's how we see that playing out:

Operator: "Thank you for calling AT&T. How may I help you?"

Customer: "Hi. I wanted to check on the status of my HTC Status order." 

Operator: "Sure. I'll be happy to help you. Which HTC phone are you asking about?"

Customer: "The Status. The HTC Status."

Operator: "Sir, I'll need to know which HTC phone you want to know the status on. There are a lot of them."

Customer: "The phone's called the 'Status.' "

Operator: "Oh, you want to know the phone's call status? That's easy. Open the dialer and ..."

Yep. That's definitely better than ChaCha.

Source: BGR

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K_Daddy says:

That is one ugly phone.

h2orange says:

Anyone remember the iTunes branded phone released about a year ahead of the iPhone that was just as fugly?

This still gives wind to the idea of FB releasing their own proprietary device.

john_v says:

"Wait a minute...who's on first, what's on second, and I don't know is on third???"

dcreed says:

You beat me to it.

carraser891 says:

yep...sounds like an AT&T rep to me...

gordol says:

Looks like a Crapberry. Or I could be kind and say it looks like a Treo.

Griffspen says:

All the negativity that's in this town sucks!

Griffspen says:

People beeyotch when all the phones are the same and then when one comes out that looks very different everyone still beeyotchs. You know, that makes you guys a bunch of beeyotchs. And yes I spelled it correctly.

snsethy says:

That conversation reminds me of one I had with an AT&T rep that couldn't understand that my last name and street name were the same.

asj2583 says:

Not to offend anyone but this phone looks like it has down syndrome.

moosc says:

that is to funny what is the statues of my HTC statues. hello

_Zguy__ says:

When does this come out, I need to get one of these to replace my Atrix asap

Nirvana328 says:

I see what you did there ;)

(the rest of you need to brush up on your sarcasm)

Jonneh says:

If Sense weren't so insanely bloated and in my face everywhere when I touch the phone, I might give this a try, but I do like different-looking phones. Black slab released after black slab released after, yes, yet another black slab...I might as well be back with RIM releasing the exact same device over & over & over again.

skyboxer says:

What's the status on the stats of the status? Statistically speaking, it should be the same as cha cha. I think the status sales stats will be as embarrassing as the cha cha's name is, since enthusiasm for facebook has been waning for some time now.

CeluGeek says:

This is one device where I'd welcome the extra customizations if they manage to solve Android's lack of usability in landscape mode.

I wonder if there is Twitter or Google+ on this... (lol)