HTC ChaCha

According to unnamed sources, the HTC ChaCha may land on AT&T as the "Status." You know, like your Facebook status, seeing as how this is a "Facebook phone." Here's how we see that playing out:

Operator: "Thank you for calling AT&T. How may I help you?"

Customer: "Hi. I wanted to check on the status of my HTC Status order." 

Operator: "Sure. I'll be happy to help you. Which HTC phone are you asking about?"

Customer: "The Status. The HTC Status."

Operator: "Sir, I'll need to know which HTC phone you want to know the status on. There are a lot of them."

Customer: "The phone's called the 'Status.' "

Operator: "Oh, you want to know the phone's call status? That's easy. Open the dialer and ..."

Yep. That's definitely better than ChaCha.

Source: BGR


Reader comments

HTC ChaCha rumored to hit AT&T as the 'Status'


Anyone remember the iTunes branded phone released about a year ahead of the iPhone that was just as fugly?

This still gives wind to the idea of FB releasing their own proprietary device.

People beeyotch when all the phones are the same and then when one comes out that looks very different everyone still beeyotchs. You know, that makes you guys a bunch of beeyotchs. And yes I spelled it correctly.

That conversation reminds me of one I had with an AT&T rep that couldn't understand that my last name and street name were the same.

If Sense weren't so insanely bloated and in my face everywhere when I touch the phone, I might give this a try, but I do like different-looking phones. Black slab released after black slab released after, yes, yet another black slab...I might as well be back with RIM releasing the exact same device over & over & over again.

What's the status on the stats of the status? Statistically speaking, it should be the same as cha cha. I think the status sales stats will be as embarrassing as the cha cha's name is, since enthusiasm for facebook has been waning for some time now.

This is one device where I'd welcome the extra customizations if they manage to solve Android's lack of usability in landscape mode.