HTC Butterfly SThe HTC One family may be the focus of HTC's Western product lineup, but the Butterfly line remains a popular choice in Asia, with the Butterfly S being the current flagship in that series. And from today the 5-inch handset is being updated to bring it in line with its metal-clad sibling, moving up to Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5. A changelog posted on Twitter by ROM developer @LlabTooFeR shows a familiar list of new features — including an improved Gallery app with new video highlights, BlinkFeed improvements including custom feeds and improved social network support.

The version number of the latest firmware — 2.21.708.1 — indicates that this is for the Hong Kong version of the Butterfly S, so if you've got that model then it's time to start hammering that "Check for updates" button.

Source: @LlabTooFeR

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snowdroid83 says:

Wish my HTC one had that larger battery

Posted from the ONE

In Thailand, the Butterfly S is more expensive than the Note 3. I'll bet not many at all were sold here.

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Saneless says:

Hah.. NEVER. HTC hates last years' phones, which is why I'm done with them come 1/1

TheDu9du says:

It would be nice if it matched Nexus 5's CPU power. If so it would be the perfect phone.

NoNexus says:

Marty, to the time machine!

Frank Lin says:

My Taiwanese version (901e, no LTE) still says "no update" :( surprised they rolled out the international version (901s with LTE) first this time around. The last little OTA update rolled out on 901e first took quite a while to roll out on the 901s.