HTC Aria benchmark test

So long as we have the HTC Aria, let's do some benchmark tests, shall we? The second Android phone from AT&T has a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor at 600MHz. And before you start screaming about how anything that has less than a 1GHz Snapdragon processor shouldn't even be bothered with, remember that the Aria has a 3.2-inch screen and shouldn't need the same processing power as a high-end (read: larger) phone.

And while we've seen a little stutter in some of the games we like to play, you'll find the Aria is as snappy (or snappier, even) as the likes of the Evo 4G and Neuxs One when it comes to tooling around the user interface. But you're going to ignore all that an just bemoan the lack of gigahertz, aren't you. ... So let's just cut to the benchmark tests? After the break, folks.


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HTC Aria benchmark tests


Keep in mind on the graphics tests that the Droid also has the highest resolution of all these phones, and the Aria the lowest. So the Aria has a lot less pixels to render.

DroidX: 854x480
Droid: 854x480
Evo: 800x480
Incredible: 800x480
Desire: 800x480
Aria: 480x320
Mytouch: 480x320

Indeed, the Aria is tiny... not quite in the same class.

Phil- I love your articles, you are just too funny!!! :)

People- keep in mind that in the video that the Nexus One is running 2.2, so threw that out for the moment....

Linpack: *Evo: 6.85 Droid: 4.48 Aria: 3.8
Graphics: *Evo: 527 Droid: 389 Aria: 393
Robot: Evo: 25.1 Droid: 24.3 *Aria: 31.0

As you can see, they are all pretty dern fast. So don't let the 600Mhz scare you on the Aria.

The aria really held its own in these test. It may have a smaller res, but the screen is smaller so the picture should still look crisp.

600Mhz in one processor is not directly comparable to a different processor with different architecture. You can't always shop Mhz.

The little Aria is a smokin phone for the price. And it will get Foryo some day too.

It is either because it has a better/more efficient graphics processor and/or because the resolution is so much lower. Or somewhere inbetween.

A much lower resolution will result in much faster graphics.

Speaking of Android on At&T,
I just noticed that AT&T's Mark The Spot app has arrived in the app store. After you get a dropped call, you fire up that app and report it, and its anybody's guess what (if anything) happens next.

Its been available for Iphone for a while now.

Now instead of bitching about nasty network failures you can report them.

I just ran FPS 2D on my Incredible:

Test 1: avg=56 stdev=10.51
Test 2: avg=55 stdev=10.65
Test 3: avg=55 stdev=11.19

pretty impressed givin the comparable screen size, and processor as the N1 (and hell, dont even have Froyo "yet")!

poor Evo

The EVO is artificially/intentionally slowed down. If the "lock" were removed, it would probably top the chart. But the real question is this- why would you NEED to remove the 30FPS limit on 3D, anyway? Most people wouldn't notice any difference, anyway...

> And before you start screaming about how anything
> that has less than a 1GHz Snapdragon processor
> shouldn't even be bothered with, remember that
> the Aria has a 3.2-inch screen and shouldn't need
> the same processing power as a high-end (read:
> larger) phone.

Before you start sceaming about how anything that has less than a 1GHz Snapdragon processer shouldn't be bothered with, you should educate yourself well enough to understand that clock speed is not necessarily and important factor in performance :)

The affect of clock speed depends entirely on the processor architecture and language. Remember the MHz divide between AMD and Intel (prior to Core 2), with AMD easily competing against Intel but using lower clock frequencies?

Now, it may be that the Snapdragon and MSM7227 have similar instruction sets; I don't know. But if so you should mention this.

I'm stuck on an ATT Family Plan, so this Aria will replace my iPhone 2G. The economics for me is a push, I trade in a $20/month unlimited 2G (w/250 text) service for a $15/mo 250MB 3G data + $5/mo 250 text messaging service. Unlimited data was pointless with 2G Edge, my
total 2G bandwidth used for 2+ years was around 1.2GB, so I hope 250MB
a month at 3G speeds should suffice.
I'm not going to bother with a super Android phone like
an Motorola Droid X or HTC EVO 4G or Samsung Galaxy S. Instead I'll focus my consuming efforts on the next super duper Android/Chromium/Linux tablets whenever they come out.

You guys have to remember that the Aria has the "iris" display. That's fancy talk for colorful! Take that Steve Jobs!

Just so you know, the Nexus one has the "fovea" display!! (Work that one out if your interested. Perhaps I should be in Marketing.)

How do you like those pixils Steve!

I'm having a hard time deciding if i want the aria or the Dell streak or if I should just wait to see if another android phone comes out for AT&T. Dammit!

BIG thanks to AC and Phil for running the Aria through all these tests before it becomes available on Sunday! AT&T didn't give you much lead time, did they?

I've been waiting VERY IMPATIENTLY for the Desire to show itself on AT&T, but I've about given up hope. I realize that AT&T wants to keep things quiet (for some reason), but the longer we go without hearing so much as a tidbit, the more we have to assume that corporate plans may have changed, forcing us to go with "Plan B".

My "Plan B" is turning out to be the Aria. I'm gonna grab this model on Sunday, and I hope a lot of other people do, too, so that AT&T can see that there is a big segment of their customers that don't give a rat's bleep about the new iJob that they're pandering.

I also want them to see that if they have the "Sense" to leave the UI alone, they won't suffer another failure like they did with the "Backflop". (I'm sure AT&T made a lot of friends with Motorola after they saw what happened to their phone!)

I'm in the same boat. I was waiting for the Desire or something similar for AT&T. Truthfully I was secretly hoping for a Legend. The Aria will fit the bill as it has mostly the same guts as the Legend. After using it, I realized that it doesn't need a Snapdragon if the screen isn't 26".

I sure am glad I ditched AT&T for Sprint and the EVO... Thru a StudentRate discount I ended up paying just $125 for my EVO (w/no activation fees and a free screen protector thrown in), I would've felt cheated in paying the same for an inferior phone... More than likely I would've just overpaid for a N1 or kept on waiting for the Galaxy S, and I'm not even optimistic they'll launch that anytime soon despite today's announcement. How many months has it taken AT&T to bring the Aero out? Then there's their meddling ways w/regards to installing apps, to heck w/that...

Thanks Phil, nice vid test. Unlike a lot of people here I'm stuck with AT&T(family plan, 3 boys) and needed something other than this iPhone craze..not bashing it bcz my sons have iPhones and are happy, but I so wanted a Droid and this Aria seems the way to go. Can't wait to pick this up and see what "rooting it" and hopefully Froyo 2.2 does to it.

Phil if you get the Froyo 2.2 for the Aria would you do another test? I'd like to see how it measures up..