HP Tablet leak

We'd previously heard that HP had new Android tablets in the pipeline and according to @evleaks this is one of them. We're well aware of the need for at least some bezel on a tablet, but HP sure hasn't tried to slim them down with this one. There's no name or hardware details to accompany the image, but it does at least look like it runs a near stock version of Android. Though not KitKat if the render is to be believed.

From the rear things are a little better looking, but HP hasn't wowed us yet with any of its Android products and this doesn't look like it will change that trend. Expect another cheaper priced tablet if and when this comes to market.

Source: @evleaks

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HP tablet render leaks out with bezel, bezel and more bezel


It's a tablet... You have to have some or you will bitch about the lack of one when the screen reacts to your fingers accidentally clicking stuff

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And yet...I've never had any issues on my Retina iPad mini with unwanted screen touches. So there's got to be something that can be done.

I actually DO want some bezel on a tablet. Although this is a tad too much.

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Wrong Richard Devine...
iPad's have software that allows you to rest your fingers onscreen without registering a touch.. The original mini had it as well.

What's the point of blocking your media content with a finger/thumb grip? Sure, SW can easily compensate for unwanted touch but you are blocking the content. Makes no sense.... It's form over function, which is stupid

"Wow that is alot of bezel and the benefits of this are?"

- Retro 2002 look.
- Used as an oar if stuck on a rowboat.
- possibly better for use for someone with a muscular control disease like MS or CP - less accidental touching of the screen.
- Paddleball racket?

Thats all I got.

The Benefits Chris?
Screen Protection for one.. and some people will look at the Value of the tablet.. not the looks. Not everyone is trying to look like a Coke Bottle Glasses Geek.. and could care less about something as stupid as bezels.
The Nexus 10 has bezels too... But the Wanna-Be Geeks think it's cool to say you own one.. so they look past it... Wanna-Be's crack me up.. they don't know what they want.. they just want to sound like they belong..

They're HUGE...
Way oversized.. and look Hideous.
It's one of the UGLIEST TABLETS I've ever seen.
Hopefully.. I/O next month will have a more *Up To Date* device.
The OG N-10 was an overhyped device that was plagued with issues.. Thank Goodness some of the more experienced Developers were able to make it a somewhat decent device.

Yo dawg we heard you like bezels

So we put a bezel inside of a bezel so you can grab the tablet while you grab the tablet!

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Wait a minute. How can this be running kitkat if the status bar icons are blue.? isn't that jellybean.?

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Does anyone buy HP android tablets? It just seems like they never even TRY. And if that's the case why bother?

Grandma's and soccer mom's who have no idea what they are looking at.

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Your right. They'll sell some, just because people will say "Oh! It's from HP? OK. They make good computers. I'll take one."

I like HP there's always a need somewhere in the world for a cheap tablet from a recognised company :)

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I think that its the screen that is too small. If it was bigger i probably think we would not notice those bezels at all. Look at the nexus 10 for example

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I think you would if you start having unwanted key touches. I think you meant to say minimalistic bezels.


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I think they are going after a very specific demographic. Parents with screaming tweens who do not want to spend much money because they know it will get broken or not used in 2 months. And someone who just gets on the Internet and has had a positive experience with HP's products and services in the past.