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Owners may use any other Micro USB charger on the laptop in the meantime

Google and HP confirmed today that the companies have halted sales of the Chromebook 11 in all stores. Although at first the reasoning was not known, Google and HP have now given a statement clarifying that a small number of reports indicating that the laptop's Micro USB charger is overheating is the reason. The post from Google and HP is pretty succinct:

Google and HP are pausing sales of the HP Chromebook 11 after receiving a small number of user reports that some chargers included with the device have been damaged due to overheating during use. We are working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify the appropriate corrective action, and will provide additional information and instructions as soon as we can.

In the meantime, customers who have purchased an HP Chromebook 11 should not use the original charger provided with the product. In the interim they may continue using their HP Chromebook 11 with any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed micro-USB charger, for example one provided with a tablet or smartphone. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Chromebook 11 has been out of stock on Google Play for a couple of weeks now, but until today it was readily available at both Amazon and Best Buy. The positive side of this is that the machines themselves are not faulty, and will charge just fine off of another Micro USB charger you may have.

Source: Google Chrome Blog


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HP puts the brakes on Chromebook 11 sales due to charger overheating issue


Well, that's good to know I guess. Wasn't long ago that I purchased mine. In fact, I was charging it while reading this article. Since I have several others around the house, I suppose I'll just toss this in the attic (in the rare circumstance that they will do a free exchange at some point).

Is this just for the US? Or is it worldwide? I'm in the UK and so far not had any issues with the charger.

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They didn't specify countries, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was worldwide.

And just because your charger works fine doesn't mean its a great idea to keep using it. Most people's are working fine, but they're clearly being cautious after a small number of reports of issues.

Thanks Andrew. I will use my nexus charger for now. Thanks for spreading the word.

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