Verizon data plan training

July 7, 2011. A day that will live in infamy. OK, maybe not. But it's looking like it'll be the day that Verizon changes its data plans to a tiered structure, and there are plenty of rumors, half-truths and whatever else going on out there. Let's add one more to the pile, shall we?

What you see above is part of Verizon's training for the new plans. A couple of things to note: Nowhere will you find the words "tiered data." And don't expect to hear them when you walk into a store, either. What you will hear about is customizing a data plan for your usage needs. And that makes sense, doesn't it? Do you mainly surf the web? Check e-mail? Stream music and video? Or are you a heavy photo uploader? If you're reading this blog, chances are the answer to all those questions is "Yes." Your friendly neighborhood Verizon rep will crunch some numbers (they have an online data calculator to do that piece of fourth-grade math), and match you up to a plan that fits you best. What has people up in arms is the pricing structure. News flash, folks: Verizon ain't cheap.

Something else you're likely to hear about then is Wifi -- it's all over the suggested responses on Page 3 -- and how you should use it whenever possible. Doesn't really make sense, does it? Verizon wants your money (as any good company should). And if the rumored pricing structure is true (and those rumors are still far from official), you might end up paying more for a lower data cap. So why the push for Wifi? Remember that data's not free. Each MB costs Verizon something, too. And Verizon's (relatively excellent) LTE network didn't come cheap. You hear the word "billion" used a lot in conjunction with a 4G rollout. And carriers are feeling a crunch for spectrum -- the frequencies and such that the data's actually transmitted on. Their answer to that? You'll use Wifi more. (Sit though a CTIA keynote and you'll know exactly what we're talking about.) And so when you're talking to a Verizon rep about these new plans, you'll be urged to connect to Wifi whenever possible. And that's not exactly the worst idea in the world. A good Wifi signal can still be better than a bad LTE signal. And, more important, it's much easier on your battery life.

Anyhoo: Ease on past the break and check out the training material. There's not a whole lot of actual news there -- though the $30 for 2GB of data appears to be confirmed, as well as the death of unlimited plans. RIP.

Verizon tiered data plan training

Verizon tiered data training

Verizon tiered data training


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How Verizon will ease you into its new tiered data plans


So, hypothetically, if my Thunderbolt's free hotspot trial ends on 7/6, and I try to add hotspot service the next day, do I retain my old data plan or lose it? I love Verizon's service, but this pricing along with the elimination of one year contracts and more and more preloaded crapps on phones ain't sitting well with me.

Haven't we learned that anytime an "anonymous" source gives out a date for anything Verizon related, the date is wrong? I think Verizon pays attention to the rumor mills, and then they intentionally miss the supposed dates leaked by "insiders".

Yes HELLOOOOO SPRINT! What the heck?? How much data do I use? Let me pull out my crystal ball, How about when I go on vacation say like 3x this year, and to weekend little excursions and want to upload 100 photos each time, catch up on some shows I missed, etc etc. So instead of just uploading via network, i need to find a wifi hotspot on the beach, instead of just network uploading to a company that most ppl pay 80-100 bucks a month to... EFF THAT! I work for a communications company, it doesn't cost a company CRAP per MB! Weather a customer takes 1.5 mbps or 100 mbps it costs the company the SAME EXACT amount of money to maintain that customer REGARDLESS of speed or usage! (yes folks, when your shelling out 60.00/mo for your internet, it costs the company your paying between 2-5 bucks/mo to maintain you, think of the profits!) I cant see this being much different for a wireless provider.

All I got to say is, start shopping Verizon customers, or take that large piece of furniture without lube.

I love these kind of comments. You obviously don't work in the business side of the house, lol. Just because you are on the tech side of things, doesn't mean you understand the business model.

You don't even take into account the money that Verizon (all companies) have to invest to put in the infrastructure to allow the higher speed data that everyone craves. From a business standpoint, the companies have to recoup their capitalized costs. Verizon has the best 3G coverage out there, hands down. Hence, their service is more expensive do to recouping infrastructure costs. I envision them wanting the have a similar 4G footprint as their current 3G footrpint. This costs BILLIONS of dollars to achieve. I have no issues with them charging heavy data users more money. You heavy users (video and audio streamers) are the ones that slow down the network for the rest of us.

If you want the convenience of everything, everywhere, then stop your bitching and pay for it. Life isn't free, so stop expecting hand-outs.

If you don't like the pricing structure, then go to another company that is cheaper. All we will hear from you then is bitching about how you don't get coverage every where you used to with Verizon.

The sense on entitlement these days kills me.

Thank goodness for someone that has some sense. Verizon has roaming agreements with a ton of companies around the nation. The reason I know this is they have an agreement with the company that employs me. It will not say roaming on your phone but for every MB you use on our network Verizon gets the bill and we make a considerable amount of money per month from Verizon customers.

As far as it not costing them hardly any money for using data. Take a look at Verizon's quarterly figures and tell me they aren't forking out a ton of cash for Data usage. Roaming or not.

mmmmhmmm it isn't that difficult, look at the numbers on the DROID alone. 720 MILLION on the DROID alone! and this was 2 years ago. 1 phone, 720 million in data revenue. Yep.

Verizon Wireless spent $100 million advertising the DROID for the same reason any carrier does anything: Money. Sure it was a gamble of sorts, but this time around the gamble is going to pay off big time. The carrier saw an increase of almost 27% in net subscribers additions year-over-year in Q4 2009. Beyond that, profits from the $720 million of data revenue (minimum) set in motion last quarter -- along with the rest of the revenue those million DROID handsets will generate -- make Verizon Wireless' $100 million marketing campaign a home run.

Its not about a sense of entitlement. Its about them raping their customers. I think its safe to say that most Verizon customers still have 3G phones. Why is it fair for a customer wanting a 3G phone, like the Droid X2 to pay for the billions that Verizon invested in 4G.

I'm not saying Verizon does not have a right to recuperate its cost of infrastructure development (which is always ongoing for any wireless company, BTW). I am saying that their pricing model is nothing short of ridiculous and their trying to hijack the industry. $50 bucks for 5 GB? Really? Maybe if that was $20 bucks cheaper, it wouldn't be so bad.

Verizons policy with plan and pricing changes that they make is kind of like a grandfather law. If they decided that it suddenly cost 40.00 a month for unlimited data, you would continue to only pay 30.00 until you changed your plan, even if that was ten years from now. Same situation applies if they reduce prices too. They wont tell you about them, unless you ask.

I'm trying to decide if I should get a Droid charge to grandfather in with a 4g device (It's not much of a upgrade from my dx imho) or let my three lines run off the contract and leave.

For those thinking about switching from Verizon, I would think again. I have a feeling that all carriers will be doing this in the long run. I'm with Sprint and yes they are cheaper and still have unlimited data, but the network isn't as good. Not by a long shot.

Sprint is a helluva lot better than AT&T was. And no, Sprint isn't going to switch to tiered pricing for the simple reason that it's a competitive advantage. They keep unlimited and customers will switch to them. Your choice is- have your wallet raped by Verizon and AT&T or go unlimited with Sprint and T-Mobile (while they are still independent).

The Network might not be good. But Sprint is cheaper and offer a much better selection of phones. As it is now we are force to take one of the outdated 4G phones Verizon has to offer.

I would much rather have an outdated (by your standards I guess) Thunderbolt with Verizons much better than anything else you will find in America LTE than Sprints dual core phones with a much outdated Wimax that will soon be replaced by LTE which Sprints current phones will never be compatible with. If you want to talk about outdated then buying a Sprint phone with a two year contract and Wimax when Sprint has made deals to bring LTE and your phone will never see that network. Sprint continuing to put out dozens of Wimax phones and tablets with contracts is irresponsible since they and everybody else knows they plan to go with the much better LTE network. Why havent we seen new Wimax markets pop up? Thats because it is a sinking tech with a much sinking company. Sprint doesnt loose tho only its customers do.

Sprint didn't turn off 3G when they deployed WiMax and they won't turn 3G off when they deploy LTE. LTE for Sprint isn't going to be deployed this year. I have an EVO with limited 4G coverage, but I keep 4G turned off most of the time, as it isn't essential to my needs and likely isn't essential to the needs of many Sprint customers. Yes, LTE is faster and Verizon has that now, so if you don't care about your capped data (whether you have to deal with that now or at your next phone upgrade), then by all means, enjoy your LTE device and the speed at which it brings you to your data cap. LTE is still a way off for Sprint. Meanwhile, they have to sell phones that work on the network they have right now. With unlimited Everything, who cares how much of it is 4G. My services aren't capped and I get services you don't get for free on your LTE network. Have fun meeting your data cap. I'll be "FILLING THE INTERNET WITH EVEN MORE CATS, ON THE NOW NETWORK- SPRINT"!!!!!

I'm eligible for an upgrade on 7/6/11. Wow, how's that for timing? That said I only need the $30 for 2GB, and I'm waiting on a Galaxy SII to hit VZW.

This is insane. No one can possibly know the amount of data use they are going to use in any particular month. One day I’ll send dozens of emails the next day I may decide to stream some music. I don’t want to have to worry if I’ve gone over on my plan.

I’m having a hard time balancing out my phone calls. But that’s easy compared to managing your data plan. With phone calls you only have to worry about going over your minutes. Under the new data plan you will also have to manage your Email, Web Surfing, Streaming Music/Video, and Photo Uploads.

Talk about an over charge bill from hell if you under estimate your data usage for the month.

Um.....just check your bill to see what you use per month on average. It's not that hard. Another tip is to set your market to only update apps when you are on WiFi and that will save a ton a data over a month's time.

I have no solution for you if you stream video and audio. You are just going to have to bite the bullet and realize that heavy data users like you are the reason for this change in the first place. I always have my WiFi on and I connect to it whenever possible. That said, my data usage rarely gets near 2GB/month.

You just need to change your habits a bit. Example is don't upload your 100 pictures to FB until you are at home on your WiFi. Email and Web surfing is NOT going to get you to 2GB per month. Just not going to happen. It's the other stuff you mention that you need to change habits on.

I have Sprint too.....yeah, the service might not be as great as other carriers, but it gets the job done. I can still do the exact same things with my service that you can do with a different carrier, but for way less money.

So yes, "Sprint FTW!"

2GB does not sit well with me. 3GB would have, but 2GB is what a moderate streamer, surfer, etc easily uses a month. Not happy, seeing as though I've been averaging 2.5GB/mo. since I got my Bolt. Ah well, I have unlimited for awhile. Hopefully they don't screw loyal customers over at some point, like it seems they're about to do to converts.

They've already screwed loyal customers, killing the one year upgrade and with this tiered pricing structure that they can't even be honest about and call it what it is, CAPPED DATA. They're scared that if they're honest, customers will bolt for Sprint, pun intended. It'll still happen, as long as Sprint has Unlimited Everything. They sure as heck won't get rid of unlimited now because for Sprint, it's a competitive advantage, at this point.

Well I have had sprint for 10+ years and 2 years ago I worked for verizon. I can tell you that in most major cities sprint and verizon are on par and in more areas then you think sprint 3g is more efficient, faster and reliable than verizon. Reason I know is that as a technician for verizon I had their phone and service while at the same type kept my sprint account. I had both phones with me together all the time and most of the time both worked perfect. In some areas sprint worked better and in others verizon. But overall they were both about the same. So you can't say that verizon is better than sprint. If sprint works in your area then thats a better choice. If it doesn't work and verizon does then verizon is a better choice. Its all about what works for you. In the end I kept sprint. It worked just as good and I pay a lot less.

Then I guess ur just victim of Verizons wallet raping..... sorry...So Glad i have Sprint coverage everywhere i travel...Love it excellent coverage and more $$$$$ in my pocket

I am on Sprint, and there is no coverage here AT ALL, so I roam on Verizon (thanks Big Red). I work in an area that has Sprint coverage (about 40 minutes away) and spend a good bit of my time there so Sprint was willing to sign me up even though my address is in a non-Sprint zone.

This is exactly why I wonder about people complaining about Sprints service. I have good coverage where I live but my parents live in a small town in SC which has terrible coverage. When I'm there my Evo roams on the Big Red Cash Machine so I don't have any problem.

I dont get it then. Are you against Sprint for their allowance to roam on another network for free, or are you mad that Verizon has higher prices, therefore making Sprint the better choice?

My choices are VZW or AT&T. Plus, I don't use 2GB of data in a month anyway. I'll pay what I need to in order to have a phone that isn't a brick-on-purpose.

Being a customer of both, I can say you are absolutely wrong. Living within several major cities, Sprint would constantly fail where Verizon would remain solid. So I CAN say that Verizon is better than Sprint, especially with network coverage and Sprint still has no idea what customer service means. People keep crying about their data plans but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for and with Verizon, it's still the best network out there.

Yet in San Francisco ATT is horrendous, but Sprint is the best around. Its purely give and take. My parents live in Idaho and only have ATT and Verizon to choose from and they have no problems since they dont use data anyway.

Its not about who's better in any case, but rather what provider works best for you.

Of course, if you use alot of data and Sprint isnt available in your area then i can see how you would be mad. But be mad at Verizon for their ass raping prices, not Sprint for not being able to break into your location because its either not worth it for them to be available in your area, or Verizon has a vice grip on that particular area.

Hahahahahahaha......speak for your city and surrounding. You obviously don't live in Colorado. You get about 1/2 mile into the mountains and every single phone goes dead except Verizon phones. I can ski all day in the back bowls of Vail and hike back country trails and have perfect coverage with Verizon, while my buddies on ATT and Sprint have nothing.

Verizon is hands down best overall coverage and I have had ATT and Sprint before. There is no comparison. Don't even get me started on service at a sporting event......Sprint and ATT completely fail when you get 80,000 people in one location.

I'll pay the extra is need be to ensure I have coverage. Sir are the reason for this change. Try using WiFi, and/or stop streaming video and audio so much on your phone.

@patch: I'm all for using your data comfortably and to the fullest for what you pay for. BUT...18 GIGS PER MONTH? That is insane. You are the reason for tiered data.

he said 9GB for half the month. doesn't mean that it'll actually double later on. plus, think about what he may be using it for. like alot of android users, he's probably rooted and using a wifi tethering app alot.

If he were using PDANet, it wouldn't be using that much data. I don't use near as much data. I'm 3 days from billing cycle rollover and I'm at 300mb and I keep Twitter, Facebook, and other apps running, plus PDANet. ON THE NOW NETWORK. One of the only two left with unlimited EVERYTHING!!

I didn't think I was using all that much data until I just now checked my statements for the last 6 months. I averaged about 1.5 GB/month, but in two months I used about 2.5 GB. I use Pandora, do some videos, email and surf the web. I wouldn't call myself a heavy user as I'm not on the device all the time like some people I know. With the Tbolt and 4G, I do find myself spending more time doing things that use more data. That's why I got the phone - it's more fun to use!

This is a very disappointing development.

Exact same story here (except I'm not on a 4g phone). Same data usage numbers and I do the same things and not much more.

I'm hoping Sprint has a nice new quad-core 3D dual memory Ice Cream Sandwich unlocked bootloader phone coming out when my Verizon contract expires next May.

What if the 9GB was the LOW half of the month? Two can play the guessing game, so if he's rooted and using WiFi and he STILL uses 9GB in two weeks as his LOW half of the month then he could be using 18GB the other two weeks or 27GB a month!!!

That's a crazy amount of data to go through. I feel like such a piker with my peak monthly usage at around 200MB, but I agree - people using 9GB in half a billing period is at least one reason carriers require tethering plans and are moving to tiered plans.

I feel like I'm in 3rd grade, and the entire class is being punished for the actions of a few. To those few, I say "Thanks for nothing!"

Its more like being in Somalia where the dictator has all this money but wont give it back to the people.

Verizon, Sprint, ATT, all of them can just continue to expand their network for more bandwidth, but lets look at what they are doing: Verizon raises prices to rape their customers, ATT would rather cheat to win going the Lebron approach buying up T-mobile so they dont need to spend money on expansion, and Sprint went all 'cart before the horse' with Wimax and are just now changing their tune.

They all want profits, which makes sence as a business, but they want it at the expense of their customers whom have no choice in some cases but to accept the raping.

The day we blame the customer for what the provider is responsible for, is the day we all dont deserve to be customers anymore. Keep the blame on the companies please.

I'm on an EVO and I'm at 300mb two days before my monthly account reset to zero. Twitter, Google Maps, and other apps are always open on my phone. I occasionally watch Youtube but I don't stream music. SHRUG. 9GB is a lot of data. Netflix? Jeez dude.

Let me cut through the corporate jargon. I can sum up what Verizon's doing in two words: raising prices. A year from now, when more people have adopted smartphones, Verizon probably figures the attrition rate would be higher if they change pricing.

Im at. 3.5 gigs two weeks into the cycle. Between iheart radio, hbo go, netflix, video chat and any other miscellaneous bs this plan is going to kill me. I love how they push how amazing lte is for video, downloads, streaming etc, then destroy you for utilizing it to it's potential.

you don't even have to utilize it that fully.
One of the phones on our family plan is used by the person with it as their primary internet for their work when they are at home (they live in the country and don't have internet at their place) but they are NOT tethered, their phone isn't even rooted, its ALL email and web thru the Droid. They are at 3.5g at the midooint of cycle...

Seriously? Are you just too cheap to pay for a cable modem?

This is exactly the kind of crap Verizon will point to when they defend their new plans.

It's ironic that only 3 years ago NONE of Verizon's phones included Wifi - forcing users into a (at the time) non-required data plan. They didn't want customers to have any data access without paying for a plan. Now that data plans are required, they don't want us to use them - they would rather we get out data on someone else's dime. After all, we're paying for it whether we use it or not, so any time we use it we're cutting into their profits.

Yea. And the bait and switch terminology doesn't change the fact that they're switching to a tiered pricing structure. All the sales associate "number crunching" won't change that. You can always not upgrade to the latest LTE device in two years but sooner or later you'll have to upgrade and then get your wallet raped. Have fun on your LTE Network as you reach your data cap quicker than you thought you would.

Good bye streaming anything. Yah for higher screen rez and lower video quality because streaming in HQ/HD is way too expensive on the pockets. Way to stiffen the internet mofos. Bonus points for Sprint and Tmobile at the moment. Atleast here in the US.

So if you get a Droid X (which other than the wifi is fab) you are screwed both ways. Glad we bought my wifes new phone and plan today so we are grandfathered in. But they said that about my mifi too and one day they just screwed me and switched it to a 5gb data plan.

Yes, Verizon is, and will continue to screw their customers.

So if you get a Droid X (which other than the wifi is fab) you are screwed both ways. Glad we bought my wifes new phone and plan today so we are grandfathered in. But they said that about my mifi too and one day they just screwed me and switched it to a 5gb data plan.

Yes, Verizon is, and will continue to screw their customers.

It's seriously a bunch of crap. The info sheet is a joke. First of all anyone that gets a 4G device all of a sudden has a beast of a machine in their hands that they didn't have before with a BB or previous dumb mobile web phone. I probably used less than 200MB a month on a BB because it's simple mobile sites, music, and e-mail. All of a sudden I have a Thunderbolt and I can add glorious HD movies, music videos, movie trailers, GPS navigation, serious gaming apps, video chat, etc, etc. You get the point, they do a lot of big tasks that suck up a lot of data. So now your days with these great devices under an amazing network will be spent going can't do this and can't do that unless I want to pay $20 more here and there. Forget it, I admit I was hooked but I would rather stop messing with this stuff all together and get a regular phone. I sit in front of a PC all day anyway.

you know your exactly correct..i think this is going to be their new way to increase revenues, see they advertise phones that can do (look at the lg revolution w/netflix, the thunderbolt with skype) netflix, video calling, hotspot capabilities on lte, google maps with navigation, all these things will chew the 2gb of data super quick adding to overages, then you still have to pay the monthly's and your data plan..

Why are people streaming 720p content on a 800x480 phone? Do people SERIOUSLY watch movies on these tiny 4 inch screens? No wonder so many nerds wear glasses.

I know a few women who don't even have computers and use their Blackberries for everything, internet, e-mail, FB, Twitter, all of it. Of course, they aren't going to use near as much data as a 4G LTE phone and I thank God that I can turn 4G WiMax off on my EVO. If there was no way to do that, my battery would get ate up.

Nobody cares, Verizon sux...they rape everyone price wise, dumb down all their phones and now they are limiting data on top of all that. If you stay with them, well then you get what you pay for...craptastic service with many limitations. Maybe ATT will buy them too...and dismantle them.

If they want me on wifi so bad then WTF would I pay them any money for? If I pay for a cell phone with data, I maybe kinda wanna use what I'm paying for, without needing a second mortgage. If they even offered a 3GB plan it might be more palatable. But this is looking real bad, for now.

From a pure business standpoint you'd couldn't be too upset being a Sprint shareholder right now. If LIghtSquared doesn't destroy GPS networks all over America and it comes close to the speed of Verizon's LTE AND Sprint keeps unlimited data they'd be poised for a tremendous influx of new customers.

You would think so, but in reality Sprint needs to improve on their coverage map if they want to see more customers. Verizon and ATT dominate because of their reach. If Sprint can just improve their overall coverage map then i think you'd finally sed them gain customers instead of losing them.

Most of us run on the 3G network now. Im pretty sure lots of us will eventually upgrade and try to get into a 4G much data you think you will use then. Way more since the experience will be better and you will want to do more with your phone. Also there are all this new services coming out from different companies like Amazon Cloud Music and Google Music that you will no longer be able to use if your want to keep your data at bay and your bill affordable enough. Its crazy...we have more services, cloud base services and this companies (verizon/AT&T) are planing to just take all our hard earn money by taking advantage of that. I know LTE is great and all but that's a lot of money. I would feel obligated to jump to sprint even if I didn't like it just so that I can afford the cell phone bill. Right now im in a family plan with 4 members in it. Im due for an upgrade on July 26. I will tackle that situation when that day arrives but If Im faced with ridiculous data fees, im sorry but I will have to switch all 4 devices to another provider. Im pretty sure that I will not be the only case.

Herein lies the reason why Sprint will not join this insanity. NEW CUSTOMERS who want unlimited EVERYTHING. Look at Sprint's current marketing campaign. They constantly drum into our heads the fact that there is no cap. No throttling. UNLIMITED means UNLIMITED with Sprint. UNLIMIT YOURSELF. The new influx of customers is coming. I fled AT&T and ran to Sprint last December and while I can't get 4G everywhere in the Atlanta area, I can get it where I need it and 3G everywhere else.

Actually that's the EXACT reason Sprint will eventually switch to tiered data plans.No cellular network,not even THE NETWORK, can handle all the new streaming data that millions of these new smartphones use.Unlimited data plans are going the way of Mobile WAP sites.

Until Sprint makes such an announcement, we have the Simply Everything Plan. Sprint isn't going to change that right now, surely not this year and definitely not before they get LTE themselves and that definitely won't happen this year. Predict the future all you want. Right NOW, it's wallet rape from Verizon and UNLIMITED EVERYTHING on Sprint.

here's something, and this bugs me anyway, is ok why have a phone that does everything, if you arent gonna do everything? Why did you get a 4G Thunderbolt if all your gonna do is text and play angry birds?

How is Sprint pulling it off(4G for over a year and still rocking unlimited everything plans)?

Technically, they aren't... Sprint has been losing money quarter after quarter for a few years, but at least they've actually started to gain more customers than they're losing over the last few quarters. Don't ask me how companies like Sprint and T-mobile stay afloat like that, I'm no economist, but I'd guess that the long term answer is that they don't. Either they reach a turning point or they fail (or get bought, i.e. T-mobile).

I do hope all this (and a budding relationship with Google) puts Sprint in a better position to succeed, but that won't guarantee that we'll always have unlimited plans. Even home ISPs are moving in the direction of bandwith caps. Consumers aren't complaining loudly enough, nor choosing with their wallet. I guess the reality is that the average consumer doesn't use enough bandwith between email, FB, and the occasional Youtube clip to care about caps.

Thus, those of us that like streaming services, cloud storage, video chat, etc. are gonna end up paying thru the nose thanks to greedy corporations a small minority using over 10GB a month (who give those corporations anexcuse to bleed us dry).

I'd disagree, many have complained. Here is the deal, So Comcrap is now got a limit(granted 250gig). Maybe there is only 1 choice of Fios/CableModem/etc.. in your area, so you get either that one or dial up(is that even available anymore or you get a HotSpot). They all want you to now use your wifi at home which will count toward your Fios/Cablemodem cap as well.

There are many people that I know that have no option but a hotspot for "high speed internet" There are many people I know that can only get comcast cablemodem. In these cases you either take what they are offering or you get nothing.

No wonder other countries are so much ahead of the US when it comes to internet and in particular wireless internet. I wonder why Al Gore didn't think of this when he invented it. :-)

The next step would be to complain to your elected representative and/or organize a campaign to do so... Whining online and then paying up is as good as nothing. I'm still on a slower/costlier DSL connection because of my cable company's ridiculous 40GB cap, and I let all my clients know about it.

im with sprint and im glad they have unlimited data service, and if i had my choice i'd take tmobile's throttling then overages. if sprint decides to do overages and somehow forces me to upgrade to that then i swear...i'll just cancel my data, i think it's so 19th century that they are throttling the amount of data just like all the isp's did with 56k. i think eventually when smartphones become more mainstream and there's more apps and people depend on them, a 2gb overage would commonly occur just like how eventually when people started cancelling their landline and depended on cell phones, people demanded more minutes on plans. i think this will backfire on most carriers as this transition occurs, i think as regional carriers become more competitive, offer better phones, and unlimited plans, they'll transition to those carriers and maybe national carriers will be only useful for just voice services?? could be possible, carriers should stop trying to squeeze every penny from us, we're human beings not simply bank accounts.

Take of your tech blinders for a minute and think about the average smartphone user (the type that barely knows what Android is), they don't average more than 1.5GB a month right now (tho they probably will in the future). I would think most people don't go over 2GB or they'd be leaving AT&T in droves due to overage charges, and they aren't, AT&T isn't experiencing any more customer turnover than the rest (certainly not more than Sprint or T-mobile).

Don't get me wrong, I hate these caps, and that's why I'm happy I switched from AT&T to Sprint last year (for the EVO, when AT&T had no high end Android phones), even tho AT&T has better coverage in Puerto Rico... That being said, at least Verizon is giving people who use a lot of data a CHOICE! They can pay more for a higher cap (and lower cost per GB). AT&T didn't give people any choice, it's 2GB or bust, overage charges after that. Verizon's 2GB is $5 more expensive but what do you expect, it's still Verizon. ;)

The biggest issue is that they still insist on charging such a high fee for tethering imo, it's the same data one way or the other, they shouldn't charge extra for it at all (specially on the higher tier data plans).

Oh and eventually two things will happen... A) VZW's gonna figure out how to screw old customers so that they can slowly migrate everyone to the new plans (AT&T's already doing it) B) 4G, video chat, and newer streaming and cloud storage services are gonna make the bandwith caps that seem borderline today downright ridiculous in 2-5 years. If customers don't raise hell today, we're all gonna pay for it later. Frankly I think throttling seemed like a far better idea. /shrug

So looking at this if I upgraded my phone which is on a family plan to a data plan now, that would grandfather me into unlimited data. Then if someone else on my family plan upgrades to a data plan after the cutoff date to get grandfathered in I would be able to keep my unlimited, while the other person upgrading after the date would be stuck with tiered.

Does this sound right to everyone? If someone else upgrading a phone to a data plan on your family plan after the cutoff date puts everyone on it to tiered data even if they were grandfathered in would be messed up.

I'm a Sprint customer, but I think this is wrong. It's not the fault of people doing 5 to 10+ gb a month for maximizing a service they paid for. Yes vzn needs to make a buck, but I hope people drop them and go elsewhere to teach them a lesson about trying to pass the full buck to their customers for ultimately vzn's greed.

I think they're trying to throw their weight around being cocky about how they have the best network and that's enough to keep customers. When they start losing enough customers because of this, I hope it puts their ego in check.

It'll be nice to pay for other people's 4G access considering it won't be available where I live for quite some time.

"teach them a lesson about trying to pass the full buck to their customers"

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Are you serious?!!! If Verizon DOESN'T pass the "full buck" to their customers THEY LOSE MONEY and go OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

They not only have to pass the "full buck", they have to pass the "full buck"AND THEN SOME to STAY IN BUSINESS.

You want to talk about GREED? How about the GREED of customers that want everything FREE?

You had better check your OWN ego.

Wow. Do you think the providers are barely holding on to profits right now? They arent the government that goes in debt more every year! They make PROFITS every year. They sell more shares every year because their SALES and PROFITS continually increase!

Stop defending what you know obviously nothing about!

Oh my GOSH, a company that makes PROFITS EVERY YEAR....and their SALES and PROFITS continually increase?! OMG, that's HORRIBLE! How can they sleep at night?!! They provide a product that MILLIONS of people WANT and pay to use.

That USED to be called GOOD BUSINESS. That's the kind of company people want to invest in (and - gasp - make a profit)

But now in the CGUS (COMMON GOOD OF UNITED STATES) it's considered a BAD thing. The government should take over and REGULATE profits, or better yet FORCE companies to just "break even" every year and give any "overage income" to the government elite.

Sounds like a VZW troll to me. No one asked for free services, but to throttle and cap the way they are doing it, I've counted maybe three people in these comments who seem to be all for it and the rest are against it. You're in the minority here pal. You want your data throttled, capped, and over charged, have fun with that. While you reach your data cap and fork over the overages on your "Advanced 4G Network", I'll be over here on Sprint with WiMax turned off averaging about 400mb a month doing everything I normally do and have not only unlimited data, but services you CAN'T GET FOR FREE THAT I CAN!!! Bend over and fork over your wallet to VZW if you like. LOL!!!

Guys like you are so predictable. Someone doesn't agree with the majority of geeks here and they are automatically labeled a troll.

I didn't see three people who were "all for it" - could you point them out please?

Besides, you're on Sprint - what do you care? Should you be labeled you a Sprint troll?

I'm a moderate user that does web, email, streams music, and what not. I have only used 148 MB so for this billing cycle. I have gone back through my bills for the last year and I never used more the 700 MB of my unlimited data plan

This makes no sense with the movement towards cloud streaming services. I'm glad I'm locked into unlimited data for another year. Ill be outright buying a 4G device off contract whenever my cycle is up. At&t/T-Mobile aren't options here.. because to me EDGE isn't an option. Sprint isn't an option because I like not having to worry about dropped calls/coverage. So what's someone in my situation to do as a heavy user?

You may as well just stick with your LTE network and watch VZW rape your wallet if Sprint isn't an option for you. Or there are regional carriers offering unlimited data plans. Personally, I'll take slower network speed over LTE and wallet rape any day. It's nothing more than greed, pure and simple. The simple fact is that they've introduced Phones that do more on a higher speed network (LTE) so that you can reach your data cap quicker and start paying overages. Some of you will just stick with VZW and bend over and take it, but I think enough people will run to Sprint to make VZW rethink this situation and perhaps offer a higher capped data plan they think customers can live with. If they don't, watch Sprint gain new customers and actually start turning a profit.

That's smart! *sarcasm They're taking away the only reason I put up with all of their BS. Looks like I'll be moving to a different carrier. FFFF U VERIZON!!!

I'm pushing for free national wifi so I wont have to pay any data plans. I have 3 lines all smart phones @ $29.99 each thas an extra $89.97 PLUS TAX $6.29 = $96.26 I would save a month and $1155.12 a year I must be crazy to pay that just for data. LOL!!!!!!

Free?? Ah okay. You mean like, no money - just less privacy right??? Kinda like what we already get from Google.

Seriously though, cell phone companies are getting really pathetic. I'm getting to the point where I don't even want a cell phone anymore. Next thing you know, cell phone bills will be the same as car payments. Wait a minute...... o_o

Don't agree with an opinion? You don't have to. It's a free country. But don't be too shocked if you find no one here agreeing with you.

I've said this before and i'll say it again. For me, if my provider ever got rid of unlimited data I would get rid of them. I love my smartphone but I don't need it.

My usage usually hovers around 1gig to 4gigs a month and hugely depends on if I'm on my motorcycle (not streaming much music) of if I'm driving my car (stream stream stream). I greatly suffer from "battery anxiety" and I can't imagine suffering from "data anxiety" and having to worry about that or coming up to my data allowance 10 days before my bill is due and either biting the bullet with overage charges or turning off my phone. I use wifi a lot also but I don't ever feel like I should have too. After all, regardless of what carrier you have we are all shelling out LOTS of money for our phones should be able to use what you're paying for.

You ARE using what you pay for - you will just be paying more the more you use.

Reading all the crybaby posts about "I want this" "I should be able to do that" makes me laugh out loud (lol, for those who don't know what the real words mean)

You sound like a bunch of two year old's throwing tantrums in the grocery store because mommy won't give you what you want.

God forbid you people ever have any REAL problems in life - you seems ill equipped to deal with any.

you're the one that sounds like they are crying. I'm simply stating that I wouldn't have a data plan that is NOT unlimited. If Sprint went the way of Verizon I would simply get rid of it. You wouldn't hear me bitching about it for the most part. It's nice having a mobile phone, for me, but it's not necessary.

Again, it's funny listening to you bitch and laugh out loud at people who have a different opinion than you do. All it does is make you look like the bitch who is complaining about people who don't feel like shelling out their life savings for a cell phone.

If you think paying upwards of $100 or more a month and NOT having unlimited access and having to worry about going over and shelling out more money a month is the way to go then more power to you.

You're right about "real" problems, perhaps you don't have any "real problems" in life because you seem all to concerned with people that again have a different opinion other than yourself.

*edit* Just to illustrate my statement. My daughter wants an Android device and because of her grades I think she deserves one and I would be willing to pay for something like the galaxy tab from sprint. 2gigs is 29.99 before my 22% discount and I WON'T buy it because it's NOT unlimited. I don't in a million years think my daughter would go over 2gigs a month because she's nearly always near a wifi connection. Just isn't an option for me.

You seem upset because I have a different opinion than you.

Perhaps people should follow your example.

If people have to shell out heir life saving for a cell phone, maybe they shouldn't have a cell phone.

I'm far from upset, people are entitled to their opinions as am I. I'm not willing to deal with that and you obviously are. That's all fine and good but you're the one that started calling people with an opinion a child. I'm merely pointing out you're a dumbass. See, there's a difference.

"I'm far from upset, people are entitled to their opinions as am I. I'm not willing to deal with that and you obviously are."

So you are not willing to deal with other people's opinions and I obviously am - thanks for that admission. You are a little less small minded than I originally thought.

I did not call anyone a child. I said they were LIKE a child - it's called a simile, there's a difference. You probably missed that because your brain is in your rear-end, making you a smart-ass of sorts, but stupid over all.

Looks like the cell phone companies trained you well. Well, I'm not buying it. Have a good day there Program. (I'm referring to you as a program - in case you didn't know what I meant.)

Doesn't anybody here have a life away from their (stupid) smart phones?!

Seriously, don't spend 20 hours a day on your phones - get out and TALK to people face to face, DO things other than surf, text, stream, etc.

There is a REAL WORLD out there, go experience it!!!!

Honestly, that's how Verizon/ATT see it and that's why they'll get away with it without suffering massive loses. Most people don't use their smartphones that heavy outside of emails, texts and calls. We're just the above average that use a massive amount of data.

The same response you said is the same response most people would give if I complained about Verizon limiting data caps, they'll tell me to go get laid and stfu....


Be careful. Some of those "laid" plans can get pricey too, and those have been "tiered" for centuries.

You get what you pay for, that's been the way of the world sense the beginning.

This data cap is not as bad as most are saying walk in to any verizon store if they have a phone that is streaming pandora or slacker look at the data usage on that phone my local store has it going from open to close 14+ hours a day and its only at 1.4 gig for the month. So this stops all thebpoeple like my self from raping verizons network/att by root/jailbreaking phones and getting home internet on our pcs.. 2/3 of people have internet at home and on phone that root their phones do it right I myself have a Xoom my dx. Is rooted and I still don't come close to this 2 gig cap. So this is happening because there are say 2 million out of 100 million that are using there phones more than they should .. no different if you were to bounce a check at a store... eventually when enough people do it that store removes checks..

going to call Shenanigans on that one. I reguarly go over 2 gigs/month using wifi simply from streaming Pandora in the car to and from work, 45 minutes to an hour each way. I hardly ever watch a youtube video or anything else for the matter on 3g and hardly ever on wifi. Mostly the occasional web browsing or downloading apps.

I just switched to Verizon from Sprint due to poor coverage (failed text messages to flat out no coverage in my apartment and work where I spend most of my time). I have used 6.6GB of data this month keeping my wifi ON all the time. I have wifi at work and in my apartment. I must admit, most of the time, I don't use the wifi at work since Verizon's 3G data speeds are faster than it "most" of the time.

I was so proud of having the "Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone" line at the end of my sent emails. Now, I'm going to change it to:

"Sent from my not so smartphone using the new Verizon Wireless meassured data plan... Bye Bye unlimited!"

Just an idea. Maybe some one else can come with a better line and we all can start using it.

Unless you are sending the emails to Verizon, what's the point? Verizon won't see or care what your "tag" line is.

Your friends on Sprint might laugh at you, so it won't be a total waste of time I guess.

How about a mature line like:


(hint: replace my name with yours, or your Sprint friends will REALLY laugh at you!)

WOW!!! You are right Mike!!! How I could be so wrong. From now on, my signature is going to be something very mature like, "My wife, Mike and Verizon are always right, I'm always wrong!" Mike, get a life.

This was my immature comment of the day.

"My wife, Mike and Verizon are always right, I'm always wrong!"

That first part sounds about right, you should stick with that.

Mike: My apologies for my harsh comment. It was a tough day. Sorry for my immature comment. /L

Don't worry about it Luiso, no offense taken. I thought it was kind of funny and no where near as harsh as others on this forum. But if you want to apologize, I will accept and hope you have nothing but good days for the rest of your life.


I can just see millions of emails circulating with a signature ending in "sent from my Android phone, BTW Verizon sucks"

People think that in order to use over 2GB a month on a smartphone you must be tethering. This is not the case. I use HBO Go, Netflx, and view YouTube videos (mostly subscribed channels) and I usually surpass my 5G cap on T-Mobile. We browsing on a smartphone takes up barely any bandwidth. I think you could surf for 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and still not break 300MB.

What I don't understand is the Verizon spent BILLIONS, listen B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S-!-!-! on Fios and yet they have the fastest speeds, cheap prices, and NO DATA CAPS. It must cost A LOT more to run fiber to every home in the hood rather than setup ONE tower to provided hundreds (if not thousands) of homes with LTE.

You know what this means? Get ready for tiered pricing in the home as well. Unless the FCC stops it, we'll be like Canada soon.

1. Fios ain't cheap. 150MB download speed = $200 per month (internet only, cable is extra) ..yes, they have cheapER plans - but you are the one that said FASTEST.

2. They ain't running fiber to every home in the hood, only select neighborhoods.

3. ONE tower ain't going to cover a city, let a lone a State or the whole country.

4. AT&T is already capping home use.

5. You don't know what their costs are or how long it will take to recoup those costs.

6. Big boy toys and entertainment ain't cheap, you got to pay to play.

I just wanted to comment on this portion of the article " Each MB costs Verizon something, too." This isn't totally true. Sure you can buy internet bandwidth on a tiered pricing structure that will cost you X amount per MB or GB, but any ISP that is smart will simply buy a pipe with unlimited data caps. Once they towers are in place and the circuits too, there is just the monthly recurring costs for each of those. The bottom line is that Verizon spent BIG MONEY to install their 4G LTE network and they also have to increase their internet backbone and now they want to recoup the costs more quickly. I'm not sure if this will start effecting corporate plans, but I video conference with my office using ClearSea on a daily basis. Now that I have had LTE for 10 days, my usage is through the roof. I'll probably be using 5GB a month on the low side to 20GB a month if I am traveling for work.

I use a Verizon Network Extender. The extender's data goes through my cable modem and through my cable ISP backbone - yet VZW will charge for it anyway (as will Comcast). That doesn't even include the cost of the $250 extender that Verizon profits on.

glad i already have an unlimited data plan. I'd hate to be buying a 250 dollar wi-fi phone w/ LTE that i could barely use.

It's not a $250 phone - it's a $600 phone. You are paying the balance off every month on your two year plan. Feel better?

why do people state that? If that was the case wouldn't your monthly bill go down after you finish paying off the balance of the $600 phone in 2 years???

No it wouldn't. Verizon's profit goes UP after two years.....if you stayed with the same phone - which MOST people don't do, they buy another phone and start the cycle all over again.

Wow. What a bunch of cry babies.

On that note, I currently have the unlimited plan that on VZW and I am not happy with this decision, but I can understand it and will live accordingly. I use about 3GB's but have never gone over 3GB's for the two years+ I've owned a smart phone, but I have already begun to look into things I can cut out altogether or dial back to go under 2GB. It really isn't that hard when you approach it from a logical perspective, or more importantly, can stick to the decisions you've made like a rational adult.

Also a person who works in the networking field, I understand how just a few users can cause problems on your network. Yes, if you are using over 10GB's on your monthly data plan, you are the problem.

I'm not mad at VZW, I'm mad at you, who has their face dug into their phone everywhere you go watching movies, listening to music, tethering etc. There are ways to fix your problems, but they require work (converting video, moving music on the phone, going to Starbucks or McDonalds to get your Wifi if you can't afford the data plan), so I doubt you will even consider them. You will just whine.

I think you guys have lost your mind if you don't realize that a cellular phone has been billed like a utility. The more you use, the more you pay. The only reason Sprint is "Unlimited Everything" is because they are trying to attract customers. As soon as attract enough, they will go back to their regular plans.

Just my two cents...

Kinda kills the idea of cloud services though. I really liked the idea of freeing up my sd card for other things and using data for music streaming. To be honest, I rarely use my home computer. I'm always on the go. Since its a desktop, I can't take it with me. I have been using android for the past 2 years and most of the things I use it for have completely replaced my need for me using my desktop. Hell, my last android device came with Thinkfree office, which is a decent mobile Microsoft Office supplement. I like the idea that if I needed to be reached or a file needed to be edited for work and I was visiting my gf's family (which I do most of my days off), I would be able to do it on the fly instead of asking them if I could use their computers.

I have DocsToGo and I can edit documents on the go and can be reached anywhere. I have written term papers on my device with DocsToGo and Swype when we had a power outage. It costs $14.99 but it goes on sale occasionally so you can find a better deal from their site. Getting the file usually isn't that big of a deal (especially documents) as they are usually small in size.

I was just trying to point out the difference between need and want in my post. Netflix, Pandora, tethering, and any other service like that is a want. Editing documents for work or school and getting e-mails, phone calls, and text is a need. To complain about not having a portable entertainment machine that is connected to the internet and streaming data at all times for free is ridiculous.

On a side note, where does anyone spend any significant time anymore without Wifi available. My job(s), house, school, parent's house, sister's house, girlfriend's house and brother's house all have a Wifi router.

If you don't have Wifi available at work, I feel for your and would probably say that you should speak with the IT Department. They should be able to have a separate Wifi network setup no matter the circumstances in which you work, but if it is a productivity thing I wouldn't expect them to budge.

So then why scale it to 2GB for $30 if they are trying to "neuter" bandwidth hogs? I would think a very fair cap at $30 would be 5GB and then go up from there, hell even offer the 2GB but drop the price down to $20 for it. I guess all we can do is wait and see what the official plans will be and cost.

How did you come up with your numbers? Does it cover Verizon's costs and turn an acceptable profit according the companies goals?

Maybe you should submit your business plan to Verizon, they may like it enough to hire you. Then you could get the employee discount.

Or did you just pull those numbers out of thin air?

Bravo, well said, kudos.

It's nice to have another mature voice in this daycare center.

Sprint continues to lose money every quarter, but they are trying hard to gain subscribers. I hope they can gain enough customers to turn a profit.

Of course some people here think profit is a dirty word.

And yes, once they have gained enough to stay solvent, they will "update" their plans. Or perhaps it will spark some good old fashion free market competition. Either one would be good.

Let's be real here folks. Verizon has the best service out there. Last year I had the Evo and could barely get a 4G signal when indoors near a window. With my Thunderbolt I basically get a 4G signal indoors/outdoors wherever. I also don't have that stupid upload speed cap that Sprints imposes, 1Mb/sec cmon? Everybody is throwing stones at Verizon bet lets not forget the move Sprint pulled last year by charging people an extra $10/month for using an Evo even if you didn't have 4G service in your area. My point is no cell phone company is perfect and at any given time will try to extract more money from you monthly.

I live in Philly and I have been a customer of all 4 carriers. Verizon in Philly has the best coverage with Sprint, AT&T and then T-Mobile. Thats just my opinion in my area. I still don't know how Sprint can get away with all this advertising about their 4G network with it being so bad indoors. Its barely useable. When I was outdoors their 4G signal wasn't all that great either. Like many other people said the average user doesn't care about 4G or won't use it like that. Its just us techies who are crying foul but we are not the majority.

I have Verizon "service" in the middle of their supposed coverage in SE Pennsylvania. The coverage is so bad, even 1x is spotty in my town. I had to buy their network extender to use my phone at home. My point is, your experience is anecdotal and does not mean Verizon provides better coverage.

Even with Sprint's extra $10 fee, it is cheaper and unlimited.

Hopefully its a Sprint phone.

If you make any changes, like to your text plan, use tethering, use any VZW service, then congratulations - you have changed your plan and are getting 2GB/month for the next 2 years.

Here's a novel idea, if you are going to rape your customers on data usage and then bang it into their heads to use WiFi when possible, how about allowing customers to forgo the forced data plan you shove down their throats and allow them to only use WiFi if they want to? 1.That free's up some of Verizon's resource 2.It's a TRUE cost savings to the customer and 3.It will make customers feel like they really do have a choice.

Now THIS is an idea I like, and it makes TOTAL sense from the customers point of view. I doubt they will go for it now, but they MAY HAVE to in a couple years as more and more people buy into the smart phone market.

Does Verizon run a Wi-Fi Hotspot network like AT&T and T-Mobile do? One of the few nice things about AT&T's tiered data plans is that they include free unlimited access to AT&T's Wi-Fi network.

For $250 Verizon will sell you an adapter that lets you use your home network, but still pay Verizon for the MB. Verizon Fail.

LOL Verizon!!!! You can pretty much wave bye bye to your smartphone customers... Nobody in their right mind will actually pay an extra $80 per month in order to actually take advantage of that fancy new LTE network without going over in 5 days... Unless of course they can afford to fly their private jet to their local Verizon store and sign up.

Between this hilarious move and T-Mobile going out (one way or another) it looks like Sprint has a bright future in front of them.

I believe it is still "confirmed" that existing unlimited customers will continue to have unlimited data until they change plans even if they upgrade phones.


I am assuming the average age of the posters here is 25 and below. Your sense of entitlement is mind blowing!!! Life isn't free people.

If you want faster data and access to that data almost anywhere you go, then you are going to have to pay for it. It's that simple. Verizon has the best coverage hands down. If you want that coverage outside of mainstream areas, then you pay for it. Infrastructure costs money. If you are too damn cheap to pay for this convenience, then stop your bitching and go to another/cheaper carrier. You'll see the difference and wish you hadn't switched.

You can always pay the $600 off contract now and lock yourself into unlimited 4G data forever for $30 and you can stream to your hearts content. $600 now might be pricey, but spread that over the time and factor in the difference between the $80 unlimited plan of the future and the current $30 one and it pays for itself in one year.

These people probably have that sense of entitlement because they are in fact kids under 25... a rather large percentage of smartphone users on Verizon are spoiled kids under the age of 30 that are still on mommy and daddy's plan. I work in wireless and see it everyday.

And Verizon isn't THAT great, yeah the have the most coverage but quantity doesn't mean quality. They drop calls in my apartment constantly, my moms house... 0-1 bars, my aunts house... phone actually says "no service", Girlfriend's parents house... 0 bars!!! And to make it even more annoying Verizon falsely advertises that all of these places have full service according to their coverage map. If I am going to pay a ridiculous price for service IT BETTER WORK EVERYWHERE!!!!

Honestly for what very little difference I have noticed in coverage since switching to Sprint, I would much rather have the extra $70 in my pocket every month.

If you switched to Sprint and are saving $70 a month with better or the same coverage, you should be happy.

I agree about the kids these days........

That won't work because they would absolutely have to have a new phone in six know, because it has a higher megapixel camera or has a 32GB microSD card included rather than the one they bought with a 16GB, or some other dumb reason.

I felt the exact same way when I read these replies. Seemed like the whining of people who had never paid a utility bill in their entire lives.

Come on people, lets not make this a debate about age, I hardly ever comment, but I felt like I needed to comment on this, now granted I am on sprint, but I am under 30 and I pay for my bill and my parents bill as well, people have a right to their own opinion, if people feel its not right let them voice it, if people agree with it then let them voice it as well, back to the subject I think that this is the basically the model that every carrier will be going to including sprint, because guess what will happen when everyone switches to sprint, their network will get overloaded or they will start to make a profit and say hey if Verizon and ATT can do it so can we.

where do they do that @? because when I spoke with verizon last year they said the plans will still cost the same, and when I called sprint last week they said the same thing! I would love to pay full price for a phone, and pay a lesser monthly charge.

Had a verizon phone 2 years ago and switched to sprint, and now that my sprint contract is over I'm pondering virgin mobile, heavily! I mean, I'm paying $1200 per year for a bb 8330! So as soon as virgin gets a decent android or bb phone, or I flash a decent phone to their network, I'm bouncing!

You're paying $100 a month on your total phone bill on what plan, and that's expensive to you? Go back to Verizon and you'll find out what expensive really is. There are definitely regional carriers who have less expensive unlimited plans, but hopefully their coverage works in your area.

Looks like VZW has a few hard core advocates here and a bunch of detractors who aren't drinking the cherry red coolaid. If Verizon gets you better coverage where you live and you're cool with paying more for it, go for it. If Sprint is a better option for you and you don't mind living without WiMax in most areas, go for it. But it seems to me that the Verizon advocates are more passionate in their bitching at people who aren't drinking the red coolaid without question, than there are people who don't just swallow the VZW crap and hand over their wallets. We'll just agree to disagree. Verizon is out to make money. If it's not your priority to make them rich, Sprint is the way to go if you can get their coverage in your area.

Is ther any way to keep data plan on a current android phone on prepaid monthly or only contract?

I live in norcal and verizon is only cell and internet that works at my house and we wont see any kind of broadband for at least a year. I just want a decently fast unlimited data primary internet connection and verizon wireless only thing comes close. . . I understand about fair usage and I would be willing to pay if they just offered it. The reason verizon works is cause they the only ones that invested in our little town. Only 3000 people in small town and 100,000 in all of Humbo Co. so unlmtd plans shouldnt hurt fair access? Its not like if we hog bandwidth up here its gonna take some of sacramentos is it?