Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard

Need help toggling auto-correct on the Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard?

The auto-correct options on the stock keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy S4 might not be your cup of tea; maybe you'd rather have the extra screen real estate, or maybe you can't trust the corrections. Or maybe you've somehow lost auto-correct on your keyboard and desperately need it back to keep spelling with any amount of lucidity. Whatever the reason, we won't judge you. Here's how to get rid of auto-correct on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard options

  1. Tap on any text field, such as a search box, e-mail body, or a browser address bar to summon the keyboard.
  2. Tap the gear in the bottom left of the keyboard, beside the Sym button.
  3. Tap Predictive text to turn it off and on. You can also toggle automatic capitalization, spacing, and punctuation as desired.

Voilà. You are now typing freely without any interruption from those damned dirty robots or have enabled your spelling savior, whatever the case may be. Remember, there are fantastic third-party keyboards out there to check out too, like SwiftKey and Swype

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I've actually been quite satisfied with the Samsung keyboard. I thought it was using swiftkeys flow and auto correct engine under the hood? The number bar being at the top is a huge plus for me. I know Swiftkey has the number row in the current beta so I'll be giving that a shot eventually. But overall it's my main keyboard.

tdizzel says:

Here's a bigger question - when it comes to Samsung, how do i turn off the Period?

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NoNexus says:

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tdizzel says:

I wonder if he'll take payment in the form of T-Mobile prepaid gift cards

cegc135 says:

I'm guessing you're asking about the Auto-Punctuate feature, just disable it in the settings. If not, try to be a little more specific and perhaps I (or someone else here) can help =).

tdizzel says:

If only it were as easy as disabling a setting...


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kstoutdog says:

How do you disable sms delivery notifications? But still have delivery reports enabled. I want the report, just not the notification!

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cegc135 says:

I guess you'll have to root, install the Exposed Framework and download a tweak to disable such notifications, I think the Wanam Exposed app has it but you can install an individual tweak for just that, there are many other things you can do with it to customize your experience in your stock ROM without having to install a custom ROM from scratch or do any advanced stuff; plus you can disable any or all changes should something go awry. If you're interested in trying that out, you can YouTube the procedure to rooting your GS4, the another tutorial for installing and properly using the Exposed Framework.

Hey, I can't guarantee you won't break your phone, it's your responsibility so be careful.

cegc135 says:

More importantly, why would anyone use Samsung's Keyboard? Let alone turn off auto-correct?

My experience with it has been rather mixed, so I tried Google's Keyboard and SwiftKey, I chose the latter because it's simply a much better typing experience for me, but Google's is right up there with SwiftKey in prediction and ease of use; Samsung Keyboard has been clumsy half of the time, but it definitely has become better since the Gingerbread days, still nowhere near Google KB or SwiftKey though.

applesugar says:

Swiftkey rules. I love being able to resize my keyboard!!!

jeddo45 says:

My two of choice is Google and Minuum!

Nexus 5...enough said

markluna1 says:

I'm using an S3 not an S4 but I like the Samsung keyboard ever since the Android 4.3 update. Don't even find the need to install another keyboard. Different story on my Nexus 7 though.

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Joe J2 says:

Hey guys can you please help? I just bought an S 4.and am running 4.2.2..... My carrier had not yet released 4.3 or 4.4. I do not have an autoreplacement option. That feature is literally missing from that languages and inputs menu. Do I have a defective phone or what's going on? I'm about to go crazy here trying to figure out whether I need to return my phone before that window closes! Thanks!