Fascinate rooted

The Verizon Fascinate has been rooted since Day 1, but that doesn't mean there's not work to be done. For your folks on Windows, it's as simple as downloading a zip file, following instructions, copying and pasting a couple commands, and exercising a little patience. Find everything you need here.

And we've got you Mac folks covered, too. Our main man Cory has whipped up video instructions for you, too, which you can peep after the break, and get the full Mac instructions here. Thanks, Cory and Dirrk, and a tip of the hat to Rootzwiki!


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How to root the Verizon Fascinate


So we got a mac video showing how to root the fascinate, do we got a windows video for the same thing?

i just my samsung galaxy s fascinate3g+, android 2.2, i have not been able to find out how to root, or jailbreak it yet, i've been scouring the internet. I'm on Telus network which is a canadian provider......so i'm lost please pm me if you can point me in the right direction.


I rooted my Fascinate last night before the 1 click method was posted this morning. It was super easy for a newbie like myself. The instructions where very well written. Thanks Dirrk, Cory and namebrandon for all the work they did to get the phone rooted so quickly and easily.

Thanks for not using the Ron Jeremy rookie year porn music intro in this video. That is all.

I've tried everything and for some damn reason I can't get my fascinate to root. Never had any issue with any of the droids.

can you still root after the small maintenance that came out for the fascinate using the mac can anyone answer this for a newbie or help me out.

I've run into a problem. I've followed all instructions, and worked in Terminal to the point of running ./rage.bin.

I receive the "[*] adb connection will be reset. restart adb server on desktop and re-login." message, but it does not reset me to the tools folder, no matter how long I wait. On the video it took just a second or too. How long will it take the first time?

The Mac guide is no longer available in the forums, and the Mac video guide does not provide proper instructions for use with official 2.2 users.

I don't know if I'm an idiot, or what, but whatever I'm doing isn't right.

First of all, when I did the .rage.bin in the terminal window, it gave me a # instead of a $. And then when I tried to redo it, it didn't work at all.

Whatever. My little brother rooted my phone for me the other day and there's a glitch with text messaging. If I send one that's over a page long, it messes the whole thing up and sends a ton of @ signs with it. So... help?

Gotta ? Will this process work with the ED04 OTA update? I used this before the ED04 OTA update and it worked wonderfully. Now when I do this it fails. I have a problem where I can't remount the /system FS as RW. I am probably missing something here.. This prevents the root from occuring.


i need someone to walk me through step by step to root my samsung fascinate so i can use the mobile wifi hotspot for free with verizon.

when i download the zip file with the root in it, START_ROOT is no longer listed when i extract the files. I might be doing something wrong and am a brand new smart phone user so if someone could help me root my fascinate that would rock.

I get to the point where it says wait 3-5 MIN but after that it says phone not permitted. Why won't it work? Someone please help! Thanks

im trying to root my girlfriends phone it is a samsung fascinate just like what all these comments and rooting procedures are for. i am running into issuse after i run the START_ROOT file. the application sucessfly pushes the files to the phone in the first proces and compleats a restart. then it exploits and that also compleats correctly. after the exploit it trys to remove the temp files and instal perminate ones.. this is were the problem is.. it says unnable to access or something like that and i have tryed over and over and no luck please help me.. looks like mebarrineau is haveing the same issue. HELP US OUT!!

same issue for me... unable to gain root access... phone reboots and is not rooted. Froyo 2.2 installed correct drivers and ran the 1 click root... Please help. Ken

So like, Googling "root samsung fascinate mac 10.7" puts this thread to the top of the search results, yet after reading through it, there's no way I'm going to mess with anything anyone's posted here based on all the ???s and roadblocks people have been running into. Talk about a scary thread.