Droid Eris RUU

Good news and bad news here, boys and girls. The good news is that the update being pushed out to the Droid Eris can be applied manually. The bad news is that what we have is a full-on ROM flash and not a mere update, so your phone will be reset to zero. For some of us, not a big deal. For others, a huge deal.

Anyhoo, join us after the break and we'll show you how it's done.

As a reminder, here's what's new in the update:

  • While on a call and the phone's in screensaver mode, pressing the End key takes it out of screensaver mode. A second press ends the call.
  • In-call mute and speakerphone icon "enhanced."
  • First-call delay after initial activation should be fixed.
  • Better switch from 1x to 3G.
  • Don't have to select a default e-mail after a soft reset.
  • Better SMS and MMS delivery.
  • 80-character SMS and MMS subject lines now allowed.
  • Better picture messaging from LG phones.

Now, how to get it:

  1. Hit up this thread in the AndroidCentral (hey, that's us!) forums. Download the Eris_MR1.zip file in Post No. 9.
  2. Unzip that file to your desktop (or wherever).
  3. Connect your Droid Eris, and run the RUU (ROM update utility) file. Follow any instructions.

Again, this is a full ROM update and will erase the data on your phone. It's not like the manual update to the Droid we saw earlier this week, which also explains why is so much larger.

Of course, you could just wait for the update to be pushed out to your Eris. But where's the fun in that?


Reader comments

How to manually update your Droid Eris


So if we wait for the automatic OA update, will it still wipe out all our data? Or is that just for the manual update? I, for one, would much rather wait than try to redo and recreate everything.

The OTA (over-the-air) update should be just that -- an update. Much, much smaller, and is applied over the current OS. What we have here is a full-on ROM flash, like hard-resetting your phone.
Depends on what you mean by "erase." It will wipe your phone. So long as your contacts are safe somewhere else -- gmail or the like -- they should be fine.

So are both the OTA and manual updates going to be the same? Except one we have to wait on but the other one we can get now (but it will wipe the phone)?

C'mon Android USERS!!! Be happy for ur new OS and download and DO IT already!! WOW!!! THen post findings and feedbacks..... LETS DO THIS!!!

DL new rom, follow instr. BAck up ALL data/ 3rd party apps, wipe device , load rom, Register on network, re-sed service books. Restore data/3rd party apps.........ENJOY!! THats it...

Just patched my phone with this update, no this is not Android 2.0, this is HTC internal software update. Works just fine so far, didn't even have to reprogram the phone after the update. But I did have to reboot my computer after installing the drivers from the HTC website. I think the drivers were in support section...anyways here's what I did:
1) d/l drivers (HTC sync software from HTC website)
2) d/l the update in this post
3) install HTC drivers
4) plug the phone in, let the system install the drivers for it automatically (I am running XP)
5) Once the HTC drivers install, try to sync just for the heck of it.
6) If everything above was good, reboot your PC.
7) Lunch the flash rom utility in this post and let it finish.
8) You are good to go, update takes about 10-15mins:)

P.S. koreanbbq don't be an A$$hole, you try on ur phone too u big pu$$sy! lol haha

The update was pushed to my phone last night. I have to say I haven't lost 3g since I've had it. I haven't tried out the other improvements yet.

There is something not quite right with Android yet, but I am hopeful. Now I have had the OTA update and had no lockups whatsoever. Now It sis a little slow sometime when I have tons of apps running! But not too bad. 3G has improved with this update. Blue tooth still much to be desired.

When I juts have the reg phone services running with 3G on, GPS on and WiFi I get great performance. I also have Lookout and Twitdroid running. All is smooth. How ever if I open up a few more apps it get choppy. But noth like my BB Curve when it used to lock up!

My phone never lock upm but the scrolling gets a little choppy sometime. I have had the problem witht he phoe dialing on its own 2 times but that was before the update. So far so good. I will be much happier when they push out the 2.0 update in January.

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This is driving me a little crazy - How do I set the HTC Eris phone
to give me an audible notification that I have missed a text or voice
mail. I had my old phone set to beep every two minutes or so.

Can you help?