I'm predicting a few Motorola XOOM's purchased today will be getting returned after this news spreads but that's not really our concern. If you've been holding off purchasing the fancy new Motorola XOOM then you'll want to take note. For now, until March 15 you can visit the Motorola store and use coupon code OCNNSB25 to save yourself $200 off the $799 cost of a new XOOM.

Be quick about it though, we're pretty sure when Motorola or Verizon remember they were giving these away at the Super Bowl they'll quickly expire. Also, only fair to note that it appears as though Verizon has changed their minds about the data requirement when purchasing a XOOM. Many folks in the Android Central forums have been getting theirs with no data needed. [XDA / Android Central Forums]

Update: And just like that, our fun is spoiled. Hope some of you all got in there before they pulled it.

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MobiJew says:

code isnt working for me

EggoEspada says:

Damn. Do I get it now or just wait for the WiFi one. Gotta check the funds.

007 says:

Motorola caught wind of this very quick...it no longer works and looks like it can only be used on accessories.

hellboy2232 says:

It's expired. Droid Life posted this a couple hours ago.

N.Napoleon says:

Went to link you provided and it says it's only good towards cell phone accessories... Looks like I will wait for the HTC Flyer...

the easiest way to get it to work is to register on the promo area of site


then they will email you link and code good till 15 MAR 11. works perfect.

Noble.Four says:

That just gave me the code we already have.

right but its in your email now so you have until the 15th to decide and code and correct link are in 1 email

gregg37 says:

Got the email and it's still not working.
You're a loony. ;-)

N.Napoleon says:

Didn't work for me either...

I played with the xoom at verizon... look great, awesome 10ich sexy screen, feels great, awesome honeycomb, awesome touch, great flash camera, love the applications it.comes with, love the style... the unactractive part was off contract 799 plus 20$ a month, then after a month u can unsubscribe... ill wait for the htc flyer... thank u moto... but ill pass...

I registered and got the same exact code. Doesn't work when it takes me to amazon

grantew1 says:

It's DEAD.

same with their sales, hardy har har

NDchem2014 says:

Code is sadly dead. :(

Wtf im not spam.... lol

junglejunkie says:

Man I had credit card in hand....oh well guess I will have to wait a couple months for the wifi version. :(


clove#AC says:

Why do I feel like I'm trying to throw my money at Motorola and they keep tossing it back at me? I've been to Costco, Best Buy, and now this. I just want to buy a frickin Xoom with no contract, why is that too much to ask?

tlogank says:

Saw this earlier at SlickDeals...jumped in and grabbed 2 before the code expired. Didn't even plan to buy one but the price with 3G and no contract sold me.

Sophos says:

Lucky....I tried as soon as the AC post came up in my RSS and the code was dead. Poo.

RAPTOR0065 says:

Why did Android Central pull this down? They should have left it up so everyone can see what was going on!