ZTE Warp

With pre-paid cell phones becoming increasingly more popular, it should come as no suprise to see manufacturers developing devices to run on prepaid carriers. ZTE recently launched the ZTE Warp, a 4.3-inch Android 2.3.5 powered handset that runs on the Boost Mobile network.  Powered by a 1GHz processor, the overall feel of the software is quite smooth, and very little lag can be noticed. Many of us prefer vanilla Android, and that is exactly what they have given us.

Of course the device contains the usual bloatware that we are used to seeing so frequently now-a-days, but aside from that the device is great. The 5MP shooter has an LED flash accompanying it, and the overall picture quality is pretty impressive. So, whether in the market to replace an old phone, or looking to add a second line without contract, this device is one you will definitely want to check out. Priced at only $199 (sorry for the $249 mention in the video!) and $55 a month for unlimited everything, this sure is a tempting purchase. Be sure to hit the break for a few more pictures, and a quick video tour!


ZTE Side  Android Central

Camera  ZTE Back



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Hands-on with the ZTE Warp


Telling us 1ghz cpu is getting more and more useless. What architecture/chip model? What gpu?

Look at a 2010 1ghz snapdragon with adreno 200 vs. 2010 1ghz hummingbird with powerVR 540. The hummingbird is day and night faster.

Please give us enough information to actually make a buying decision without having to go reading you competitors sites.

I don't mean to nitpick, but Jared should probably do a little video review before posting the video. It's apparently a "fluent" device, has "camera jack" and headphone volume rockers, a USB cable, and it's on Virgin Mobile. A few other things, too, but just pointing this stuff out. Future area of improvement.