Xperia Z3 Compact

It's like a Z3, but smaller

IFA 2014 Alongside the Xperia Z3, today at IFA 2014, Sony also unveiled a new, smaller 'flagship' phone. The Xperia Z3 Compact is part of Sony's flagship Z3 mobile lineup and in pretty much every way possible it's like the bigger Z3. It looks like the Z3, runs the exact same software as the Z3 and has a lot of the same hardware as the Z3. It's a smaller Z3.

It has the same 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 as its bigger brother but is down on the RAM with 2GB here. It shares the 20.7MP rear camera, the same overall design with tempered glass panels, the same software, the same new camera features and PS4 remote play capability. It's also IP65 and IP68 rated for dust and water resistance like the Z3.

It differs in the display specs with a 4.6-inch 720p panel, though at that size it's still pretty sharp and it's plenty bright and vibrant enough. The aluminum frame of the Z3 has been lost in favor of what Sony calls a "liquid reflection frame." It also comes in some different colors with an orange and green version to accompany the more regular black and white.

But you know what? It's a Sony Xperia Z3 in a smaller form factor. And that's just fine. Because once again Sony has proved that making a mini version of its high-end devices doesn't mean you need to cheap out and cut back on the hardware.


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Hands-on with the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


I love how Sony makes the differences between they're flagship and they're mini-flagship, just about less RAM, smaller frames and screens, and lower screen resolution.

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If Sony is smart they'll ride the wave of cell phones backing down on size. They're the only ones doing it now and can become a leader again. Premium specs in smaller phones will be the next big thing.

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They'll also be a leader if they decide to sell these in the U.S....especially on T-Mobile.

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I saw a headline saying the Z3 will be heading to T-Mobile, the Compact wasn't mentioned though.

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I'm attracted to the size of this phone as well. I really don't want anything bigger than my current phone. The fact that Sony seems to understand that they can make a mini version without sacrificing on build/spec quality makes this device even more appealing for me personally.

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I always thought 5" was the sweet spot, so now it's either 5.2" or 4.6". One a little too big and the other a little too small :-|

I agree, S4 is 5 inches, I'm not willing to go any bigger than 5.2 inches. But I'm happy with the size of my S4.

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Bummed that the Compact's camera won't be getting the 25 mm wide angle lens like the Z3. Will wait for reviews but if it comes to T-Mobile I'll probably pick it up anyway.

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Yes, it's pretty clear on the Sony website for the Z3 Compact that the camera WILL have a wide-angle 25mm lens. It's mentioned a couple of times and they even have a picture comparing it's 25mm wide angle lens view to a 30mm lens showing how the "25 mm wide-angle lens allows you to fit more in the frame."

Yes !

Congrats to SONY !

FINALLY a FLAGSHIP DEVICE in a Compact Package- for Pocket Power !

USA Carriers- who knows if they will carry the Z3 C BUT looks like they have ALL THE FREQUENCY BANDS for full 4 G
LTE on TMobile and others ( most do not have the 1700 and 2100 LTE Bands - Z3 and Z3c DO ).

So factory unlocked may be way to go if your Carrier does not carry this Compact.

Many Carriers want you to carry a much larger Phone because they want you to use a Utility Belt to carry the Phone because they are big
Batman Fans- lol.

Well that's a pretty nice looking phone but shame about the 720 screen; if it doesn't cost too much out right I might buy one.

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Looks great! Sony looks like they did good this year. The only thing that interested me from Sammy was their curved smartwatch, it looks pretty sexy..

Is that Orange or Red?? I keep reading that it's Orange, but it looks Red to me. Maybe it's an Orange-Red color. I don't know. Looks nice though!!

Richard just said in the article it's Orange. And I think I read on Droid-Life they called it Orange too. Weird. Whatever color it is that's the one I want.

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Well when you do a full review if you can choose what device color Sony sends you, pick that one. Maybe a closer shot under better lighting will give us a better look at it.

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I'll definitely be checking this out, if it's available here. The Note 4 is impressive, but I'm not sure I want a phone that big. The other vendor's "mini" phones are too downspec'd to interest me.

To really be a mini "flagship," though, it should still have a 1080 screen.

I so want this. My Nexus 5 is fantastic, but it's borderline too big, and it's as big as I'd ever want to go. With the rumors of the next Nexus being bigger, the next Moto X bring bigger, etc. I just don't think I could do it. THIS, though...between the size, that camera, and being waterproof...I think I found my next phone.

Yeah Nexus 5 seems like the perfect size phone for screen size and hand portability for me. My G2 feels nice too, but my wife's Nexus 5 feels amazing.

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Same here. Just no need to replace my phone until the battery gives up. Another problem is availability - vzw.

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I also like my Nexus 5 but I could use a little bit smaller device. The Z3 Compact looks otherwise great but as far as I know there's no Qi charging. I hope Sony makes it available e.g. with a case. With wireless charging I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

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Higher Res Screen - that could sacrifice 10 to 40% of the Battery Life-

So SONY stayed practical here IMO.

I will take the long all day Battery over high res here- screen still nice and bright