Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Sony might well have set the new standard for thin and light in this Jelly Bean-based 10-incher

Seven-inch tablets might rule the race to the bottom, but Sony's recently announced Xperia Tablet Z is a little slice of 10-inch heaven. It's a ridiculous 6.9mm thin, running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with Sony's suite of custom apps and features. It's deceptively light, belying its nearly 500 grams of weight.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

Design-wise, the Xperia Tablet Z borrows features form the phone side of the shop, including such details as the ring around the device. 

You've been hearing a lot about IR blasters the past few weeks, and Sony's no exception here, building one into its tablet for some proper couch-bound channel surfing.

We've got your complete Mobile World Congress hands-on with the Xperia Tablet Z after the break, so let's do this thing.


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Hands-on with Sony Xperia Tablet Z


agreed! I'd discounted Sony products in the Android space, but this is a head-turner! I am back at interested!

I like it! It looks very sleek and appears to be pretty smooth running. Hoping it makes it to US and for a fair price. Might just have to get one.

Read on other sites Sony's press release saying that it is going to be $499 for the 16 GB, $599 for the 32GB (and a Sony Store exclusive white 32GB version).

Some people are saying March for Europe and May for US release.

I had the Sony Tablet S thinking that Sony was gonna rule in this department. But it was an epic fail. Sony barely supported it, released almost no accessories for it and no third party support at all. The Tablet P was even worse off. I hope that Sony has learned their lesson and realized that just because they slap their great name on a product doesnt make that product great. I know that I will be more wary about buying just any Sony product now, just because it says Sony on it. I think Samsung now deserves that blind faith and following.