Some hands-on pictures have surfaced of the HTC Legend. We still don't know exactly when and where this newest beauty from HTC will appear, but thanks to a very lucky person and the guys from Mobileosnews, we have some new shots to share. Hopefully there will be more news to come because one thing is for sure it does look great.  [mobileosnews]

More pictures after the break.



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More pictures of the HTC Legend emerge


How can people make a big deal about the looks of this phone. They all look the same. 90% of it is a touch screen copying the iPhone. What is there to drool over, aluminum, color of buttons? Get real.

Android phones will largely be a commodity like PCs. Do folks drool over some cheap Acer laptops looks? No. What folks care about it how much memory, what processor it has, and how much it costs.

Likewise, what matters in an Android phone is: how much RAM, what processor and speed, what version of Android is shipping, what networks are supported. The phone that should win is the phone that supports more than one network. The stylish fad pushed by the cell industry of one phone per wireless company with cosmetic changes is plain silly and serves no one except the wireless companies.

This would be second choice if the HTC Bravo, is just too expensive, but some sites were reporting that its $100 cheaper than the nexus one, atleast HTC is giving us a load of choices!