Moto G Google Play edition

It's a Moto G, minus some Motorola software

Let's just get this out of the way: There's very little difference between the "regular" Moto G and the Google Play edition Moto G. It's worth arguing that a GPe version of the Moto G (at this point in time) doesn't really make sense. In fact, you lose some functionality, not being able to use Motorola's custom camera and "Assist" apps, to name but two. On the other hand, you get some easy unlocking capability, if that's how you roll.

Otherwise? That's it. Same $179 (or $199 for 16GB) phone, sans contract. No LTE data. Same removable back cover (you'll have to go to Moto directly for different colors). Physically, these are the same phones.

It's also worth a quick mention that the Google Play edition box is showing the same launcher as the Nexus 5, which some folks have taken to calling the "Google Experience Launcher," or GEL. But just like every other Google Play edition device we've seen, that launcher isn't actually on the phone. Is that a nod toward a Google Play release of that app? Dunno. It could well just be a marketing error. For now, it is what it is.

This Moto G has Android 4.4.2 already installed (with a slightly lower build number than the Moto Moto G, for what that's worth), so no waiting for an update, or installing one first-thing, as most Moto Gs have already seen their over-the-air update roll out.

And that's that. Peep the video after the break for more.

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NoNexus says:


We are nowhere near 100% yet.

You seem unhappy. I can help.

Can you just write an article about the international Note3 getting it's upgrade. It will make him soooooo happy.

NoNexus says:

or feedly, or any of the other lists of things I have left around....

Saneless says:

I've never seen people more insecure about a device as Note owners. They have to keep telling everyone about it, though no one is asking. It's probably disappointing to pull it out and expect people to come over going "My my just what is that beautiful device?" and never have it happen.

thatguy97 says:

I'm getting a note 3 so I hope I don't turn onto one of them

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NoNexus says:

I know you can, post some of the other things going on in the Android world instead of every other article (on average) being Moto.

Or are you just gonna give the ban hammer because someone disagrees with things? Odd posts are disappearing again...

They aren't deleting posts. Things got lost in the downtime you crazy.

NoNexus says:

I would love to believe that, but it has happened before, and the posts after are still there....

eahinrichsen says:

The only thing I remember being deleted lately was some very rude shit about Cali Lewis (and that was rightly deleted). What did I miss?

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jrb363 says:

Sent from your iPhone?

Opinion invalid!


None of your posts have disappeared. Stop. 

A casual (anyone can do it) search of the content here at AC shows over 422,000 mentions of the Note 3 versus 194,000 of the Moto G.

Try your math again.

During the downtime if you posted to the app (for a very brief period of time) those seem to have disappeared, anyways no big deal.

NoNexus says:

It is no big deal, but if your gonna throw the ban hammer around It makes me wonder.

..And I wasnt using the app...

Who got banned?
Oh I just assumed it was the app because on my lunch it was acting al little weird.

NoNexus says:

No one got banned but Jerrys comment above came off as a loosely veiled threat.

Yeah I had an issue with the app as well, but I switch to the PC to post so far for today...

codiusprime says:

No, he was just telling you how wrong you were. Good lord.

tastisnax says:

No, it really didn't.

And maybe Moto is just DOING more right now, hence more Moto news.

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He didn't threaten you, you big baby.

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ConTejas says:

Haha seriously...suuumbody call the Waaaaaambulence!!

sentinelred says:

A loosely veiled threat? You're kidding me, right? Grow some fucking balls bitch.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah a conversation between Joe and I did. Stop.

Is that search comments or posts? An I am not talking just the G, I am talking Moto in general. Go back through the last 2 days...

Statistics, how can you manipulate?

Oh that conversation when you got pwned. I remember that :D
I know you are trying to be serious.... I just can't.

NoNexus says:

Nah, I am not trying to really be all that serious, AC has just hit overload on this.

Its the internets, nothing is serious...

hothfox says:

You could always tip them to something interesting happening.

NoNexus says:

Been there, done that.

sentinelred says:

Maybe they've just figured out that you're best left alone based on your trolling on here.

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JFMobile says:


littleemp says:

Well to be fair, they aren't reporting on anything Samsung because Samsung is ALWAYS ridiculously late with their software upgrades.

Nothing to Report = Nothing Reported.

tastisnax says:

You make too much sense. You don't belong on the internet.

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TomW093 says:

Articles on the front page right now (2:42 PM Central time)

Chrome data compression exits beta, available in coming stable release

HP Chromebook 11 back in the Play Store, LTE model (sort of) shows up at Best Buy

Hands-on with the Moto G Google Play edition

Deal of the Day: LLOYD Flex Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 (sponsored)

CyanogenMod installer for Mac enters public beta

Let Nest be Nest ... (And Motorola be Motorola, and Aviate be Aviate)

'Blackphone' aims to be a secure Android experience

SwiftKey Beta updated with new emoji layout

AT&T's HTC One X+ has an Android 4.2.2 OTA on the way

Chrome OS adds new window switching, shows which tabs are casting and making noise


Of those, this is the only one where Motorola is the main focus. The Nest article mentions Moto for a paragraph. Hardly turning the site into "Motorola Central"

jrb363 says:

Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere man. Nothing strange is going on here other than how you're acting.

jimbo says:

Android Central's experienced editors' hands on evaluations are very informative. Much appreciated.

humiixto says:

Okay, stock launcher. But why then a photo of the "GEL" / Nexus 5 / whatever launcher on the package then?!

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murso74 says:

good question.. if only the article addressed that...

Orion78 says:

He did.

TurboFool says:

He left off the /s

Ry says:

Keep it up Moto.


We need more Moto articles IMO.

NoNexus says:

Jerk :-)


Ry says:

You know I love me some Moto articles.

tastisnax says:

Hahaha someone is NoHappy with you :)

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still1 says:


kgh00007 says:

Still no Kit Kat update for the Moto g here in Canada, on Koodo :-(

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jnrbshp says:

It started rolling out as of yesterday

Ry says:

Looking for reasons to get the GPe over the standard Moto G.

Both have a "stock" UI. Both run 4.4.2

Both have unlockable bootloaders.

Both are the same price.

Motorola Moto G adds Motorola Assist and Trusted Bluetooth and replaces the camera with Motorola Camera.

Motorola Moto G Google Play edition has Photosphere.

Motorola has pledged update support and phones like the Moto X started receiving updates to KitKat before the other Google Play edition phones.

Orion78 says:

Yeah, just go with the original moto g.

TurboFool says:

Yeah, I'm likely to buy one of these for my mother, and I think I'll be buying the standard one over the GPE. Not seeing a real advantage.

JeffDenver says:

Photosphere alone would make me want the GPE instead.

But in general I agree...GPE versions of Moto X and Moto G are largely superfluous. It's skin is already so light it is practically vanilla.

Shawn Magm says:

I believe it may be possible to sideload the photosphere .apk on the Moto G Motorola version. I briefly had a Moto X on 4.4.2 and was able to add photosphere.

live2skico says:

Can you download the Motorola apps from the Play Store? like Assist or FM Radio?

Ry says:

Seriously. Did you watch the video?

live2skico says:

blocked. Seriously

mtmerrick says:

You know, some of us are on tired data and literally can't afford to watch YouTube while not at home...

Ry says:

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mtmerrick says:

Nope, not even the FM radio. >_>

pirarre says:

If you unlock the bootloader on the GPE Moto G, does it void your warrnty like it does on the regular Moto G?

Ry says:

That's a good question. When Motorola updated their policy on bootloader unlocking and the warranty, it only mentioned Developer Edition models.

NoNexus says:

Don't worry, there will be 15 more posts about these kinds of things soon...

2jjordan12 says:

Like a child can't let anything go can u

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makapav says:

There may be one significant difference you might be able to identify if you have a Moto G GPE in your hands.

The Motorola version of the GPE is limited to ~15 global languages ON ITS INTERFACE whereas Android 4.4 devices should have a LOT more.

Can you confirm if the GPE edition has the full list of Global interface languages?

pirarre says:

I was leaning to the GPe model. But I think I'll just gp with the original. Moto Assist and Motorola Migrate are two great apps that really come in handy art times.

hmmm says:

The other thing is where do updates come from? If the G Play edition is updated for two years or more through google the way Nexus devices are updated and the regular version is reliant on carrier updates maybe the few things you lose by going G Play edition is worth it for the update support.

Ry says:

In the US, besides the CDMA variants for Verizon and Boost, which carrier carries the Moto G? The GSM models Motorola sells on their site get updates from Motorola.

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Where did you see this about GPes getting updates for two years. This seems like conjecture as Google play editions only surfaced last June.

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Ry says:

Probably going by Nexus history - which Google called out "18 months" instead because of the Galaxy Nexus. :)

Yacer Mirza says:


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droidhead_1 says:

It doesn't. It looks like a GPE home screen. N5 has that mountain wallpaper.

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More GPe edition phone options is never a bad thing. Hopefully Sony releases another Xperia Z GPe(besides the Z Ultra).

rocket321 says:

1. Do you think this will get updates much faster than the "moto" Moto G?
2. Can you install the missing motorola apps from the Play Store? (I've read some articles that the moto apps are getting placed in the play store for easy update outside of an OTA.)

As it stands now, No,you cannot download the missing Moto Apps from the Play Store.

Ry says:

1. Probably get updated at the same time.
2. No.

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rocket321 says:

I suspect #2 may also depend on carrier. The CDMA Moto G's (VZW, Boost) for example may not get any updates - typical of VZW. If you buy unlocked GSM direct from Motorola then it may only be a couple of weeks behind the GPe updates.

jackdubl says:

So why does the box show the Google Experience launcher if the phone comes with the same launcher as the standard Moto G?

Armada says:

Because the guys in marketing may have been given a screen render and just edited it onto the device stock image. It's not entirely uncommon. To go a step further, it can't technically be considered "false advertising" because you can, in fact, install the GEL. There's nothing that states that the GEL is supposed to be preinstalled.

EDIT: Or perhaps the GEL is ready for prime time soon. One of the two!

Sam Swaine says:

This makes 100 no sense at all as the moto apps are very useful

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markluna1 says:

Been asking myself the same question. Still nice to have.

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mtmerrick says:

Hang on I just realized something. This has Google wallet pre-installed. Does that mean the GPE has NFC? =o

Nope, I just checked on and the Moto G gpe does not have NFC.

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Ry says:

Like the regular Moto G, the Moto G GPe does not have NFC.

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2jjordan12 says:

I noticed that too google wallet preinstalled makes absolutely no sense

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If you have a Google Wallet debit card, the Google Wallet app is a necessity. You can also use the app to send or receive money from friends or family.

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lockwyn says:

I want one! With cm^^ Sadly it takes some time for this phone to reach the shops in Scandinavian countries.

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Pirate Arr says:

Coolio, love Motorola, can't wait for the moto x 2014 :D

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Angus Wong 1 says:

Can you install Motorola Camera on the Google Play Edition of Moto G?
The stock camera is alright but it doesn't have HDR mode :-(

The Motorola Camera App on Play Store is listed as incompatible with my Moto G...