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Saying 'OK Google' will now get your Nexus phone and your computer ready for input

Google is first and foremost a search company, so we can never act surprised when they extend functionality of their search platform. That's what we're seeing today, with the release of a new Chrome Extension that enables the OK Google hotword detection via your computer microphone while on the Google Search page.

Using it should be familiar — say "OK Google," followed by a string to search for or a command. Things like setting timers or asking math problems seem to work well, and we have no doubt folks will soon discover all manner of cool things you can do here — like barrel rolls.

Getting it is easy enough. You'll need a microphone, and Google Chrome on your computer. Then just visit the Chrome Store and install the extension. Have fun, and try to be at least a little productive, OK?

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Google Voice Search hotword detection extension comes to Chrome


Does anyone actually go to the google homepage anymore? I do all of my searching through the omnibox in chrome.

I do the same thing, but it doesn't make a difference to Google. It still pulls up their results. There's no point in pulling their site when you can just search right away.

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Exactly. This function would be much more useful built into a chrome tab or the search box of a tab.

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Yeah. But Google seems to be trying to kure people to there home page for some reason.

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im sure there are lots of people (usually older) who go to "" rather than just typing up in the url box, so it makes sense, plus it might be easier to implement, im just happy that google isnt a company that just lets its main product go to waste.

If you download the extension and enable it yes, thus giving consent.

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Haha well I'm not THAT old but I didn't know it was called an Omnibox either. Thankfully, I was still able to put it together via the context. Learn something everyday!

Cool, also works in the New Tab page. I probably won't use this much, but it seems like a nifty feature.

whenever i do a new search i usually open a new tab anyway, so i guess opening the tab and then speaking "OK Google" is a bit useful. i probably won't use it from searching from an existing tab however since you'd have to go their homepage first.

it'd be neat if they assigned it to a keyboard shortcut like Command or Control, usable from any tab, Google homepage or not.

Figures, doesn't work on my chromebook in the US, but works fine on my windows machine, loll, giving Google a big FU for the fails.

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Me gusta. I tested it out using some of the same phrases I use with google now on my phone. Worked fine!

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Actually, Google is first and foremost an advertising and personal data gathering/marketing profiles building company. More people will realize this as the cancer that is google+ spreads and infects more of it's services.

For non US users go to the bottom right of the homepage and click "" this will initiate the solid microphone and saying "OK Google" will now work. For the best chance of a correct hit speaking in an American accent helps (yes seriously)

I enjoyed playing with this last night, but I did have a problem. As I'm sitting in my kitchen, not using my laptop, just having a casual conversation with my girlfriend Google would start reading back search results. I never said "Ok Google" "ok" or even "Google" but it would act like I did and listen, deliver and read results.

This happened several times and we laughed as it kept interrupting our conversation with crazy results. I understand this is beta and will improve, just thought I'd share.