Google Voice on Xoom

Those who have picked up a Motorola Xoom upon launch have noticed the absence of an extremely popular app from the Android Market: Google Voice. You can sideload it onto your Xoom, but it will crash when launching (see picture above).

The good news is that the app is currently being developed and optimized for Honeycomb; the bad news being that we don't know when we can expect to see it. Here is what Google employee Zeke had to say in the Google Voice forums.

Glad to hear from so many Xoom early adopters! As you've noticed, Google Voice isn't available for Honeycomb yet. We're working on it, and I'll update this thread as more info is available.

For questions or comments about Google Voice for the Xoom or other issues you want to talk about, visit our Motorola Xoom Forum. [Google Voice Forums via Android Central Forums]


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Google Voice will be updated for Motorola Xoom, Honeycomb


Good god enough about this already. You can in no way compare the 499 WiFi only, 16gb, giant iPod touch, closed OS, 512mb RAM, lower pixel density, no expandable memory, non flash compatible, 4:3 aspect ratio, 16 x 16 grid of icons, no future 4G, and cheapest of the bunch Apple ipad with the much better 3G/4G, 32gb, future flash enabled, expandable memory, 1280x800, tegra 2, Android 3.0, 1gb RAM, full multitasking, 16:10 aspect ratio, open sourced, unlockable, and most of all Google Experience device. This argument is so old if you don't want the 800 Xoom then you have a few options.

1. Wait until WiFi only 599 (539?) Version.

2. Buy the ipad.

3. Don't buy one at all or wait for competitors option as there will be many this year.

Either way this is really old. The compatible Wifi 3G 32gb ipad is 729. So for 71 more dollars you get all the better specs above. The way I look at it the 4G upgrade and expandable memory only is worth the 71 dollars. Please stop complaining this is all i hear about the Xoom, and I am hapy with my purchase and the price. Everyone knows when you are an early adopter you deal with paying more for being the first.

Wow, Motorola is officially worse than Samsung. They release a half functioning power house then promise updates... I'm sure they'll update it buy why release something that's only half functional?

They released it that way to beat the ipad 2 to the market. I hope they get that wifi only version out fast or many will defer to the ipad that's $300 cheaper.

Why dog moto?

It was a Google employee who posted about the coming fix.

Doesn't that suggest its a Google problem?

Motorola supplied the MICRo SD port it is google that doesn't have the software to support it (yet!). Motorola more than likely would have put 4G on the Xoom as well but I am positive that Verizon had a hand in keeping it from the initial release as they know that our wonderful friends over at XDA would have had that unlocked the day after release when Verizon doesn't even have a 4G LTE phone on the market. Oh and the missing flash support is adobe not motorola. So how did motorola release a "Half functioning power house"? Please think before posting something about a device I am sure you have never even tried. You should be happy (as I am) that we have a great android 3.0 tablet on the market to compete with the market dominating apple ipad. Android fans are worse than apple fans. Not only do we complain about other products but we also bitch about other devices we don't have.

I've done that, the only problem is you have to keep refreshing the page to see if you have a response.
Maybe GV for Honeycomb will be voip instead. Hmm?

I'd love it if they made google voice with VoIP. it would be very convenient to make calls with your google voice number like that from a mobile. Gotta use up that data somehow!

We are all waiting for that, but the carriers would howl.

Probably won't happen till LTE is widely deployed, and carriers start thinking about Data Only plans with no Voice Minutes.

The more tablets sold the quicker they will realize that as a more profitable market than selling minutes.

I'm not sure how much they would have to say about it. You dont have an option for a voice plan on this with them. You can make calls from the the GV website but it routs them through your desired phone line anyway, so. Hmmm. I have a feeling that LTE 10 gig plan is going to be more expensive than the $80 10 gig 3G plan currently offered. I'm at $35 for 3gig. I want to get grandfathered in so bad with this thing. Seems like I will use this Xoom for a least two years.

The Google Voice app has been marked as incompatible with Honeycomb and doesn't appear in the Market on the Xoom.

So a user would only experience what is depicted in the screenshot above if they acquired the Google Voice apk elsewhere and side-loaded it onto their Xooms.

Google Voice will be updated with Honeycomb compatibility. Of course.

on a total unrelated wishing someone out their would make a Honeycomb launcher that mimics the exact same feel of Honeycomb =(

I think Google has there work cut out for them to many apps don't work on honeycomb or gingerbread for that matter. I have a rooted Evo tried some gingerbread builds run pretty good fast but most of my games don't work with it so I went back to froyo yes I know there isn't a gingerbread for the Evo yet but when I was running froyo before it was out I didn't have all the problems like I do with gingerbread.So as far as tablets go Im waiting in till Nov to see the prices drop and if there is enough good games out to buy a android tablet.If I had to choose now the sad thing is I would buy a ipad 2 32gb. Comes down to apps lots of them from EA Gameloft hell even Rockstar why no gta on android. Im a gamer first don't care about facebook twitter or any social aspects I know enough people already

MMontanez: There are icons, dock components, and the Honeycomb clock available to set your LauncherPro up on a Honeycomb theme. There is also a theme for ADW in the market.

Any chance they might make GV available outside the USA? If not then it not working on the Xoom is kinda academic for some of us... ;-)