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Anyone interested in trying out Glass without shelling out the full $1500 for the privilege will be interested in hearing about this offer that Google is extending to potential Explorers. For a $50 deposit, Google will ship you four non-functioning dummy units from the Titanium series frames in charcoal, tangerine, shale, and sky paint jobs. Apparently these are returned Glass units that have had all the working elements stripped out of the devices. This pilot program is being made available under the radar through e-mails sent directly to users that have shown interest in Glass.

This is a pretty neat way of making sure the set you’re interested in matches your style and wardrobe, but it could just as easily backfire; isn’t it just as likely that you’re turned off from buying Glass when you look in the mirror and see how much of a doofus you look like?

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Google starting try before you buy program for potential Glass Explorers


Not a bad idea. All the people who approached me about my glass said that it looks better in person. They said all the pictures online make it look bigger and obtrusive. I think that's one of the main concerns so it will help debunk that.

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I dont understand. So they dont do anything? at all? just a pair of glasses? and 50 'deposit'? explain to me!!

... Until the buyers file a complaint with PayPal and you get nothing.

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i know what deposit means but its just to see how you look with the empty shell of google glass? why not just have the same dummy at a best buy next to the nexus stand. idk i guess i just dont see the point

Do you wear glasses? Do you just walk into a eyewear store, grab the first pair on the wall and walk out? no you try on pair after pair and go to the next store and try on another pair. it's so you can try on the GLASSES part of it first. I totally get it. If I were going to get one I would do this first to see which one looked best on me. It's not at best buy beause google isn't there with the project yet. Eventually I assume you will see these in best buy and quite possibly your local lensecrafters if they really catch on... i'm not holding my breath though.

I dont, but here is the key difference in a store there are different frames to try. this is just a color. so unless you gonna buy a pair in ever color it wouldn't make a difference. and the kind of person who has the cash and wants something like this wouldnt care how he or she looks wearing it. this isnt just a fashion accessory.

This is to try the different frames they have. Glasses are very personal so trying them on is a must for many.

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Yes you are right but these arent glasses. they dont have different frames just colors of the same frame. some people need glasses anytime they are awake, some to just read, some to drive. but these are smart glasses they arent going to replace your prescription frames whether or not you have the prescription lenses in them. Imagine a world where only one car model exist. you dont go in for a test drive a red car and get back and say lemme test drive the blue one.

Again, I think Google's thinking here is to overcome some "misunderstanding" of the product. And, when I get my pair, they will most likely "replace" my prescription frames.

Google Glass is still in the prototype phase. I'm sure once they have a full consumer-ready production line going, that's exactly how it will be.

Whats the might be future plans have to do with this here? If that ever does happen, which I hope it will, they won't be 1500 and they will be sold in stores meaning this would be done away with. And if you replace them you will quickly see how big a mistake that was. I've never met a single soul with glasses that doesn't have a second pair.

I'm not even entirely sure what you just said...

I think I agree that they will not be 1500 in the future, and that you probably won't need that program at all at that point. Beyond that... idk... ::shrug::

Labeling consumers (i.e. Glass Explorer) is a great way to make sure your product never makes it out of the niche market.

Sure it will be a niche product at $1500 but if they ever do lower the price to something attractive if they continue labeling consumers it will turn off just about every "non-techy" person (general consumer).

The "Explorer" program is what they're calling the Glass beta program. I don't believe they have any plans to continue calling people "Explorers" after the product is released to the masses.

It's a little silly. Shouldn't, "try before you buy" include, I dunno, the ability to try the product?

More like, "Try ON before you buy" amirite?

I agree. I would like to try it to see if I would use the functionality of it before I shell out $1500. I don't really care what it looks like as much.

Yes, you're right. It would be like, if you're buying a car, you can open the doors and try whether the seats are comfortable, but you can't turn the key and start the engine, before you buy, let alone take the car for a spin.

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For a true try before you buy experience, Glass needs to get out of beta and hit physical stores. I'm mostly concerned about how well it would or wouldn't work with my glasses and vision issues.

Yes, because what was stopping me from dropping $1500 wasn't if I thought that they would be useful or functional, but concern that they wouldn't fit well or look good.

The title is a bit misleading. This program is designed to try the frames for fit and comfort rather than test Glass itself. Testers have reported they're just normal units with the USB plug destroyed so they can't be charged. They had a bit of juice in them to turn on but that's it.
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Now, that sounds great. I'd definitely try Glass under those circumstances for a few hours or days.

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There's no way I'd shell out $1500 unless the unit I was testing was fully functional. They should release demo units to select electronics stores.

I doubt they have enough of them built yet, since they are effectively just prototypes at this point. I'm certain that once we get closer to an actual public release, and they have begun manufacturing consumer-ready units, that we will see these in places like Best Buy.

The one thing holding me back from glass was how comfortable they would be over my regular glasses. This will solve that.

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On the reddit post absolutelysmashingly said:
According to glass support this program has already been canceled.

When I turned down the Explorer program I told them I'd like to try before I buy because when I was intibated when my heart stopped 4 years ago they shattered my right vocal chord. I told them I had to try it to see if this crummy voice of mine will be recognized by glass. Obviously, this method of trying won't answer those questions I still have of whether it'll work for me or not. I'll pass again on their offer, until they actually let me try a functional version that shows me I can use it!