Google Nexus One Tax refund

If you own a Google Nexus One, check your inboxes, folks. We're getting reports in the forums about Google sending out e-mails alerting that too much tax was paid, and a refund is on the way. FWIW: Looks like I was charged the proper 7.5 percent sales tax on both of the Nexus Ones I've purchased, but our pal Philip Berne from PhoneScoop (in addition to our esteemed forum members) got an e-mail, too. Anybody else out there have a refund on the way? Sound off in the forums and be sure to mention what state you live in. (Euphoria, paranoia or one of the lower 48.) Full text of the e-mail is after the break. [Android Central forums]


We’re writing in regards to your recent Nexus One purchase. There was an issue with the way the sales tax was applied to your order. When your order was placed, you paid taxes on the full retail price of the phone. However, you should have only been charged taxes on the sales price of the phone. We apologize for this issue and wanted to let you know that Google will issue a partial refund for the difference in the amount of taxes you were charged.

The refund will be issued to the debit/credit card used to complete the original purchase. To verify which card will receive the refund, please sign in to your Google Checkout account at and click ‘View order’. The payment information for the order will be listed at the bottom of the order receipt.

If the debit/credit card used to complete your purchase has been closed, your card-issuing bank should forward these funds to your new account or mail a check to you for the amount of the refund.

If you have any questions about the refund, or if you need further assistance, please reply to this email and we’ll be happy to help.


The Nexus One Team

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

You've received this mandatory service announcement email to update you about important changes to your Nexus One order.


Reader comments

Google returning sales tax to some Nexus One owners


Yep I am one of them !!! Nice to know I am getting a refund , its about time , I emailed Google about this several times and never even got one reply !!!

Am I the only one that didn't get charged tax? I live in Louisiana, USA and I paid $529 straight up for my AT&T 3G Nexus One on March 16. When I placed my order, it showed me the price of the phone and it said tax: $0.00, total: $529.

I was charged tax on the full price of the device as well. No email yet, but here's to hoping. (I live in IL)

Funny thing; I thought something was funky when I ordered it so I emailed them, and they told me straight up that the tax was on the full purchase price. (which is something like a $20 difference over the actual sales price tax)