Google has released a new application for Android that enables users to find and play their favorite podcasts on their Android device. Aptly named 'Listen', the app allows you to search, subscribe, download, and stream your favorite podcasts--or at least the favorite of the 'thousands of popular English-only podcasts' currently available. Also, 'Listen' will also learn your habits. In Google's words:

By subscribing to programs and search terms it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen.

From the sounds of it, 'Listen' is definitely worth checking out. Which application do you guys currently use to listen to podcasts on your Android phone?


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Google Releases 'Listen' Android App to Find and Play Podcasts


All you kids and your fancy telephones.... you think you're so cool. In my day, all we had were cups with strings attached and that was good enough for me.

I fought wars and risked my life just so you punks can have your Androids and your apps and your Googles... Ungrateful bastards.

Chris R... That's because cups and strings were the cutting edge of technology back then, so that's what you played with. Now the cutting edge of technology is smartphones, and the latest apps on our Android phones, so that is what we play with!

i have seen that Google also deal with blackberry and Sync Google apps on you Blackberry device .. your email with blackbetrry