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At $249, it's easy to understand why a few people may have bought a 16GB Nexus 7 on a whim in the past few weeks -- only to find out that a price drop was coming as part of the big Nexus announcement. Fear not, as Google has added the 16GB Nexus 7 to its "Price Protection" list on Google Play. This means that users who purchased a $249 Nexus 7 on or after October 14th will receive refunds covering the difference of the new and old prices.

That's a pretty generous protection window, so if you fall into this category, hit up the source link below to request a refund. Google says it'll refund the difference -- in this case $50 -- within 14 days.

Source: Google Play Help

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deltatux says:

Good guy Google for helping out. Though I still wished they didn't so I would have waited for the 32 GB version, but I got it in August, so this won't help me.

itmustbejj says:

After the horrible experience I had being a Day1 preorder for the Nexus 7 from the Play Store, and now this, I will never preorder another Google device (but will still buy :P)

shiek403 says:

this is exactly how i feel
not to mention they dont have a protection plan... so after my tab screen shattered... i was just sol

kamui957 says:

Honestly, with how close to cost this tablet is, I don't see a profitable way of insuring them without eventually being taken for a ride...

Besides, going with Asurion or similar, you'll pay much more than $250 in the long run.

oxidax says:

Only for purchases made on Google Play store :( well shit. I guess i should learn.

jnexus says:

Doh.... me too... Didn't want to wait for shipping and bought mine at a local Gamestop. :/

Mobius360 says:

Does Gamestop have any price guarantee or anything?

jnexus says:

That's a good question. Even if they have a return policy, it's likely 30 days... (or maybe less) and I bought it well outside that window. Doh. I'll have to check though just in case. At least I got the promotional $25 Play credit...

ilongbored says:

Wouldn't it be a full $50 instead of $49?

coraphise says:

Probably... I wouldn't quibble over $1 though. :P
(Yup, I used quibble! :D)

I will give you the $1 if they short you.

GreyCelt says:

Hey Google, thanks for crapping on us loyal Google fanatics that jumped on the Nexus 7 bandwagon early and made it the best selling 7" tablet ever!

miller7796 says:

That's what happens when you're an early adopter. Don't be the first to buy things and you won't have this problem so often.

JobiWan144 says:

Well, you got to use it for several months before Oct. 14, so cry me a river, build new a bridge, and get over it. Technology usually becomes cheaper as it ages.

juhmayfay says:

Not to mention they weren't sure how well it'd sell the first time around. If they are selling 1+ million/month, I'm sure production costs are lower now

reeper55 says:

How exactly did you get capped on? News flash moron.... prices on electronic devices go down!

danielbritt says:

i bought mine on the 8th :(
oh well...

mmark27 says:

Eh, I'm fine with it as long as 4.2 arrives very soon. Got mine launch week at $249 and don't care.

JobiWan144 says:

You, sir, have the right attitude. Thank you for being sensible.

F34R says:

Definitely not generous enough. Not even a quarter goes by, and they double the storage, and meet the same price? No way. They KNEW they were doing it all along, and they let early adopters pay the price for their support.

Google has cemented a cause that will effect them from here on out.

JobiWan144 says:

1. No, a quarter did go by (3 months, anyway). The N7 was first released July 13, 2012, 3 months before the refund window begins (Oct. 14) and well before the announcement of the 32 GB version.

2. You should know that early adopters almost ALWAYS pay for the privilege of being first.

3. Neither the grammar nor the content of your last sentence makes any sense.

Are you TRYING to be a troll?

F34R says:

Definitely not a troll lol. Apparently my stupid "trackpad" portion of my laptop moved my cursor a little bit. Ignore the last part. My problem with Google for this just seems like it was already in motion when the Nexus 7 was launched. Yeah, going by exact numbers, it was past, but the principle still stands.

Yes, I love my freakin' Nexus 7. No, I don't like newer models being released so close to the time the other was launched, for the same price, with better features. The double storage is a "feature" that I consider better. No, early adopters don't ALWAYS pay for the privilege of being first. I research products a decent amount before buying them, and this is the first time that didn't keep me in the loop.

OrionAntares says:

If you thought 16GB was too low, you should have waited for the next version. Simple logic would lead to the conclusion that at some point they would release a version with more storage space. That is assuming the first version was successful of course. Also, given how quickly specs progress in the Android space, a 3 month span for only a storage bump isn't too close to the time of the original launch.

Amazins71 says:

I agree with you. The people who are sticking by Google decision when it comes to not honoring the early adopters are not early adopters of the Nexus 7 themselves.

OrionAntares says:

Maybe some of them are early adopters of the Kindle Fire!

You know, issue me a damn $50 play credit - purchased launch week. I'll take a credit.

kamui957 says:

I feel the same way. I had to save to buy the Nexus 7 because I was working a contract job at the time and I took the time out of my day to hunt one down and buy it for myself as a prize for putting up with the crap I was dealing with on a day to day basis. Nobody had a 16gb in stock, or if they did it had massive bezel issues. Managed to snag a perfect 8gb though, last in stock. Love it, but just wish I had more storage but they didn't get any more 16gb until my exchange window was up.

Now, a few months later, the one I wanted so much is the same price I had worked to save up for and an even better option is available for the $250. I honestly feel cheated as someone who jumped onboard to give the Nexus 7 the sales numbers it got. Yeah, we got the Google Play credit for being early adopters, but now my product isn't available anymore and people who bought it AFTER the rumors of a higher capacity were leaked get an additional credit. I think everyone who bought it from launch to price reduction should get some kind of additional credit. It'd make the disappointment less sore at least.

Oh well. Maybe I can sell the one I've got for SOMETHING towards the one I wanted... I doubt I'd get enough towards it to be worth it though.

OrionAntares says:

Didn't you already get a $25 play credit for purchasing launch week???



<insert Navy Seal copypasta>

JobiWan144 says:

Copypasta? Does that go better with red of white sauce?


All I know is I bought an 8GB version new in the box for $100.00 on Monday from a woman who got it as a Christmas present for her husband, and then decided to get him the 16gb version instead.

I'm not complaining at all.

ReggieTee says:

Well, I sold my 16gb Nexus 7 on ebay this week for $200. I'm on my way to pick up a 32gb for an extra $50. I too was an early adopter and am not complaining.

kamui957 says:

Good for you, you managed to get someone to pay, on ebay, the same price for a used product as you can get new from the store. Congrats. What about those of us who got 8gb systems that aren't sold anymore? Who adopted early and couldn't get 16gb systems due to availability or build quality issues? It's great that YOU are doing so well, but don't look down on those of us who feel legitimately cheated by the pricing changes. I probobly couldn't get $150 for mine, locally, if I tried.

OrionAntares says:

Well, YOU could have waited if the option YOU wanted wasn't readily available. YOU decided to buy rather than wait for a version that YOU really wanted.

I'm fine with getting a $49.99 refund or credit, I just got mine a week before the announcement. The problem I'm having is finding the long order number of my Nexus 7? I didn't buy mine online I bought it at Gamestop? Nothing on the box, device or receipt has a order number on it? Am I screwed.

I've tried searching the nets and can't find an answer?

jutaejrevo4g says:

I bought 2 Nexus 7 16gb from Staples this week. They had the 8gb for $199 and 16gb $249....I was like excuse me, the 16gb is $199 now! Yes sir, we just haven't updated our prices yet...." yeah right! I wander if they would have told me that if I didnt know.

You guys who get money back are fortunate.

I'm one of the early adopters (read:suckers) who decided to pay full price for my 64gb BlackBerry PlayBook. No love back from RIM on a $400 price drop.

But my eyes are opened now to the new world of Nexus. I'll be ordering the Nexus 4 16gb come Tuesday morning. I'd would order the Nexus 10 as well but I'll have to wait to see what Santa brings.

yenyob says:

I paid $499 for a 16GB PlayBook. When the price dropped so dramatically, I felt cheated. This is why I don't want to go all in with a certain company. I loved BlackBerry and I ignored all of the doubters. Wish I would have listened. It's still a good tablet but had I waited a few months, I could have saved a ton of money.

kenyee says:

Nice of them to do this because they didn't have to.

But dammit, I wish Apple would give me a $200 back because they released the iPad4 so quickly after the iPad3...they usually release it annually so now I feel ripped off (sarcasm, in case you can't tell ;-)

And you folks who bought it else where should check your credit cards for a buyer protection program...

Amazins71 says:

Google needs to compensate the early adopters some how. Things were in motion for the 32gb Nexus 7 shortly after the 16gb was released. The Nexus 7's popularity is because of the early adopters and this is their Thank You. Definitely learned from this unfortunate experience..

dovlek says:

People only see the bad things in the good actions!

cben says:


jyemenai says:

Um.. didn't the early adopters get that $25 Play credit? I think that was pretty decent compensation. Those who aren't getting refunds (including me) need to just chill. Price drops happen. Get over it.

Amazins71 says:

Yea. They knew they were screwing us. The decision to release a 32Gb Unit was already in the works. I rather take the storage space than the $25 credit.

OrionAntares says:

People need to stop crying over something like this. This "price protection" is just covering the return/refund window for the purchases dating back from when the new Nexus version was announced.