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Let's face it, Android fans around the world want to be able to get their hands on the Nexus 7. And rightfully so. Google has hit a sweet spot with the Nexus 7 in terms of value for money. The list of official markets that can purchase the Nexus 7 is still pretty slim, so the news that the device is expected to become available in India is welcome. 

The good folks over at recently attended a press event thrown by ASUS India, where they were told to expect the Nexus 7 to arrive there in November. Originally, the Nexus 7 was expected to ship in October in India. Google still needs to work on providing their content services globally, but getting the Nexus 7 into hands is a good place to start. 


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rd_nest says:

About damn time!

jenskristian says:

I gave up waiting for it to come to Norway last month and ordered from Google using JetCarrier and VPN.

Thats a nice news. Will buy it when it gets here.

imran29 says:

it arrive tomorrow in Malaysia :P

venki5star says:

Does that mean, Google Play - Device Store will be open for India too?

shajumohamed says:

I tried ordering one form US via a firend. But it had the screen lift and flex issues and had to return it.I think by november it will be pretty much outdated :(

namanjain says:

mine arrives tomorrow....yipeee


Good for India. Now what I want to know is when the Google Nexus 10 is coming out in the US of A.

still1 says:

Same here.. Cant wait for Nexus 10 in the US. I would buy it on release date.