Google Nexus One

Here's a little bit of "good" news for anybody who bought a Nexus One on contract with T-Mobile and is thinking of getting out early. Remember how Google was charging a $350 "Equipment recovery fee" in addition to T-Mobile's $200 early termination fee? The Big G's just lowered that to $150 if you cancel in the first 120 days.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

A Google representative said the company had been working with T-Mobile to lower the equipment fee.

"Google's overall financial philosophy with regard to operator service plans remains unchanged: We make no profit from commissions from operators or from equipment recovery fees, and our recovery fees are based on operator charges to Google for early termination of service," the company said in a statement.

Whether that has anything to do with the FCC's inquiry into early termination fees, or out of the kindness of its not-evil heart, it's a welcome move from Google. [WSJ via Phonescoop]


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Google lowers its early termination fee for the Nexus One to $150


Heh, adds up to exactly the cost of the phone outright new now.

179 + 200 + 150 = $529

Google would have never dropped the fees if not for the pressure of the FCC. $550 is more then it costs to buy the Nexus One unlocked.