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It has been quite some time now since Google acquired Zagat, and while we've seen some embedding of reviews and such in the past, Google has now brought Zagat into the fold in a much larger way. Google+ Local has now been introduced making it easier to find Zagat scores and and restaurant suggestions from folks you interact with on Google+. In addition to the Google+ integration roll out, various other Google apps and sites will be updated Zagat support over the next little while, starting with an update to Google Maps that includes a fancy new "Local" button that when tapped, will show you Zagat reviews in your general area. Both Google+ Local and the Google Maps update are live right now, you'll find the Google Maps download below in case you've not already updated as of yet.

Source: Google Blog


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Google+ Local arrives to makes use of Zagat acquisition, brings along Google Maps update


I just tried the local feature with maps on my GN and it works absolutely incredibly smooth. It's iOS and wp7 app smooth. After watching the promo video on YouTube, Google showed this feature as being very smooth,so I wanted to see if it was really that fast and smooth in a real situation. The local feature works just as fast and smooth as they displayed it in the video. I encourage any of you to go and try it out.

No, but if you want to make a place/restaurant review or even change an existing review you now have to sign up to Google+ to do so! WTF?! I don't want to sign up for Google+! Also Latitude images are not working and Latitude won't even load without manually having to push the refresh button EVERY time! They forced Google Offers into Maps last update and this is getting crazy! They are making maps a huge program that only powerful devices can run. What is going on Google and why are you ruining your own apps?! Stop shoving Google+ down my throat as no one else wants it either!

Does anyone have direct link to the apk file? I can't download it from Google Play Store, it's not available in my country.

I'm getting sick of constantly downloading Google Maps updates. If only Google put the same passion in updating the stock browser to fix the stupid Javascript crashes, or even better, in getting the latest version of Android to more users. But noooo... updating Maps so they can keep better track of your whereabouts is much more important.