Nexus One with Froyo

For everybody who's asking us when the Nexus One will get its official update to Froyo, well, we still don't know. But Google employee passion-ate does give us an Android 2.2 update update (see what we just did there?). Anyhoo, here goes:

Apologies for keeping everybody waiting. We are not intentionally holding back on Froyo, just improving the overall experience and quality.

I don't have an exact date to share yet, but we are striving hard to OTA it ASAP. Stay tuned!

OK, so we don't really know any more than we did before this post. But you'll take what we give you, and you'll like it. And in the meantime, you can check out all of our Froyo feature posts here [Nexus One support forums] Thanks, jaeisber, for the tip!

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needsmoar says:

Thanks, so nice to finally hear something since Google said "shortly, stay tuned!" 3 weeks ago which was a terrible choice of words. I mean we could still end up waiting weeks based on this new info but it sucks so bad sitting in the dark I felt like I had a iPhone or something.

Can't wait to get official Froyo, maybe it will include some new surprises? I got non-rooted AT&T model so I haven't experienced any of the awesomeness yet!

timhaak says:

Is there any news if the browser is going to support web workers and web sockets ?

The current non official Froyo does not :(

geminidad says:

Does anyone know if the official update will bring the new music player demoed at Google IO?

jeffreynew23 says:

I believe that it was the double twist player

jaeisber says:

At this point, no one really knows what Froyo will come with outside of what they announced at IO. Its possible they are adding more features, but unlikely. if they are working out kinks and bugs, I doubt they would add more features which could potentially add more bugs.

TheSammyE says:

Can anybody tell me if the 2.2 update when pushed out is pushed out worldwide? More specifically will it be pushed out in England the same time that you guys get it?


Krak-a-Lakn says:

I have a sinking feeling that the T-Mobile OTA will get pushed first and us AT&T users are going to be left waiting and waiting.....

Boon says:


Scratch that-- TODAY!

One can dream.

ShortySk8n says:

It's only right that T-mobile get it first. Since T-mobile was the first to embrace Android. T-mobile supported Android when no one else did. So it's only right T-mobile is supported first.

ceric20 says:

Only right shit... I paid 549 for this phone while people on T-mobile got it for a discounted price! Its Googles fault they couldn't get other carriers to buy the phone! When froyo comes out everyone better get it or i will be first in line to get the new iPhone!

needsmoar says:

if i get or feel screwed over in any way, i'll probably get a iphone too, i was already considering it but i'm waiting it out

jaeisber says:

Then what? Enjoy being locked down and waiting for at least a year to receive another update? All the while, Android users get another update in 6 months...on top of Froyo.

How are you going to handle being an iPhone user who gets updates once a year if you cannot wait to get Froyo?

needsmoar says:

Looks at desk and sees Palm Pre, iPhone and Blackberry laying there and thinks to himself.. been there, yes things suck but what i actually use is good and like it. I was talking more about as a customer being isolated and treated like shit compared to other customers if something like that happens with AT&T vs T-Mobile like the pre-release to news. Everyones loading it up laughing and having a great time meanwhile here are AT&T users sitting here waiting and waiting, reading about it every day sick as hell.

FeinP1118 says:

Well, I for one am still enjoying my N1 with just 2.1. Please don't lose sight of the fact that it's a pretty awesome device without the update.

needsmoar says:

the device itself is fantastic and i'm currently recommending it to a friend. I think we all love Android and the phones and basically hunger for better, its hard not to want better :)

I think during the I/O keynote he even said Android users are passionate and he is correct.

clickwir says:

I'm running the 2.2 Release Candidate on my N1 on T-Mobile... you're going to love it. :-)

Angelworks says:

2.1 works well enough - there are two annoying issues I'm told are resolved in 2.2. One is the touch screen funkyness (according to the multi-touch test app the sensor is reading data near the bottom of the screen when I touch the middle), the other is battery/heat issue.

Sometimes when I pull the phone out of my pocket its really hot and "Cell Standby" has used up 90% of the battery recently. Normally not a huge issue, but when it went through 50% of the battery after a formerly full charge I was kinda alarmed.