Fliers rocking an Android tablet or phone can now get online above 10,000 feet just a little bit easier. Gogo, the company that supplies in-flight Wifi, has just released its long-awaited Android application. Available for free in the Android Market (you can find links after the break), the Gogo flight streamlines the process of getting online. Just enter your account credentials and you're golden. (The app will also make sure your phone or tablet actually has Wifi turned on, which is nice.)

Now, you don't get something for nothing here -- you'll still have to pony up a few bucks for your Wifis. Short flights -- up to 650 miles -- will cost $4.95. Longer flights will run $7.95 a leg.

Oh, but wait. You can get something for nothing. The fine folks at Gogo have given us 100 session codes to share with you fine readers. Hit up this thread in our contest forums to claim one.

 Gogo for AndroidGogo for Android

Gogo for Android Gogo for Android

Gogo for Android Gogo for Android


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nikkisharif says:

Thanks Gogo & AC!!!!

ryanlc says:

Thanks for the code AC!!! Gogo Rocks! Just in time for my flight tomorrow!

illumina says:

Should help my flight to San fran! Thanks!

onixblack says:

This would suck to be 101 in the post

andrewvig says:

Me me me!

frankdjr says:

I'll take one, thanks AC!!

jon53179#AC says:

I would love one I am traveling Virgin next month this would be great!

oldpapa49 says:

I want one... Please... And yes, TY AC! Be great on my EVO 3D..

izman12 says:

May I please have one? :) thank you.

joshua.worth says:

Sweet flying next week and rather try before I buy. Don't fly often so again thanks!

escott63 says:

I'd like to have one as well.


johnny99 says:

Me too. Thanks.

droidad1 says:

mark it zero!

aspruil says:

Sounds good, Thanks GoGo...

Excellent. I'd love to have an account. I was just on a plane today looking at the GoGo wireless flyer.

Vagrant_1 says:

Cool looking app I wouldn't mind one

VicH says:

I would appreciate one.

faraz9206 says:

thanks, one code nd i'll be thankful to jerry !

rgonzalezx says:

Great. Looking forward to try it next week!

Bruno_Arrais says:

ME please! Thanks in advance

ScottDroid says:

Code PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SDBB_kick says:

Can I have a code?

xlongo says:

I want a code... please!!!

clownin72 says:

Dang this is nice! Would love to get a free code to try it out!

OrionAntares says:

Why is the contest thread closed already???

Boscoupd55 says:

Please please please

delta35 says:

This is great! Code please

kona2day says:

I work for Southwest, could I get a code. Pretty Please?

petrpuck says:

Am I to late ? A code please

up7up says:


themuffinman says:

I am probably to late to get a code aren't I

aimfire72 says:

Yeahhhh I'll take one, please - gogo GO! :)

-IRON- says:

I would like one

djrakowski says:

Excellent! I used GoGo on a flight from Detroit to Austin last Friday. It's a great service!

Eloquence says:

Could I get a free code too please!

rbonnerjr says:

i will take one

Winger says:

sign me up too...

greyski says:

Yes please!

adstro says:

Me too!

spfx99 says:

Just fly on Alaska Airlines, they are giving you Gogo free for use on phones or iPod touches this month.

calihustle says:

Yes! May I please have one

GomezE87 says:

im flyin in 3 weeks a code will b very useful to me i just got an acer a100

djcyph says:

thank u sirs!!!!

Levithian says:

I'd like to have one too please :(

enzie5454 says:

One would be great!

Cali Swagga says:

I would love to have one. I am currently in Egypt on business and this would come in handy. Thanks AC in advance!

jsvor says:

This would be great.

klgreen1979 says:

This would be great for my flight next week.

Thanks a bunch!!!

Garmid says:

Thank you! This is awesome!

Storm26 says:

This would be great during my next flight.

securifirm says:

Thanks for the code...you guys rock!!!