EVO 4G Netflix

Notice that Netflix is no longer working on your EVO 4G? You're hardly alone. You can no longer find the app in the Android Market from your EVO 4G, and indeed the phone's been pulled from the list of supported devices. So what's up?

Netflix tells us that it stems from the EVO 4G's recent update to Gingerbread, and that they're working on a fix, but there's no estimated time for when an update will be made available.

Netflix has had a bit of a rocky start on Android, namely in that it's been made available on so few devices. Let's hope for a fix soonest -- and more important, some sort of mechanism so that we're not punished just because our phones get an all-important system update.

Thanks, Kysha!

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Unibrow says:

weird, Netflix works with cm7

Go Android! says:

Yea Netflix works flawlessly on AOSP roms, but never has worked on Gingersense ones. :/.

timdmaxey says:

Netflix works great on my DROID X flawlessly, of course I ain't got the Market's version... And I have OTA gingerbread update...

Go Android! says:

And my first double post :(, i thought it only happened to people cause they press submit twice...guess not.

El Jefe says:

Do none of the leaks that are working for the Droid X work on the EVO? The Droid X isn't even a Netflix supported device yet & people have it working on Gingerbread in the forums.

timdmaxey says:

Yeah my question too, my DROIDX on OTA gingerbread working great... Even installed NetFlix on my HeroTab C8 7inch tablet and it works great on it too, should work on EVO...

Cubfan says:

Yet another reason to stay on CM7 and not mess with that stock crap.

ZeroGPain says:

agreed !

S_C_B says:

When connecting over 3g, I get a blank screen with the error, "make sure your have connectivity and check your time and date. " when I connect over WiFi, I can login but can't play movies.

oldpapa49 says:

Ok, grant it I'm old and will be confused often, but I did the update on my EVO 4G and my Netflix still works. Version 1.2.1 build 843839-1.2.0-30

Android 2.3.3


RobMendez says:

Voice recognition doesn't work, double tapping a word and selecting a new one from the list inserts an extra space, caps turn on automatically in the middle of a sentence, my signal strength indicator shows less signal in areas where I had better coverage, GPS seems to be off in apps like foursquare and shopkick where I have to refresh 2-3 times to get a better fix, and that's all I can think of for now.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

There is a thread where people are posting all bugs, make sure all these are in there. There are more that you haven't listed.

Eziroth#AC says:

I updated my "Completely 100% Stock Evo 4G" to Gingerbread and my Netflix is still working flawlessly.

pappy53 says:

Did you actually try to play a movie? They look like they are going to play, but then they don't. I can't see it working on yours and nobody else's. I am not doubting you, just wondering if you played it through.

Is it just my and my fiancees phone that in the notification bar says voicemail one message...? And keeps alarming me that i do, but dont...

Dark_Blu says:

Glad I don't use Netflix, or this would be an annoyance.

Just dl the work around apk.

colestein says:

Where can that be found?

dman977#AC says:

Netflix is no longer available on the market for 2.3.3 EVO. Nowhere to be found from EVO, and not compatible from Market website.

Thank you for repeating what the article says.

bladerunn3r says:

This whole netflix-on-android shenanigans is straight up bullsh*t. One day it's working, then next day it's not. Then next day it is. . . UGH. Finally got it working on my Droid X. . . for now. . . but who knowns when that will change.

Agreed! So with Jetficks working across all devices for premium tv shows without a single glitch, as far as my experience, why the hell can't Netflix get their ducks in a row? I am seriously thinking about dropping Netflix for this reason. The whole silverlight clusterf#@K coupled with this mess has me disgusted!

Because they are doing some fraked up thing with DRM on their content. Period. I don't need to think about this to know that content providers demanded a strong protection system and whatever that is is breaking left and right on devices with updated sense, and touchwiz, etc. Has anyone had any problems with Netflix on a stock ROM. Because if not....well there you go.

colestein says:

So where is this workaround apk?

@ colestein... Look on XDA for a work around apk when the new version is hacked, er, I mean cleaned up.

I'm using the Swisscheese Samsprint leaked version of EE03 Gingerbread for my Epic 4G. Netflix never worked right on EC05 or ED... Whenever we get an update, something on our Epic's breaks so I don't wanna hear people complaining about one thing breaking on this Evo.

Welcome to the world of Epic users.

Well said! And fuck all these cry baby EVO users. Every little thing its BITCH BITCH BITCH!! You all need to get a grip.

oldpapa49 says:

Well, I guess my Netflix is not flixing good after all.. No streaming..

I will proceed to the corner and hide because of my shame..

lee61561 says:

I restored mine from a backup after the update and it plays just fine.

mdillenbeck says:

Need or really, really, really want Netflix on Android and have decent broadband at home? The only reliable solution I have heard so far: get a newer Slingbox, get a Roku box (which can stream your netflix), pay for the mobile app, and voila - Netflix on any android phone. This will probably be my solution, as I am getting impatient and I don't think I want to wait much more...