Droid Charge

Good news for all of you patiently waiting for Gingerbread on your Droid ChargeVerizon says today that the official update is "coming soon", and will bring with it a host of improvements. In addition to Android 2.3, software update i510.EP4 also brings with it security enhancements, a download manager, and a new user interface and color scheme, just to name a few of the changes in store. You know the drill: it'll roll out slowly, so sit back and enjoy your turkey and stuffing while you wait. Hit the source link for instructions and details from Verizon's Droid Charge support page, and sing out below when Gingerbread-flavored goodness reaches your device.

Source: Verizon Wireless; thanks Arnold!


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Gingerbread for the Droid Charge is officially on its way


I've been running the leaked builds on my DC for a few months, but it's nice to (finally!) see the official build rolling out. This phone should have shipped with 2.3, or it had no business being labelled a Droid.

Woah! They are actually going to pull through with this. Even though it has come, I still have very little hope or interest in the Samsung/Verizon combo.

Just like all the EVO 4G owners who hated the GB update from Sprint? Broke Netflix, broke HDMI cloning, maybe they should have tested better.

Probably still going to get the Galaxy Nexus when released but at least this might help my Charge's resale value.

That's exactly the boat I'm in. The Charge was a temporary device for me until the new Nexus came out. And I've learned an important lesson - no more carrier/OEM goop ever.

ive been running this version for the last week and i can honestly say that the gps finally doesnt take 10 mins to lock on. the longest ive seen was about a minute, and that was in downtown seattle (tall buildings)

i havent seen any new widgets. but i use my own anyway so that is not much of a big deal to me.

this is great that its finally coming out!

Considering many of the Hummingbird Samsung device's leaked gingebread builds include a better TW3, im going to guess thats what it got

Booo! Samsung and VZW. Verizon likes to say that they test connectivity and stability. If that is the case why was the Charge released in the first place? Total joke, just like the "Nexus" . You know VZW will be the last to get updates to the Nexus due to quality "testing". And to those that say, "I'd rather them test and release a stable build" I leave you proof by example and point you to the current Droid Charge build in all its greatness.

Tell that to Verizon. I'm sure Google made some concessions there. Hoping the updates roll out from Google without VZW interruption, but doubting it considering how the release is going so far.

The Best community developers around.
Best Hardware.
Verizon LTE Best network.
Who leaves their phone stock?
Why would you buy something else?

Best hardware -- your opinion and I disagree
Best network -- your opinion and I disagree
Who leaves their phone stock? 98% of consumers (not me, but still)
Why would you buy something else? Countless reasons, but chief among them is cost.

97% of consumers can care less about an update.
He asked why people would be a Sammy again, I answered.
I have a fassy, the bastard child of the GS line, and I love it. It was stock for 2 weeks, never again.

Is there really any point in releasing Gingerbread for a phone a full year after we saw Gingerbread on phones? I would never buy a phone without the name "Nexus" unless I planned to root it the minute I got it. Verizon + Samsung is not a good combination for updates. I can't believe VZW sold this phone for $300 at launch, then didn't update it with Gingerbread. This phone could have and should have LAUNCHED with Gingerbread based on its release date. It really feels like Verizon works so hard to always have the top-of-the-line flagship phone at any given moment, but they don't take care of the device for long because they have a new flagship two weeks later. As far as names go, Evo > Droid. I can't wait for the next generation Evo. I wouldn't be surprised if it was quad core, LTE, 720p and I'd bet anything it ships with ICS. Hopefully they get rid of the ridiculous 3D crap, too.

I was hoping for something sooner. Original Evo 4G was announced in March 2010 and released the first week of May 2010. Still a good point about the release date, but maybe the smart thing is to release a flagship device in May if you can't get your shit together in February.

Galaxy Nexus here I come. So tired of manufacturer overlays. Don't want to root because it will void the warranty and I can't seem to get any phone to work more than 6 months without getting a replacement. My Droid Charge is up for sale as soon as I get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus.

Once you root, you can always return to stock as long as you keep everything saved, which almost all of us do. I have also found equal stability (equal to stock ROM on my Evo 4G) with the current generation CM7.x.

Too bad that normal consumers don't care too much about future android release (even if Gingerbread is pretty much past now).

ill wait until google cleans up the mess at Motorola before buying again from them.