Motorola Atrix Lapdock

Just in case you never got in on the Motorola Lapdock deals that were happening before, the folks from 1 Sale A Day are now giving you the chance to go ahead and get one on the cheap again. For your hard earned $50, you can now pick up a Motorola Lapdock compatible with the Motorola Atrix 4G. The Lapdock does come brand new and not refurbished, you will however have to supply your own Motorola Atrix -- that's not included in the deal.

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Get a Motorola Atrix Lapdock for only $50 from 1 Sale A Day


Hmm, how's that? You are still using your phone...this is basically like using an external display and bluetooth keyboard. I'd argue that one hard if I bought one of these.

I don't think they can consider it tethering because your not using a 3rd party app. Besides do you think they would sell something that promoted tethering? Yes, it does use your phones data unless you are using wifi. I agree with the other post as it is the same as using a wireless keyboard with an hd dock tied into your computer.

AT&T was the one carrier that required a separate additional data plan. You have to have the 4G Premium Data plan if you want to use it on AT&T's network. Wifi is free, of course. This isn't the case with the lapdock on any other network...just AT&T customers. The forum link is for the AT&T Atrix lapdock, so they don't break out that its only req'd for this particular dock, as it was only built for the Atrix (sold only on AT&T.):

Is the Lapdock plan part of my service contract?

You can use the Lapdock with WiFi without any additional contract fees. However, to use this over the 4G network you'll need to purchase a tethering plan which is an additional monthly fee. For more information on these plans, contact your service provider.

Tip: You can utilize webtop via WiFi at any time without the need for a tethering plan. The tethering plan is only required if you want to utilize webtop over the 3G/4G network.

Ordered. It may not be the newest'll give me a chance to see how it works with my Photon. (After modifying the plug locations of course.)


Eh, it's a great idea, but when I played with it in the AT&T store when it first came out, it was really laggy and the lapdock itself didn't seem all that well-built. Unless the demo unit I used was a lemon, I don't know if I'd even have paid $50 for it then.

I bought the lapdock 100 when I got my wife her razr for Christmas and it was also part of the reason I upgraded and got myself the razr maxx a few weeks back. I don't think it can fully replace an actual computer, bht it does come in handy. I can surf the internet while watching tv and also be able to call, text, and play words with friends all at the same time. I actually prefer the lapdock over my tablet, but to each his own.

They have the same thing for the Bonic except Verizon doesn't charge you a tethering fee to use it. I bought one on 1saleaday for 79.95 and it works great. I connect my phone to my Windows computer using Splashtop and then use the Lapdock to run Windows. It took awhile to figure out how to make the cursor move on my desktop but once I got by that, it is just like having a connected laptop except it is slower but the report is Version 3.0 of Lapdock will resolve that.
Way to go Motorola except it is certainly not worth the original $300 or $400 they originally wanted for it.

THIS Particular Lapdock is on sale again. I found it on but it says its sold by same place here 1saleADay

My Quesion is, It states that it is ONLY for the AT&T ATRIX 4G BUT I have a motorola Droid Bionic on Verizon Network. Will it work with THIS Particular Model Lapdock? Id really like to get one at THIS Price but don't want to get burned with a product that is NOT compatible with my phone.

Thanks a bunch,
Scott R
Florence, Az