Galaxy Tab fact sheet; Verizon Wireless

With the rumors that Verizon may start selling the Samsung Galaxy S Tab as soon as Nov. 1 flying about, a lot of people will be wondering just how well the new 7-inch Android offering from Samsung measures up against the hugely popular Apple iPad.  While that's really something that you'll need to determine for yourself with some hands-on fondling of each, a leaked fact sheet from Verizon shows that Big Red's employees will be ready to answer all the questions the Tab will bring up. 

While there's no launch date confirmation, we do get the short list of Verizon's pre-installed carrierware -- Backup Assist, My Verizon, VZ Navigator, and the VCast suite, including song ID.  And while it doesn't come right out and say it, we're all pretty sure that we'll see Bing! installed as well, but that's something that's easily taken care ofThanks, anonymous tipster!


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Verizon Galaxy Tab fact sheet leaks


Why do u need backup assistant if there is no phone? 4000mah battery seems ok but is it a sealed battery or hot swappabble?

It's DOA anyhow; I can't see any sane person signing a 2 year contract for this. When it comes in a Wi-Fi only version I'll gladly make the jump.

That was my first thought, too! Come on, Verizon. We get that you want your crapware on these phones, and for the most part we can live with it. But this is completely useless! It's not a phone! This is just crapware for crapware's sake.

Doesn't Verizon now offer a prepaid data now? I think that if they are gonna let you use that prepaid data plan on this it will give them a leg up on the other carriers.

I'll be interested when WI-FI only comes out.. Why would I pay for two data plans when I can do everything on my phone and the screen won't even be 3in bigger.. come on samsung. 7in? Really?

I like 7-inch format better than 10-inch. If I were to go to 10-inch, I might as well go ultra-portable.

Is it weird that that galaxy s owners bash on the evo 4.3 and still thinks that 7 is a great size for on the go... BTW if you put then side by side(evo x GLX s)is no difference in size just one more thing to love my evo even more... same size bigger screen

More than likely they'll recode the video for a bigger screen. I also think it has to do with what you're watching. I don't have vcast on my phone, but I have a friend that does and it doesn't look horrible. Basically like a youtube video.

Pretty upset that you didn't put my name at the bottom and thank me, when i was the one who sent it to you. Instead you put anonymous tipster.... :-(

That was to protect you.

You do realize that leaks of this nature can get you fired if you work for/with Verizon wireless, right?

Announcing who gives you leaked internal documents isn't smart. (yes, you're behind a user name, but they can still try and track you down)

Menno is absolutely right. Not trying to "uncredit" you at all, but I don't wanna be the reason the carrier Gestapo shows up at your desk tomorrow morning :p

I assume complete anonymity is wanted unless I hear differently. Thanks again for the tip and the document!

I plan on using the tab as my primary source. I will use my original Droid as secondary. Should be able to make WiFi calls off my tab using my phone I would presume. I'm stoked and hope Big Red will allow for this to happen, even if they don't know about it...

I have mixed emotions about the Samsung Tab. I hate that they involved the carriers at all. I should be able to walk into a Best Buy and buy one wifi only. I know they said wifi coming later but I will believe it when I see it. And BING, come on, ridiculous.

If this thing is Binged! Then Verizon just f*cked you in the ass haha. I shall be buying mine sim-free and unlocked and be paying £15 or less a month for 600mins, unlimited texts and data :) sometimes it is good living in Europe

Gonna pass. More bloatware. Verizon needs a wake up call. Backup assistant is for people that don't use gmail. Because if you use gmail it backs up contacs automatically. But why would you want to use google services on a google device? Verizon sucks. They are ruining android. Look at froyo on droid x, horrible and buggy. Why would their tablet experience be any different?

I love the Droid line but I hate Verizon decision making. If Samsung wants their tablet to succeed, they better drop the wifi only version that I can pick up in Best Buy quick.

We don't even know how much this thing is going to cost yet right? It looks cool and all, but it will look cooler if we knew the price.

T-Mobile and Sprint are supposedly going to have it for $399 on contract; Sprint will be $599 and T-Mobile $649 off contract. We don't know what the monthly data charge will be.

Maybe market pressure will force them all to go $599 off contract, or even less.

I'm still trying to find definite information about RAM on these things.

I want a tablet that can make calls. I know, it's too big to carry around all over the place, I don't care.

Bluetooths are more comforatble to talk on anyway (at least for me) and the bigger screen would be amazing for practically everything else.

I understand they want people to get these on a data contract, but a tablet isn't something I can see paying 60 a month for (unless they offer smartphone data on it)

im so over tab... looking to get an android tablet for something around 200 bucks, that will stay at home... if i can bring a tablet anywhere might as well bring a laptop or netbook... for the 600 bones a can get a good gaming laptop, put another 200 and a great one...

It will be interesting to see how this thing does on the market. The iPad is pretty awesome though. I originally bought mine with the intent to use it at home and my iPhone on the road. That didn't go as expected. I pretty much take the iPad along on most trips. I suspect with the smaller size, the Galaxy tab might go along on most trips.

LOL. Don't get yourself in trouble. Jobs are harder to find than cellphones are ;)

Unless it's a solid date with pricing. Then send it lmao. (JK, JK!!)