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The Galaxy S III is the official phone of the London Olympics, and Samsung's teamed up with Eurosport to give S III owners a way of watching the summer's games on-the-go. Download the Eurosport Player app for Android on your S III, and you'll qualify for a free month-long subscription that can be activated between July 14 and August 12, letting you watch Eurosport's Olympic coverage live.

European Galaxy S III owners (excluding Italy, for some reason) can download the Eurosport Player app from Google Play or Samsung Apps in preparation, though it won't become active until July 14. Unfortunately it looks like this promotion won't be available on the North American S III when it launches later this month.

Source: Eurosport; via: Recombu


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Galaxy S III owners get free Eurosport Player for the Olympics


WTF!? Americans like to watch the Olympics too! We're just getting screwed with all the promotions on this phone...

That's because Eurosport Player is unfortunately geoblocked in the US. It'd make no sense to have the promo for something that can't be watched (without a VPN at least).

I already have a paid subscription for eurosport.
This app doesn't let you use it.
Greedy bastards wanna squeeze you for a second one.