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Update: And ... it looks like the announcement has been taken down. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

It looks like the Galaxy S II's Ice Cream Sandwich update may be imminent. Samsung has just announced on its official Philippines site that the long-awaited update will finally land this Saturday, Mar. 10. Today's news follows a Facebook post from Samsung Israel last week, which suggested a Mar. 15 launch in that country.

In the past day or so we've seen HTC update a couple of its leading 2011 devices to the latest version of Android -- ICS for the Sensation and Sensation XE is slowly trickling out, starting with users in Germany and Nordic countries.

So it's definitely ICS update season, and we look forward to seeing the new OS work its way onto more devices in the weeks ahead. The (international) Samsung Galaxy Note and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc series are due to be updated before the end of the month.

Source: Samsung Philippines; via: Engadget


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Galaxy S II ICS update coming March 10, says Samsung Philippines


And google can't even fix the issues with their nexus phones and get it out before this. The nexus line is going to shit just like non-nexus phones when it comes to updates.

Is the Samsung ICS going to be a mildly tweaked look and feel version of the Nexus ICS, or it is going to be a completely reconfigured home screen like HTC Sense?

This is why everybody needs to stop buying phones because of the Android version on it. Seriously who cares about ICS? What does it have that my current 2.3.5 doesnt have? When/If my phone gets ICS i will still run GoLauncher, beautiful widgets, scrolling RSS, and other apps on my phone making ICS unnoticable. Please stop whining over your phone not having ICS. Just be happy it is coming eventually. Til then go play one of your little phone games.

What does it have that 2.3 doesn't? You might want to have a play with one and find out for yourself. Anyone who appreciates android would find it very hard to go back to 2.3 from 4. Personally I hate the hardware side of my galaxy nexus but there's no way I'm getting rid of it until I find something sexier running ics

what does ice cream sandwich have that gingerbread doesnt have. ICE CREAM for one. and Chocolate cookie outside. i mean come on. everyone would rather have an ice cream sandwich over a gingerbread cookie

And what's with that needing Kies stuff? I will not be able do the OTA like I did with many updates between 2.3.3 and 2.3.5?

So when is it comming to puerto rico?

oh and by the way. Why dont you guys here at android central post news about latin and puerto rican carriers like "Claro"?

androidcentral why is there a website with motorola photon 4g on the screen of samsung SII ? Irony intended?

In other news, samsung pulled down the article from the news and alerts page. Was it a prank?

I have faith in HTC, that they won't let us down. Lookin forward to seeing ICS on my EVO 3d sometime before the end of the Summer.

I had an S2 then got the Nexus when it came out for ICS. BUT I'm going back to the S2. Can run CM9 on it now and it looks like it will be even better now that there is official 4.0 on it. I wasn't a fan of Galaxy Nexus hardware (the camera is awful compared to the S2).

I'm running ICS on my HTC vivid, runs like a charm. But in the grand scheme of things, with a heavy over lay like sense or touchwiz there are only hints of ICS on the phone. Android is android, but you still get the latest updates to apps such as Gmail and Chrome.

I 2nd the comment further up that ICS is not all that. I will definitely not upgrade to it on my S2. After updating my Transformer to ICS it's been a mess. If your S2 is fine on 2.3 I'd leave well enough alone.

Samsung its not gonna update this phone until late this year, they did the same thing to the infuse, when the 3.5 come out, they gonna push the new galaxy s3 first.That s why I sold my Galaxy S2 and got a HTC Vivid, it already has the ICS from OTA update. After a infuse and 2 Galaxy I have to say that Samsung sucks, excellent hardware but lack of respect to the customer shows by its policy of no updates.