Future Shop wasted no time after Motorola's official press release announcing the Motorola XOOM launch in Canada, setting up a pre-order page. Right now, if you head on over the Future Shop website the Motorola XOOM is placed front and center. Listed at $599.99 with an expected ship date of April 8, Motorola's timing for a Canadian release appears to be a planned out distraction for those waiting for either an iPad 2 that launches on March 25 and the BlackBerry PlayBook that should be getting a release date any day now. Wanna pre-order some Honeycomb goodness? Hit the source link for more details. [Future Shop]


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Future Shop now taking pre-orders for the Motorola Xoom in Canada


I know this would be a great birthday gift for myself but I'm invested already with apps on my iPad. This might be the biggest hurdle for Android tablets. I don't want to buy my apps all over again and still wait for more tablet apps to be available.

Distraction for those waiting on iPad 2. What Motorola doesn't understand is there is no distraction for the iPad 2 people who buy apple products usually have no interest in other companies and are set on buying an apple product it's almost like apple brainwashes no one company can infiltrate apples niche.

This is a fairly new market and there is lot of room for growth. Also, I can fairly judge what you are trying to say but use of a "," or sentences would be nice :-).

"people who buy apple products usually have no interest in other companies" I have an iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, MacBook Pro and I'm still very much interested in the Motorola Xoom. Just not at @ $599 for Wi-Fi only.

Though Chris, I agree, we are a small group nonetheless! I would love an Android tablet but at $599 I think I'll stick to my iPad for now.

I honestly feel like i'll be waiting for the next gen Honeycomb devices... I think Honeycomb still needs to be in the oven a little longer... Also needs to get some serious tablet Apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus and many others...

As Chris pointed out, the Canadian dollar is stronger nowadays. Last week they were almost equal. But if a disparity develops again, it would mean that the Canadian version would be cheaper, but then you have to add in travel costs.

I bought a couple apps on the market yesterday, one was $1.90 and when it came to paying, it came out as $1.00 lol I love the conversion right now. I hope it stays this way when going to Vegas in May.

dunno what kind of insane ganja you're smoking, but 1.90$ USD cannot be equal to 1.00$ CDN.

The rate has been around the 1.01 to 1.03 mark for months now... do Americans still think their dollar is stronger? weird...

Not smoking anything, it really happened but today I just checked out an app that said $2.09 and when prompt to pay it's $2.10.

WiFi only would be great up here since Canadian providers don't charge for tethering. :-)

Too bad it's a locked down Moto, I'll pass.

The new ETA on the FS site is now April 14th. Looks like those dates are backin' up, backin up, backin' up, baaaackin' up, cause things aren't lookin' so good :(