Xperia Z2

More hardware and software nuggets from upcoming Sony flagship refresh

So much for Sony's effort to curb the flow of leaks of its future products. Following what might be our first look at the Sony D6503 — codenamed "Sirius" — over the weekend, we're today seeing more information on the device we might eventually come to know as the Xperia Z2. Today's leakage comes from XperiaBlog and the XDA forums and cover both hardware and software details.

The former says it's tracked down specs for the device — or at least the version of it currently out in the wild. The current "Sirius" prototype apparently sports a Qualcomm MSM8974AB CPU at 2.3GHz — a faster Snapdragon 800 variant with a speedier GPU and support for faster DDR3 RAM. That's paired with 3GB of RAM, an approximately 5-inch 1080p display, a 20.7-megapixel rear camera (like the Z1) and 2.1-megapixel front-facer. It's worth underscoring that these specs (particularly the CPU) may well change in the run up to the device's launch. In that vein, XperiaBlog writes that while the prototype doing the rounds online runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the finished article will run 4.4 KitKat.

Following on from the gallery of images posted on Saturday, XDA poster iRimas is showing off what he says are screenshots of the device's UI, many of which looks similar to the Xperia Z1's software. Changes include new wallpapers and themes, a revamped area for quick settings in the notification shade, and finer control over notification settings. There's also a redesigned setup wizard. The poster also claims that the display has been improved from the Triluminos panel used on the Z1, which is good news considering that device's poor viewing angles.

Based on the specs and software on this prototype, the "Sirius" device in its current form would seem to be a relatively minor bump to the Xperia Z1. But with over a month to go until the phone's expected debut at Mobile World Congress, there's every chance the final "Z2" might differ from what we see here.

Source: XperiaBlog, XDA


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Further Sony Xperia Z2 'Sirius' details emerge



Fixed that for you

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

I'm just wondering, what's the point of this phone? It's a Z1 with 1GB extra RAM and slightly higher clocked, but otherwise identical processor. I doubt the camera will be much different either. Sony makes nice phones, they just don't know how to sell them.

And yeah. Samsung>>Sony. The budget LCD's Sony insist on using are something even Huawei would think twice about using.

Thinner side Bezels, Improved UI on current software & Improved screen. Its a redefined Z1. People always say Sony needs to listen, well this is them listening. It was always a good phone, just needed these things fixed so it would be a great phone.... Hopefully only the prototype has the 800 and Sony surprises us with something better.

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I'm currently looking for a flagship smartphone with expandable memory that isn't a Samsung. Sony has a couple of phones that fit the bill, except for the massive bezels and bad screens. This new version is supposed to have slimmer bezels. If that's the case, it's perfect. Well, as perfect as a Sony phone can be. Otherwise I'm going with the LG G2. I wish there were more options out there. I do use lots of storage for TV shows and movies on the go.

The LG G2 won't give you expandable memory but a simply magic device nevertheless and the on-line price is so cheap.
I support the criticism of the bezel thickness (all round). Lets hope Sony gets it right this time, otherwise if you can handle a slightly larger phone, the G3 might be the way forward.
I'm not phased about a 2k screen but a 64 bit processor and 4k video recording interests me.

Very easy, take the S4, bump up the specs slightly, add that tacky fake leather back and the ugly reincarnation of TouchWiz, and you'll have a pretty damn close idea of the S5

We'll have to wait and see. But I doubt you're right. First off, Samsung will probably debut their Isocell camera, paired with an actual useful mechanical stabilisation. A QHD display, maybe a brand spanking new Exynos 6 processor and definitely USB 3.0 support.... And they've already said they're rethinking the design of the phone, whatever that means. Maybe a partially immersive display, around the edge of the phone?

Snapdragon 805, and 1440p 5.25in screen, at the absolute minimum rumored/likely specs, are quite a bump from the S4.

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Samsung used hardware acceleration in TouchWiz with Android 2.x. You know, back when your Nexus had a UI refresh rate at around 10FPS. So yeah, try to keep up with tech a bit, okay? :)

Wake me up when Samsung releases a update that makes using all of their so called 'features' not lag the S4 when they're turned on. Compared to my Nexus 5, its a laggy nightmare. The only way to speed it up, is to turn the 'Smart' stuff off.

Posted from my Nexus 5

This is why I root my phones. Debloat, overclock a little and Samsung phones run great. Though you can't fix the mediocre radios.

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So what i'm hearing here is

Samsung bloat their underpowered phones in 'stock variant'. To get your phone to work properly you have to void the warranty, remove all their crap and overclock it.

Well done Samsung =/

I've had the S4 since 4/28/13, it isn't laggy at all! Besides, you can always close apps, clear cache. . .I'm very happy with my S4. I can give a crap about TouchWiz, I use Go Launcher.

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Clearly you need to look up what lag means. Cause I haven't seen any such thing on the S4 or Note 3.

If you're gonna be a hater, at least do your research first.

It still stutters and lags.. and I don't use a nexus, what are you even talking about? Are you mad? Looks like you need some tech lessons, Hansi. ;-)

I really like the way Sony phones look. And I'm the type of guy who doesn't mind trying new phones. But they need to shrink the top and bottom bezels. It's kinda crazy how large they seem.

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If those bezels were for front facing boom sound speakers, then it would be perfect.

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Just improve the screen and implement the pencil recognition system from the Ultra. Oh and Snapdragon 805 please! 2k display would be good also.

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Hmm...I wonder if Sony won't just slap the SD805 in there. I would definitely put them on the lead spec-wise. Even if KitKat needs a SD805 less than 4.3, it's still good.

I'm leaning towards the Z1 Compact but I think I'll wait a bit more until the Z2 is presented to see if the improvements are indeed that small or if something else is bumped.

As for "viewing angles" and "bezels". I must the among those who couldn't care less for that. I don't require wide viewing angles 'cause I have no interest for the person next to me to see what I'm doing on my phone.
And the bezels...well...internals have to go SOMEWHERE. You don't simply slap a 20.7mp camera in a phone and have no bezels in it. The other option would be the horrible humps Nokia has placed on their L925 and L1520 (I'm leaving the 1020 out because, although i hate that vulcano, the other option would be to put out a really thick phone...and the princesses already complained about the thickness of the L920...)

I hate massive bezels because holding a huge phone in my hand for any length of time upsets my hand. Since I use my phone a lot, I want a comfortable phone. As for viewing angles, I'm not always looking at my phone straight-on. If I have my phone sitting next to me while I'm laying down, I want to be able to see what's going on when I get a notification (my screen lights up when notifications come in). Viewing angles aren't as important, but a company like Sony shouldn't be using inferior screens that don't match the competition.

But if holding huge phones upsets your hand, maybe you should aim at the Z1 Compact and at phones with little more than 4" displays, no?
And as I said, they need to stuff the hardware inside the phones. Camera hardware isn't "spreadable". The smartphone lenses are in a box, for example. They take space. So the top and bottom bezels help store the hardware to allow an actually slim phone.
Again, I'll use Nokia as the comparison since they make the best camera phones in the market: The Nokia Lumia 920 had an amazing 8mp PureView camera that, unfortunately for Sony, takes pictures with as much quality as the disappointing Z1 camera. But you know how thick the phone is? 1cm. Why? Because Nokia cameras are placed on the back instead of the top corners like Sony and the iPhone. So what happens is, you have the camera hardware that takes space and then the screen on top of it. You end up with a thick phone. And Nokia uses even bigger bezels and hardware buttons per demand of Microsoft.
Sony moves the camera hardware to the top of the phone so that they don't need to make the phone bulkier or with design humps.

When the Nokia Lumia 929 for Verizon (aka Icon) is released, take a look at the difference in thinness between it and the Z1. The 929 will have the exact specifications of the Z1 but the camera also has OIS (something Sony should have implemented long ago...). Compare how fat that phone will be with the same specifications. You'll then see that the bezels are often a necessary evil.

Also, there's the water and dust proof isolation. And at least they give you a place to rest your fingers on without touching the screen.

As for the viewing angles...I get your point. But it ends up depending on people. And as far as my experience goes with Sony's smartphones, the viewing angles aren't THAT bad that you can't see notifications when the phone is on the table.
Could they improve it? Definitely!
Is is something I regard as crucial to be fixed? Definitely not.

I think the 805 is supposed to show up at the end of 2014, so it's not likely to be in this phone. Maybe the follow-up to this phone will have the 805.

Sony really need to calm down on releasing so many phones, there's a new one coming out almost every week.

Since Feb 2013 we've had

Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z2 due out soon
Sony Xperia Z1s
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Sony Xperia Z Ultra

And that's just their 'Z Based' models

These all make sense if you factor in how far behind Sony is. The whole Ericsson thing kinda screwed them over.

Xperia Z was a flagship phone. The Z1 was released about 7 months later as a refresh, back in September 2013. The Z1s and Z1 Compact are Sony's version of the Galaxy mini or HTC One mini version, only with better specs. The Xperia Z Ultra is their Galaxy Note/HTC One Maxx. If Sony continues a twice per year refresh cycle, then the "Z2" is due around February/March as another refresh.

Yes, they are releasing a lot of models, but the specific series (Z --> Z1 --> Z2) are reasonably well-spaced.

Please let this be on T- mobile even though it seems not likely. I wold so switch if they had this phone on their line up.

Honestly, if the Z2 comes with these specs and 16GB of storage, I would still buy the Z1S. The 32GB internal storage make all the difference to me and I just wished Sony would put them in all their phones as a minimum standard.