froyo on your droid

Froyo has shown it's pretty face for Motorola Droid users, and like all the other OTA's the Android community has jumped on it and worked up a method to force the update without waiting for Big Red to send it your way.  It's pretty easy, doesn't require root and is the official upgrade just as if you had been waiting for it to push to your device. 

  • Grab the update file
  • Place it on the root of your SD card
  • Power down, then restart while holding the X key to get to the bootloader
  • When you see the exclamation mark, hold the volume up button and press the camera button
  • Choose apply
  • Ignore the cache error :)
  • Reboot

If you need the beginners course, hit the source links for a pretty darn nice tutorial.  Now quit stalling, and get your Froyo on! [Android Forums via Android Central forums ]

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likwidsoul says:

What's the build number on it

titot4u says:

Will this work on the X or is it only for the moto droid?

montyboy says:

This is D1 ***only***

Simer03 says:

why would it work for the X? They're completely different phones with different types of Android

umbrella man says:

yess im legit!! its frg01b

montyboy says:

So, we're pretty confident this is the legit OTA update?

umbrella man says:

yes im prety shure it all looks real nice

likwidsoul says:

Nice so its what leaked a couple of weeks ago. Any video playback problems?

Dudes McCool says:

anyone else having widget problems?

ChuckG73 says:

Where the heck is the update for the far as I am concerned the Inc does not even deserve to be in Droid family....It feels like the step child of the bunch..... I am sure we will see the X get the update before the Inc. It is like owning the Eris all over again. I am half temtped to sell my Inc and buy the Droid 2 when it comes out, just so I can get the updates in a timely manner and not feel like I am the last kid picked to play kickball.....

Blah says:

Why does everyone have such as defeatist attitude about the incredible? I have one and we are supposed to get the update soon. Keep in mind that Motorola makes the update, not Google. Same thing for HTC.

It appears Motorola got their updates done first and we are simply waiting on HTC.

Since the Evo got an update, the Incredible is probably ready and waiting for Verizon approval. Verizon is notorious for delaying updates until they are satisfied with the quality of the update.

To me the worth of a phone isn't how many updates it gets, just the quality of the phone.

fillossofer says:

MOTO did apparently finish their updates before HTC, but after the manufacturers are satisfied with them, then they go to the carriers. Sprint considered the EVO update a high priority, so they got it out first. Verizon has a number of Android devices, so they have more testing to do, and we all know they like to add their bloatware, so clearly it will take longer. I have an Incredible and I could care less when they update, so long as it is within a few weeks of all the other devices, which it will be. If you want it today, root your phone and install the leaked OS.

Blah says:

You just repeated back to me what I said.

Droid666 says:

For the Moto droid only. Do not install on your Droid X!! BTW I tried getting flash 10.1 but it either says file not found, or too many page redirects. And I had the multi touch keyboard installed from the Droid X but it was in a force close loop until I disabled it. Any ideas??

likwidsoul says:

I doesn't work on froyo. You can grab the flash apk over at the

Hoojib says:


"When you see the exclamation mark, hold power up button and press the camera button"

Don't you mean the Volume Up button and the Camera button?

umbrella man says:

yes, this is the first time ive done anything like this to my phone its simple just click em down both at the same time (the camara no all the way and vol+ aply update reboot n there you go)

:p Fixed.

thebizz says:

So this whole wait for something that leaked a over a week ago

uofmrules says:

I try and DL the file but is say its not supported on my device...I have first droid. Why is this?

umbrella man says:


umbrella man says:

i saved it into my desktop then i sent ti to (:j) were my droid was mounted and it was simple? u have to put it in the root of the phone not in a file

Shoney says:

Also verify the size of the file.... I DL'd it and copied to my SD card without looking and noticed that the file was only 14mb.... the DL must have crapped out midway through. It should be a 45mb zip file

dmoulton says:

Good idea, mine was 13MB, and wouldn't unzip. Trying again. The server appears to be getting pounded.

JDub313 says:

Same issue here - I tried the update and it failed. Saw your post and realized my file was only 7 MB. Thanks for the tip. I'm downloading again as we speak - and it is SLOW!

Small_law says:

There's USB tethering in the settings menu! I haven't tried it out yet. Anyone?

dangerboy13 says:

I noticed that, too. Don't have anything to test it with, though (says it only works on Windows and Linux).

jds5445 says:

It works, but only as far as the VZW purchase site.

montyboy says:

1. ~800 Quadrant Score stock 2.2 (Nice improvement!)
2. There is an alternate download site linked here

Dudes McCool says:

do i need to unzip the file before putting it on my SD card?

MowDownJoe says:


Dudes McCool says:


MowDownJoe says:

Certainly, it must be up on Google's servers then, if it's official, right? Why isn't the link to their servers?

Kujako says:

Why would firmware from Motorola be on Googles servers?

Odds are this is legit, however I think I'll wait for the over the air push on the off chance its not. Its not so much an issue of if its really 2.2 etc, but because its from an unknown source I dont feel I can really trust the contents. Could be something nasty in the kernel.

It's legit, I just did the update from it, and I had done the 2.1 from an update file from that same server. Just remember to rename the file to before rebooting to apply.

EvanGMan says:

Did you delete the file from your 2.1 install?

thingg says:

either delete or rename it. either way works but I renamed it to like update_21eclair and left it there so I can go back easily if I need to. it's up to you though, just make sure the new file is name "" AND DON'T UNZIP IT if you didn't already know that :)

umbertob says:

Legit (rename the file as mentioned above), and download was a lot faster than the other servers listed here - so far.

chukk98 says:

because the HARDWARE is from Motorola, the FIRMWARE is from Google. Android is Google, not Motorola

Kujako says:

Checksums of the two files match, which is always a good sign.


rubik8#AC says:

Tried this on my wife's non-rooted Droid. The file was 46.3 MB. I got a validation error and the install was aborted. Corrupted file?

bontjes says:

Thank you very much. Just installed it and it is amazing!

Dudes McCool says:

my d/l's keep stopping at or around 20MB... are we murdering someone's server right now?

Maxdoggy says:

I have to keep retrying to download the file. Thankfully, my computer resumes from where it cut out.

Now to continue the waiting game. . .

DonnaJN says:

Just clicked on the link .....
That was really scary!!! Red page - huge exclamation mark---says you "tried to reach but are NOT at that site". I started to read the warning and saw that a download had already started to my PC. I would really rather be in control of any downloads.

The zipped file downloaded is named: signed-voles-FRG01B-from-ESE81.e48e48ff and is 45.2 MB. Got any ideas about whether this is a really bad hijack????

chukk98 says:

re:Why would firmware from Motorola be on Googles servers?

for one, it IS on Googles server, for two, of course its should be on Googles servers, Android is Google software. Motorola had licensee to put it on their phone. I would follow the official link to the Google server tho as every time I tried the original link it aborted before finishing. It should be (from Google server) 45.2 MB and the link is

EvanGMan says:

I still have the file on my phone from when I installed 2.1. Should I delete that file? Also, has anyone done this? And had it work? Is anyone having problems?

shaneburgess says:

I followed instructions to update my phone and I do see USB tethering, am I wrong in thinking that that was not supposed to be in this update?Screen Shot:

thingg says:

HOLY SH*T THE TETHERING OPTION IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wifi isn't but the tethering is... trying it now....

thingg says:

damn they want to make you pay for it... guess the won't be stupid everytime...

google123 says:

if i download this file and run on it my droid, is it gonna delete all my apps? what about this usb tethering? is that gonna replace the pdanet app that i already purchased and am currently using to tether my phone??? thanks

Kujako says:

Apps, preferences etc are all left alone. This is just a firmware change.

google123 says:

sweet!!! thanks. also for people having trouble with the download, there are 2 links over at phandroid that include QR codes to download directly to the phone. thanks again.

cea1203 says:

This is F*&king pointless !! I have tried to download this like 100 times and it quits downloading right at about 10% of the download , cant get anywhere near the 45 mb size of this file , waste of time

chukk98 says:

go back up the chain of replies until you get to the link to the google server download. it downloads fine from there. If it doesn't from there or this site it means everyone in the damn world is trying to download it and ya have to wait until later or wait until more mirrors are posted.

coraphise says:

What about people that rooted their phones on the 2.1 update? Is there a rooted 2.2 updated available to upgrade that, or do we have to start all over again?

likwidsoul says:

If your rooted and don't want to lose it then don't install this. Go over to and download a rooted version of it.

Kujako says:

Went ahead and installed it on a spare phone. Seems to work well, but I cant get Flash 10.1 on it. Pity. Other then the new app tray, not seeing much changed from 2.1.

IceDree says:

is it possible to install it in the Milestone ?
or we gonna have to wait tell September

likwidsoul says:

No this is for the cdma Droid not gsm milestone.

EvanGMan says:

I'm getting the following error message:

E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command

-- Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

Can anyone help??????

Kujako says:

Check that you can decompress the zip file on your desktop computer, if you cant then the download was interrupted and you have a corrupted file.

EvanGMan says:

I just redownloaded the zip file and it's up and running. Thanks for the help!

toobigtofail says:

I did this and after rebooting I got the following message:

the application launcher (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

I can’t do anything with the phone now. To turn it off I have to pull the battery…what should I do to stop this? I tried rebooting after a battery pull but as soon as the phone reboots and i swipe my finger to unlock the phone the message pops up again.

Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

likwidsoul says:

Maybe pull battery. Reboot to recovery ( hold x and power at same time). Do factory reset.

Nechasin says:

FYI, My official closed beta swype is no longer working after this update because it says it is installed on the wrong device.

airballrad says:

Same here; I can type with the Swype keyboard, but no swiping going on.

Weeton#AC says:

had this issue on my evo. i just reinstalled the beta. works fine now.

Nechasin says:

Uninstall and and reinstalled worked and fixed my swype. FYI, if you are in official closed beta you can sign into to redownload the beta.

syoggy says:

I just updated my Droid... had to download the file like 12 times until I got one that was the right size... it was 47.3mb, but I figure thats cause i'm on a Mac.

storm14k says:

So I'm assuming that since Verizon said they were gonna do a mass launch that this signals that we're all almost ready to go. Can't wait for the Incredible update.

voiceonly says:

Is it just me, but as of 8:30pm EST the file is showing as corrupt

nighthawk700 says:

For those who put on the 2.2... can you now put some apps on the SD Card? Or is that still only a functionality for rooted droids?

Nechasin says:

Yes you can. The Developer has to code the app in order for this to happen. So only select apps can be moved, but I did clear up 25mb on my phone by moving apps.

canonBoy says:

anyone else having problems with their browsers not working? I can only get the internet pages to load on wifi, all other data comes across fine on 3g, but browsers just don't work.

Having issues with getting Flash player up and running. Would like to revert to 2.1 until the official update releases. How do I do this?

hotkoko says:

thats why i wait for official update. theres always some problem when you push it through

josuearisty says:


Nice for DROID users

bojowaggie says:

Where did Corp. Calendar go??
That is what sync'd with my outlook..
The mail works but not corp calendar in the app tray..
This sux..

bojowaggie says:

Nevermind I see they combined it with my gmail account..
OK I'm ok now..

calizae74 says:

I've tried and tried again. Still can't get it. Once I downloaded it it just won't install. Guess I'll wait for it to be pushed. Tried it from 2 different sites and I'm not rooted.

EvanGMan says:

Has anyone tested Bluetooth voice dialing? I left my bluetooth at home.

Has anyone seen any improvements with Exchange email accounts? I wonder if the forwarding email problem was fixed...

EvanGMan says:

Android stock email app still doesn't support .eml files. (sigh)

i keep getting error in /sdcard/
(status 7)
installation aborted

can i get some help please?

ATTN: (status 7) errors

After some research, I've found that the error likely comes because you're still on firmware version 2.0.1. Find a download for the 2.1 version, then update to 2.2. Just worked great for me!

I used this 2.1 link:

and the 2.2 download from here.

Hope this helped!

ozpain says:

Please help a newb...I did the froyo manual update for my moto droid and it actually is running SUPER slow. It lags like crazy and sometimes I cant even access my contacts or make any calls! Anyone have this problem or know how fix it?

photoguy504 says:

I just did the update and so far it works great I went from 2.1 to 2.2 FRG01B. I will try to make some post soon to keep everyone well informed.
A big thanks to Android Central

It's annoying because I get the Status 7 update. I tried what suchashorttime suggested, and I can't even install THAT.

jammin says:

I just applied the update. Everything installed fine until I had to do the last reboot, now my screen is stuck at the Motorola logo. Anyone got the same problems and ideas on how to fix it?

LV146nlf says:

Just installed froyo....WEEEEEEEEE!!!!! So here's a nube question..What is "rooting" and what are the advantages?


johnsocs says:

Works awesome. Had a few moments after first installed and reboots that it took about ten minutes for it to start working correctly and all but after that, this update is freakin' sweet. Super fast web browsing now, USB tethering is an actual option, only complaint, sucks my battery faster now no new installs other than the update, and runs a little hotter than before. But I'll take it. Thanks

Pacman0101 says:

I got it for the MOTO Droid and it loaded, but I was wondering if it wwas slow for anyone else, and if it still is or how long this slowness was...



Pacman0101 says:

I called Verizon and they told me some good info.

1) The Froyo 2.2 will be sent out to x amount of people at a time. They said it's done this way cos the update is so large. And their network cant hold sending and connecting 4+million people with MOTO Droid.

2) If you do download the file off the web and dl it to your sd card these are the spec's that are the OFFICIAL Android Verizon Specs (Go to Settings > About Phone)

Android Version: 2.2
Base Band: C_01.43.01P
Build #: FRG01B

If everything is correct then that build is correct, hope this helps!


Aprild83 says:

My husband and myself are on the same plan together and have the same phones.Droid. he recieved the 2.2 update on 8/14 or 8/15 and i havent recived it yet.. can anyone tell me why this maybe? A freind of ours also has the droid and recieved his update.. i want mine